Garage Ceiling Storage Guide: Racks, Hoists, Build Your Own, Plans, Ideas and Solutions

Maximizing storage space has always been a challenging task, especially if you have limited space at home. It really requires creativity, imagination and inventiveness not to mention the safety measures that should go with it. It is true that necessity encourages and breeds invention and ingenuity, and garage ceiling storage is just one of the many bright concepts on how to have maximum storage space for our essentials and stuff at home.

The garage is one of the most overlooked storage space in the house. The reason maybe is it is originally built and intended for your vehicles and their accessories, but this large and protected area can provide a very good safekeeping place. It is now easy to get organized and tidy with the different garage storage ideas and solutions available on the market. With these innovative designs and concepts, you can systematize and put everything into order without sweating it out that much.

Garage Ceiling Storage Racks

Who doesn’t want more space? Overhead garage storage allows you to organize your things without cluttering up the floor and, more importantly, without constricting the space for your vehicles. With garage ceiling storage racks, you can put everything in its proper place and yet at the same time very accessible, safe and attractive. Since it is set in the ceiling, you still have more space to move around below.

High quality garage ceiling storage racks are available online through credible sites such as and These companies offer premier products and excellent service for your storage needs. They can customize and modify their products to fit the height and size of your garage. You have the option to get DIY kits or they can provide professionals to install the racks for you. These racks are guaranteed with industrial strength which can hold up to 600 lbs of weight and come with a limited lifetime warranty. They are available in assorted colors, sizes and weight capacities.

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Garage Ceiling Storage Hoist

Garage ceiling storage hoists make putting your garage stuff in order very easy and effortless. There are two types of storage hoist, manual and electric. A manual rope hoist is ideal for storing bicycles and lighter items while the electric garage ceiling storage hoists are especially designed for the family’s bicycle fleet, outdoor toys and camping equipments.

There are single pulley hoists that can hold a 45lb item and there are 250 lb heavy lift ceiling hoists models to choose from. Garage Gator brand offers electric storage system which features push button remote to raise and lower even heavy storage with no effort. Sturdy and durable materials are used for the entire system to guarantee safety and quality. The GGR220 model in particular can hold up to 220 lbs., which is ideal for storing heavy sports gear and equipment like golf bags, kayaks, canoes, bikes and big bag packs. Since it works with just a flick of a switch, the entire family, including the kids, can store and get back their things easily. For more brands and model specifications, you can click on the following sites:

Build Your Own Garage Ceiling Storage

Everybody will definitely appreciate a neat and well-organized garage. Can your 2-car garage really accommodate 2 cars inside? Are there times that you abhor going inside your garage because of the clutter that will greet you upon entering it? Then maybe it is high time to build your own garage ceiling storage.

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If you prefer to do it on your own, it will help if you will put your garage storage plan in black in white so you can keep track of your pace and see what other improvements can be made after your initial step. The following can be helpful guides in building your own overhead garage storage:

  • Clean up – sort out all your stuff, choose which things need to be thrown away, given away or donated; separate stuff that can be sold and those things that you need to keep. This sounds easier than done and may a take a whole day to finish but you have to do it if you want to properly and efficiently store stuff in your garage.
  • Categorize – after sorting through your stuff, separate the things that are frequently used from the ones that are used occasionally. Holiday decorations and other seasonal items should be relegated to a higher and fixed place in the garage ceiling. Storage racks which are available in different weight capacities are recommended for these items. Frequently used things like cleaning materials and basic tools should be stored in more accessible area or place.
  • Systematize – sporting equipments and heavy items are better off to be hoisted while small tools can be stored in mounted racks. Putting labels on stuff is an incredibly helpful way to ensure easy tracking and identification of your things.
  • Prioritize Safety – the garage is usually full of hazardous chemicals, combustible materials and sharp tools. There should be a designated safe storage spot for these items. Keep these things out of reach of your children.
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For other efficient garage ceiling storage plans, solutions providers like offer helpful DIY kits with complete instructions. This site has comprehensive and detailed instructions on how to plan and install a good garage ceiling storage.

Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas and Solutions

Garage ceiling storage is one of the simplest and best ways to make the most out of your garage space. You can apply all the ideas and concepts mentioned above or you can ask for professional help to get the best garage ceiling storage solutions suited for your lifestyle. Experts in this business can help you find the best option to fit your needs and space.

Adding space to your house without necessarily building another room or story increases the value of your home. Garage ceiling storage is a wise investment because home space is an important and functional attribute of your house. It is one of the considering factors for potential home buyers; if your house has an impressive garage ceiling storage system, anybody will surely appreciate that aspect.

Garage ceiling storage solutions make your house and garage homey and comfortable, that makes this upgrade worth it. It might involve money venture, but in the long run, it gives you more benefit and provides comfort which every home should have.

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