Fiskars Punches Guide: Squeeze, Paper, Border, Hand And Circle Punch Reviews

Fiskars is a company that provides quality hand tools to its customers. These tools range from lawn equipment to craft tools such as, Fiskars paper punches. These punches allow crafters to create clean cutouts of different styles and shapes.

Fiskars is the oldest company in Finland, having been established in 1649. Since their creation, this company has crafted high-quality and aesthetically pleasing products. Fiskars is probably most well-known for its signature orange handled plastic scissors, but they also produce a very popular line of paper punches.

Just about everyone has a use for a paper punch from punching holes for a binder to adding a decorative touch to photo paper matte corners. A couple of Fiskars punches can punch up any project’s appeal.

Corner Punches

These Fiskars corner punches are designed to fit onto the corners of craft paper so that they can punch out unique designs. Corner punches are useful for creating nice backing for photographs.

The Fiskars 4 in 1 EmbossingCornerPunch allows the user to emboss their paper corners with one of four different designs for a lovely accent to any letter, album page or card. It also doubles as a paper punch using the same four designs for a slightly different effect. Simply set your punch to emboss or punch. Slide the paper corner into one of the four sides of the square shaped punch and press down on the top button. Release and slide the paper out to reveal the decorative accent.

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Squeeze Punches

Squeeze punches have two handles attached to a punch that are intended to make it easier to use the hole punch. This ergonomic punch is available in a variety of different styles, including seasonal squeeze punches. These punches are the only paper punches to be awarded the Arthritis Foundation® Ease-of-Use Commendation. The squeeze punch also features an open punch head that allows the user to see exactly where on the paper they are making the punch.

The SqueezePunch (Medium) is available in multiple cut out styles from a foot print to a classic five point star. The medium punch easily creates a cutout that’s about one inch in diameter. While the Fiskars 01-003776 ScallopedSqueezePunch, ExtraLarge creates a scalloped circle that resembles a classic seal of approval. Buy punches in different sizes and stack the cutouts on top of one another for a fun effect on albums and cards.

Border Punches

Create a beautiful paper border with border punches. These border punched are easy to slide the side of the paper into, press down and slide along the paper edge to create the cutout for the punch. Fiskars also has an interchangeable border punch to provide crafters with multiple options for creating eye-catching edges on their invitations, photograph backing and album pages.

The Fiskars 12-23437097 BorderPunch, Flowerscreates an appealing flower and vine cutout border along any edge of paper. Use this punch to create the perfect spring wedding announcements or a wonderful edge on craft album pages. It’s simple to use and cuts cleanly. Crafters will also find them a little easier to use when it comes to creating a continuous properly aligned border.

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Everywhere Punches

The EverywherePunchWindowSystem is a unique Fiskars product that allows crafters to create window cutouts anywhere on a sheet of paper, even in the center of the paper with 100% accuracy. The punch even pulls completely apart for easy placement and is magnetic to properly secure in place.

These products are also set up with interchangeable cutout designs, so that users can get the maximum amount of usage out of them. It’s not a difficult punch system to learn how to use and will really up the game of the average craft person by allowing them to create professional looking cards with decorative effects and windows.

Lever Punches

Fiskars has two types of lever punches, the corner lever punch and standard lever punch. Their lever punches also vary in size from the compact to large 3 inch punches. Crafters can use lever punches to create everything from shaped cutouts to decorative corners.

In fact, the FiskarsXXLargeLeverPunch, Tag shape punch creates a gift tag cutout for use on holiday gift. Use the tag punch to create personalized gift tags from one’s own paper for further decoration or to simply attach to a gift as is.

Hand Punches

Create cute mini cutouts with Fiskars hand punches. These punches use handles and look like traditional paper hole punchers used in offices, except that they create cutouts with different cutout shapes like, bones, flowers and hearts. Crafters can even use the Fiskars circle punches to create circles ranging from 1/16 of an inch up to 1/8 of an inch in diameter.

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The FiskarsHandPunch 1/4 InchStar,1/cd creates a small star cutout that can be used to decorate any piece of paper no matter how small or create a unique star cutout effect with two pieces of paper. The hand punches are sturdy with metal handles wrapped in a soft plastic material for a sure grip. A Fiskars hand punch won’t fail you when it’s needed. In fact, you’ll be using your Fiskars hand punch for as long as you’re interested in creating beautiful, multi-dimensional artwork.

Fiskars punches are quality punches for crafters and artists. These products are available in a variety of punch styles, so the crafter can pick out a punch type that works best for them. The squeeze punches in particular are an excellent product for users with weakened hand strength or arthritis. The large handles are easy to grip and close smoothly for a clean cutout.

It’s recommended that crafters practice using any new punch they purchase on pieces of scrap paper before starting on a project. The punches are easy to figure out, but the crafter may want to get familiar with the heft and feel of the punches. Each punch type also requires a different method for punching paper from the squeeze punch to the lever punch, so crafters may want to get used to switching styles when creating their cutouts.

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