Garage Shelving Plans: Building Shelves, Shelving Ideas, Shelving Systems, Storage Plans & Cabinet Plans

Well, similar to building any structure from scratch, you need a full out plan for it first! Now, you couldn’t go building a house without using any sort of plan first, so it should be the same with your garage shelving plans. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s an easy task to do without a plan! You could make the shelves too long or too thin and everything could come crumbling down on your hard work! You don’t want that to happen, so it is easier to go make a plan in the first place!

Why do you need shelving in your garage?

Shelving has many different uses, no matter where it is. But some of the main positives of a quality storage system include the following:

More space

If you stack things on shelves, this leaves you more room to create workspace and spread out while doing larger projects.

Think about all the room you’d have if you had building shelves garage? You could have a clear working space on the floor of your shed or even buy some of that new equipment you wanted because you have room for it in your shed! The more room you have after getting shelves, the greater the possibilities!

Less chance of breakage

If you have things up on sturdy shelves with no chance of collapsing, the less chance there is that you will break your machinery!

If you leave expensive machines, or any machines at all, on the ground to get walked on they will get trampled on, tripped over and ruined! It is important to have respect for your items or anyone else who visits your shed! So don’t leave your stuff lying around the floor and get a shelf to put them on instead!

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Organized work

Also, another plus of having shelving available to you in your garage is the fact that your work and items will be far more organized! Garage organization plans is a great way to become more efficient in all your work.

If your belongings are all scattered on the ground, you will inevitably have a much harder time finding the right tools your require and loosing components when working in your garage. If you are looking for a particular file or machine, you won’t be able to find it because they’re everywhere. But, they are stacked nice and neat on a shelf, and you are able to find them easily when they are needed it will make your life so much more organized and easier.

Special Ideas for Your Shelves

There are many ways in which you can make your built shelving look more interesting, be it in your garage or anywhere else. Garage shelving ideas are personalized and should be unique to your garage style and your needs.

For one, you could paint the wood before you set it up. This, given that you use the right colors, can rightly cheer up any old boring garage you could possibly have! Just choosing the right color schemes can have tremendous results! Like if you use yellow and orange, it can make your garage look much brighter!

And don’t leave it at that; you can paint designs such as swirls and polka dots onto the shelving too! The possibilities with a few tins of paint are endless and can leave you with a top notch shelf in no time!

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You can also change the wood you use to make the shelf. Timber is the ordinary, everyday method, but you could use planks of wood that are varnished or shiny. You could even use the kind of wood for floor planes or the wood with the knot marks in them. It is whichever you feel suits best!

You can put a funky cover over your shelf, attach dangly picture frames from it, cut around the edges in a cool, hip design; anything your heart can possibly imagine! It’s your choice! Just make sure to take extreme care when building your garage shelving systems to not go overboard!

Other Storage Plans for Your Garage

But shelving isn’t the only way to go when you need extra space in your garage, having garage cabinet plans is also useful.

Cabinets for your Garage

Cabinets are a time old and completely versatile way of keeping things safe from being trampled on in your garage. They have many shelves built into them and can come in whatever shape and size you need to fit your taste in cabinets.

The same reasons for having a plan before you build a cabinet for your garage are the same as the warnings for your shelving. You need to be organized, you can jump straight in without knowing what to do, you don’t want to risk wasting materials or changing your mind half way through. Most importantly, you don’t want to make mistakes.

Cabinets can be just as useful as shelves, if you have the room. But often, people don’t and that is why they need storage plans for their garage. In that case, when you don’t have enough floor space, you use shelving. But for everything else, a cabinet is a good idea!

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Organization Methods

As previously mentioned, organization is one of the big keys to keeping your stuff safe and sound. Therefore, simply knowing how to organize things can make you realize that you don’t even need storage!

If you neatly stack all your tools and machinery away, keep all your heavy and bulky stuff in a secluded corner, then you are motoring! Organization is a massive factor in a tidy garage, and a tidy garage is a safe garage.

Organization is also important for all the other reasons I listed before, so get organized or you’ll be losing out! Make an organization chart that tells you where everything should go exactly, so you’ll know if anything is out of place. It is a very handy chart to own

So there you have it; shelves and cabinets are a great way of turning your garage storage plans into a more efficient system of organization.

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