Fiskars Pruners Loppers Review: Pole & Tree Pruner


One of the most popular forms of outdoor scissors are actually used in gardening and are known as pruners.  Pruners are similar to strong scissors that are used to trim and cut unwanted branches and leaves of trees, scrubs and more. These tools are commonly used when harvesting, gardening, flower organizing, or participating in arboriculture and nature conservation, where fine-scale environment management is needed.

There are many companies that produce pruners for residential use, but the Fiskars pruner is one of the best pruner brands on the market. Their many years of experience and dedication to their customers has catapulted them to becoming the top producer of gardening pruners on the market.

Fiskars Pruners as Gardening Tools

A gardening hand tool is any one of several tools designed for gardens, agriculture and horticulture. The hand tools utilized by gardeners originated from the earliest farming done by cavemen, such as the spade, the garden hoe, the pitchfork, the backyard rake and also the plow. The first tools were made from wood, flint as well as bone. Today there are tools for everything in the garden, but the most common gardening tool is pruner.

There are three common types of pruners available for residential use: anvil pruners, ratchet pruners and bypass pruners. However, there are also several specialized pruners such as tree pruners and pole pruners which are used for more specific jobs that require extra components. The three common pruners are most often seen in hardware stores and online, and they are discussed in depth below.

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Tree Pruners

The pruners which are used to resize trees by cutting the brunches are called tree pruners. You should first know how to use the tree pruners otherwise an accident can occur. The primary reason to prune a tree would either be for safety, health of the tree, and for appearance purposes, however some trees require pruning to stimulate the growth of fresh fruit. Trimming for security entails removing branches that may fall as well as cause home damage, trimming limbs that hinder lines of sight upon streets or even driveways, as well as removing limbs that develop into power lines are all reasons to purchase a tree pruner. Tree pruners are available for purchase online and in hardware stores for very affordable prices.

Pole Pruners

Pole pruners are quite a useful hand tool that has a reach of 8 feet and sometimes more. You can use it to cut branches and limbs that are far out of your reach.  They function easily and are particularly useful on trees that are tall.  They work just as hand pruners do, yet they are only needed for trimming things that are normally out of reach.

Fiskars Pruner Parts

If you are searching for replacement parts, in the event that you use your pruner too often, going directly through Fiskars is a great start.  They offer replacement blades of various models and durability, as well as thicknesses.  With Fiskars pruner parts there is never a change that your part will not fit in your tool, what’s more is that if you have trouble replacing your parts yourself you can contact their customer service department for tips and directions on how to troubleshoot your pruners.

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Also sold with the pruner parts is the Fiskars cleaning system.  A cleaning oil and sharpener are included in this kit which is intended to help you maintain the use of your tool so that you don’t have to replace your parts as soon.  The cleaning oil should be rubbed on the blade of your pruner as a lubricator, which helps you cut through tough branches.  The sharpener is easy to use and can be done as frequently as you’d like.

Fiskars Pruners Australia

Fiskars is a global company that creates and sells products for areas all over the world.  Fiskars pruners Australia is responsible for manufacturing small hand pruners, snip pruners, and even anvil pruners all to suit any outdoor gardener with any job.  Of particular interest to consumers is the powerlevel two hand pruner, which does not resemble any other pruner on the market, that is based on the use of a firm two hand grip on a narrow tool to reach even the most buried branches of a bush.   Also popular among the Fiskars products in Australia is the use of the smaller multi-snip pruners which are used to trim smaller branches on plants and flowers.  This tool most closely resembles household scissors that are used for crafts and such. However, these pruners are easy to use and can cut through some tough stems and branches.

Fiskars Pruners Review

For those who have medium sized fingers and are using a pruner for residential purposes the scaled-down hand pruners are recommended. Male and female gardeners have both claimed that these handles are adequate and comfortable for their fingers to trim with ease. These users feel that the swivel pruners are also of great use to the residential trimmer, and that the handles really do reduce hand stress after hours of pruning. For those consumers who have larger hands there are other pruners which can accommodate them with larger handles and support in the right areas.

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Some consumers rave about the swivel action handles of some Fiskars pruners.  As you cut, the actual handle revolves on a pivot slightly to help with the natural flow of your hand.  This also is said to reduce the exhaustion of your hand as you trim.

Consumers also proclaim that prices for Fiskars pruners were quite affordable when compared to other pruners on the market.  Others add that the customer service assistance of the Fiskars Company is great and they provide the answers to all outdoor gardening questions a consumer may have.

While consumers rave about the various forms of Fiskars pruners and home tools, these reviews mean nothing until you try these pruners out for yourself.  Fiskars pruners are available in all hardware stores and even online directly through their website.  You won’t be disappointed.

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