Forever Sharp Knives Reviews: Guide To Prices, Suppliers And Platinum Series Surgical Stainless Knives

Forever Sharp has seemingly become one of the most popular brands when it comes to knives of all kinds. Forever Sharp Knives are created of stainless steel which does not need to be sharpened in any way, no matter how many times they are used. This is not just a claim that the company makes, in fact the company guarantees that whether you are using your knife for cooking or other purposes, should it dull at all you will get all of your money back! That just shows how confident they are that their product will work! If you don’t believe it, then try it for yourself and be amazed as they never ever get blunt!

Why waste the money for other knife sets which cost more and dull over time, if you are interested you can find further information on the brand from –

8 Piece Forever Sharp Knives

Forever Sharp Knives market their 8 pc. set of knives all over infomercials and online. They come in handy in case one knife is in the wash and you need to cut something important and you need another knife. There are also different types of knives for different cutting uses that come in the set. This Forever Sharp knives price varies in price based on different sites, however some have been seen as low as $38. Before you purchase a set from Forever Sharp Knives suppliers it is important to assess their prices and shop around, while you are at it you can check out some of the many pleased Forever Sharp Knives reviews done by current owners.

The set includes 3 top of the line Forever Sharp Knives are a part of the set, these are their most popular and strongest knives yet. You can say that these 3 are what gave the knives their name and market reverence.  While these 3 are sold alone on the market, the 8 pc set includes six other very useful Forever Sharp knives products included:

Multi-purpose Fillet Knife

A fillet knife is used for cutting up fillets of meat and fish for meals. The fact that they are so flexible makes them absolutely perfect for taking the bones out of fish without causing the meal to crumble and look bad. It keeps the fish’s original shape and stops it from falling apart. This fillet knife is a must have in your kitchen.

Paring Knives (2)

The paring knife is a small knife that is used for peeling various different foods such as oranges, apples, potatoes and lots more. It has a plain edge blade that also makes it ideal for getting seeds out of melons, watermelons and other assorted seedy foods. They can also be used to peel mushrooms. Since these knives are so handy to have in the kitchen, they give you two in this set! They are suitable for doing just about anything, but are specifically designed for the aforementioned tasks.

Juice Extractor

For a limited time only, the Forever Sharp knife set comes with a free juice extractor! It is specially made in Florida and is yet another handy mechanism to have in your kitchen. If you like making apple, orange, kiwi or any kind of fruit juice at home instead of getting it at the store, this juice extractor is for you! It is perfect for all sorts of juicing and for a limited time only it is free with the set.

The Platinum Series

There is a new type of Forever Sharp knife series which has been extremely popular recently. The Platinum series of Forever Sharp knives is now on the market and ready for purchase!

These new, shiny knives are essentially the same as the old ones; they have all the same quirks and complimentary effects but with one major change. Their handle is a constructed of platinum colored metal! They have been carefully designed by top designers and they match any type of kitchen surface or cupboard. They perfect your kitchen not only in how great they work, but in how stylish they look also.

This set also come with all the same knives, only better, and also has the free juice extractor with it. The only difference is that they are far prettier and also are a little more expensive at fifty one dollars for the whole set. But in reality, they are worth it.

You can see more information on the aforementioned website here –

The Forever Sharp Platinum Series Reviews

The Forever Sharp Platinum Series surgical stainless cutlery, though on the market for just a short period of time, has gained rave reviews from owners and users across the globe. Take a look at what some of these proud Amazon owners had to say:

These knives stay sharp after even daily use. They are lightweight yet still very high-quality. –Tomcat1116

Note that you should not attempt to sharpen these knives, the sharpness that they are formed with at the factory is nearly permanent.  Sharpening them might just ruin them. –T.B.

While there are some reviews that speak to these knives rusting, it is important to note that any stainless steel can rust, not just the Forever Sharp models. So don’t let these reviews dissuade you from purchasing these knives if all other specifications meet your needs.

Forever Sharp Suppliers

Forever Sharp Knives can be purchased both in stores and online from various retailers.  You can find the original 8 pc set of knives at retailers like Sam’s Club and Costco, and online they are found on sites like Amazon and some specialty retailers.

The new Platinum Series is somewhat more difficult to find, however there are a few online sites where they can be found for their full price still.

So, whether you are a professional chef or you would just like to think you are one, Forever Sharp is your key to the culinary cutting world, not to mention they make great gifts too!

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