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When working with wood, you need to be sure that you have the right tools for the job so that you get a professional looking finish and the job done properly. Freud router bits can provide you with the flawless finish that you need while helping you to cut the wood easily. This particular range of router bits can be expensive but in most cases you get what you pay for and you will definitely get the results that you need with the Freud 13 Piece Super Router Bit Set that comprises of 13 differently shaped router bits that will give you the scope to deal with any job you come across. You can find this Freud router set here. The Freud 6 Piece Double Flute Straight Bit Set has of course fewer Freud router bits but even so, there is still a good range of bits that will give you the opportunity to create the effects that you need. This is a basic range and you cannot do anything particularly fancy but if it’s basic that you are after and you want value for money then this is what the Freud 6 Piece Double Flute Straight Bit Set will give you.

Saving Money

When it comes to saving money on your equipment, you will find that Whiteside router bits are great for your woodwork projects and they get the job done despite being somewhat cheaper. The Half Inch Shank Biscuit Joining Kit is very popular and very hard wearing. You do get what you pay for in some cases, but with this kit you get great value for money and you can view and buy the entire range of products from this website that stocks only Whiteside products.

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The Most Popular

Freud routers are perhaps the most popular router bits in the woodworking industry thanks to their reliability and quality. As previously mentioned, they do tend to be a bit more expensive than some of the other makes of router bits, but if you want a finish that is right and tools that last you a long time, then price should not come into it. Buying cheaper router bits may give you the finish that you want for a short while, but if the bit is not strong enough then the quality of the work can begin to deteriorate somewhat over time. It can be more cost effective to pay for the more expensive router bits to begin with as opposed to having to keep buying the cheaper and less effective bits time and time again.

Should you use the router bits infrequently then it could make more sense to invest in the cheaper products, however when it comes to working with wood daily, the tougher the tools are, the better your results will be.

Thirty-One Sets

There are thirty-one different Freud router bit sets available and they range from the three piece round over/Beading bit set to the twenty six piece Artisan bit set. The three piece round over/beading bit set is of a high standard and can give a great look to various pieces of furniture and moldings. These bits can cut three different types of wood and all composition materials. The speed of cut is slower than some but that is Freud’s way of making sure you cut too deep, thereby ensuring you get the look you want and with little kickback.

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The Freud twenty six piece Artisan bit set is of course a lot more expensive than the three bit set, but it does give you the opportunity to cut your wood in many different styles and includes different sized  four double flute straight bits, three different sized bearing flush trim bits, two Roman ogee bits and so much more. the only downside to this particular item is the price, but you are guaranteed to have a twenty six Artisan bit set that will last you for years and will continuously provide you with a high standard of work.

Amana Router Bits

Amana router bits are very popular, and there are eleven types of router bits available that have many different uses. Among the most popular is the Amana dado clean out shank carbide tipped router bit that is quite short at only one and five eighths of an inch long, but other than that, this is a good and powerful router bit that does the job properly.

The Amana flush trim/Pattern plunge shank carbide tipped router bit is another popular bit and can be used with table mounted routers and hand held routers alike. This is predominantly a plunge cutting tool and can be used on many different types of wood. If you have a shallow bit if wood to cut then this is perhaps not the right router but for you as it could ruin your template, other than that, it is an effective bit of equipment that is reliable and effective.

Custom Router Bits For A Unique Look

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For a unique look to the wood you are working on then custom router bits can be purchased there are many sellers of these custom router bits who will gladly create the tools that you need to get the look you require. Although a custom made bit can be more expensive than buying the more traditional tools, they can help to complement your home, office, pieces of furniture or wherever you decide to use them.

Buying Router Bits Online

You will find there are a lot of router bits on the market but the most trusted is of course the Freud router bits; perhaps the best place to buy them is the Freud website itself because you are guaranteed to get a genuine Freud article. If you’re looking for some cheaper Freud products then you can of course look elsewhere, just make sure that if you’re paying for a Freud router bit, that you get a Freud router bit and not a substitute that will not be up to standard. The official Freud website is here and you will find a great range of high quality products to help you achieve your goal when you begin your woodworking project.



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