Freud Saw Blades Review Guide: Avanti, Diablo, DeWalt & CMT Saw Blades

Freud, being one of the world’s best in manufacturing tools and accessories for wood work; having its foundation in Italy, Freud has numerous state-of-the-art devices for you with exceptional design, features and style. Freud saw blades are famous for their outstanding durability, which therefore last the longest. A vast range of Freud’s saw blades is available for your convenience. One can only estimate the popularity of these saw blades as daily more than 16,000 blades are sold worldwide which means one blade is sold every 5 seconds!

A top quality, perfectly hardened, pre flattened steel, recognized as world’s highest quality steel (46-48 Rc), is used for these saw blades. These blades are manufactured utilizing powerful laser technology and sophisticated research for slots and carbide, which provides for a longer lasting and stronger product. Their kick-back reducing design ensures more safety with a revolutionary new shoulder design; Freud has placed a chip limiter before each tooth, restricting tooth bite to the absolute maximum safe amount. All Freud Saw Blades feature industry-first protective coatings to shield the blades from extreme heat, build-up and corrosion. Blades are chrome coated to extend the blade life by two times the average, as well as Perma-Shield coated to elongate their life by three times. For its saw blades, Freud specially manufactures its own high density Ti-Co TM High Density Carbide. Using precise formulations of Cobalt, Titanium and Tungsten, Freud creates different carbide blends to suit each cutting application. Freud was the first to develop expansion and anti-vibration slots that are shaped like a question mark. These trade mark laser cut expansion slots reduce noise and allow for expansion during heated operation. Anti-vibration slots stabilize the blades; Freud’s innovative saw blades are perfectly balanced with zero vibration.

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Avanti Blades are without doubt the best trim saw blades, and they can easily cut finished plywood using a circular saw with no tear out at all, in fact giving the finest and smoothest edge. With Avanti Blades by Freud, it is easy to make precise cuts. It is available in a 40 tooth 7 ¼ ” size along with 12″ and 10″ sizes. The thin kerf design makes the product easier to handle, due to the minimized friction and drag. Purchases can easily be made from just for $41 and shipping is free! Recommended link:

From here you can chose been different sizes and can add to your cart immediately. Prices may vary depending on the size of the Avanti blade.


Freud’s Diablo Construction Series Saw Bades are specifically designed to meet the demands of the construction and the remodelling markets. Diablo blades have a thin kerf, making them ideal, portable and low-powered saws on the job site. Every Diablo blade has red Perma- Shield Hi-Perfomance coating, which that keeps the blade resistant to  gumming and corrosion. The laser-cut stabiliser vents greatly reduce vibration and heat buildup for more precise cuts and a longer cutting life.


Freud provides table saw blades for various kinds of saws, table saws being chief among them. The difference that it makes to the cut pieces is just unbelievable, especially when used on cross cuts. These saw blades are durable and hardly get clogged, ensuring hours of peaceful and easy operation. The non-heating effect of Freud’s table saw blades also contribute to its supreme ease of use. The negative hook angels of the blades helps to control these blades easily. Rating Freud’s saw blade as one of the best is indeed no exaggeration. Despite being a cross cut blade, these saw blades can without any difficulty do the task of ripping a very thin stock of wood. After using the Freud’s saw blades on wood, the wood is left really smooth, without even any blade marks, eradicating the need to use sand paper on these edges post-cut.

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With the verstility and power of a circular blade, added to the precision of a guide rail, the Freud’s Dewalt Blades create a high performance system which is proficient in cutting all different kinds of materials while leaving a splinter free smooth edge behind. This saw is amazing to use with its extra added feature of saw track and cut depth indicators, making it even more precise. With all these features, Freud’s Dewalt saw blades do all the difficult parts of the task, leaving you to just navigate it accordingly. Moreover, maneuvering it in enclosed spaces is not at all as difficult as most others, due to its stable and ergonomically made design.  A riving knife and an anti-kickback mechanism make Dewalt saw blades the best option available on the market. The Dewalt saw blade is equipped with a dust extractor, which helps to eliminate almost ninety percent of the debris created during wood work, keeping the workplace clean and easy to manage.


Mixed reviews are regarding the work quality and durability of CMT saw blades. CMT is a full kerf 40 tooth saw blade with a quite attention grabbing orange facade. But, when compared to Freud’s saw blades,  it disappoints customers with its not up to the mark performance. The swirl cut marks are evident on the edges after every cut, making it look like the job of an ordinary 24 toothed saw. Whereas, according to other reviews, CMT is equally good as Freud’s blades and are easy to re-sharpen. CMT blades also eliminate the distracting noise produced by the saw, making it really convenient for the user. CMT produces general blades for table saws only, but they can be used on almost any kind of wood. A detailed review of the product can be obtained from the following link:

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All the various multipurpose Freud blades are available on line on and can be checked through the following link:

Freud saw blades are reputed as the best in the business, and their reviews certainly suggest the same. It’s highly recommended, however, that in addition to searching through the various features that Freud’s different models offer, you also read the reviews associated with each; that way, you can always guarantee you’re getting a good deal on something that you need, and you’ll know beforehand if there are any concerns with that product you should be aware of. All in all, Freud saws and saw blades are perfect for the professional construction and woodworker, as well as the amateur or do-it-yourself types who find themselves in need of a quality saw.

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