Fiskars Axes Review Of The Grip, Chopping & Splitting Axes, Blades, Sheaths, Sharpener & Prices

Whether you want to fell trees, split logs or chop kindling do not distaste you self with the thought of conventional heavy hand straining axes whose blades keep dulling every now and then, and break whenever you need them the most, because you have a much better option now; the state of the art Fiskars axes. Their every attribute has been designed such that every cut made by them is nothing less than perfect. The reputable name of Fiskars speaks for itself. All the products are made in Billnas, Finland; where they have been made for more than three centuries. To further elaborate the standards it is worth mentioning that in 2010 “The best of the best” product design award was bagged by Fiskars X-Series Axes. Good news for all the buyers is that every axe has a life time warranty, so you know you are getting a quality product.

An axe has two major parts, the blade and the grip. Let us focus on these and see what Fiskars Axes blades and handles have got.

The Grip

The grip of an axe is the area where your hands would need to be placed to successfully exert force to create the chopping action.

  1. It is shock absorbing having vibration absorbing channels.
  2. It is easy on hands thus makes working easier.
  3. Prevents over striking
  4. Being made of FiberComp makes it:
    1. Light weight
    2. Stronger than steel handles

The Blades

The blade is the portion of the axe which actually does the cutting, it is typically made of steel and sharpened for ease of cutting. Fiskars axe blades:

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  1. These are made of hardened Forged Steel so their sharpness sustains longer.
  2. The non-stick coating prevents them from getting stuck in trees and eliminates the problem of corrosion.
  3. The blades produce faster and deeper cuts.

Another beneficial adjunct that accompanies every purchased axe includes the following:

Axe Sheaths

With every Fiskars tool comes the inclusion of an axe sheath. Its purpose is to make the transportation and storage easier as the sheath serves as a handle as well besides being the safeguard against hazardous accidents. There is an easy-open lock which detaches from the sheath whenever required.

Fiskars Axe Sharpener

Then here is another accessory that needs to be bought separately but will make life easy, an axe sharpener.

  • Unlike traditional methods this sharpener takes only a few swipes to renew the edge.
  • It sharpens at an exact 30 degrees so no need to worry about precision.
  • It comes in handy to sharpen other tools and knives as well.
  • It is provided with non-slip pads so provide an immovable base for sharpening.
  • The material used in its making is FiberComp; a fiber glass which is construction reinforced.

Here is a list of pros and cons put forward by the reviews on


  • Makes the process less time consuming
  • It provides hand safety
  • This sharpener is suitable for most utility purposes


  • Since knives require 20 or 10 Degrees sharpening it might not produce desirable results in that case.
  • It leaves dust on the blades.
  • The axe strikes against the plastic in front of the wheel which makes the sharpener susceptible to future breakage.

Fiskars Axe Prices

Here are the major products with their price range and the sellers.

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Purchased From

Price Range

Fiskars Super Splitting Axe 28″ Amazon Market place, sears, Deerso, The Home Depot $37.83-$49.99
Fiskars 7856 17-inch Splitting Axe Amazon Market place, sears $32- $38
Fiskars 36 inch Super Splitting Axe.


Amazon Market place, The Home Depot

$48- $55
Fiskars axe sharpener Baileys, Amazon Market place $11- $12
Fiskars brush axe Amazon Market place, The Home Depot, wayfair $25- $26
Fiskars chopping axe Amazon Market place, Deerso, Ebay $29- $35

 Fiskars Brush Axe

The Fiskars brush axe blade is 21 inches long, which enables the user to swing it freely. Regarding reviews, the majority of them is favorable and appreciates the ability of the power tool to cut through any kind of plant, be it living or dead, woody or green. The design is well balanced which gives more control to the cutter’s hands due to its amazing weight distribution. All in all it is a practically useful machete. While there are some users who claim that the handle is too rough and grip is not enough for comfort.  Additionally, there has been a consumer or two who have actually broken their brush axe.

Fiskars Chopping Axe

Its edges are ultra-sharp giving cleaner cuts and way sharper contact. It is an ideal instrument for felling trees due to its ability of split more wood in less time. Its efficiency is evident from the fact that the cut it makes on a strike is three times deeper than on ordinary axe cut. The secret behind this is the specialized weight distribution and the power to weight ratio, and not to forget that it is totally unbreakable.

People’s views on this product have been quite exhilarating. All out of 12 reviews are 5 starred  on One of the reviews suggests that the hollow handle can be used to store things like fishing lines and lures, pocket knives, fire starting steel. Another of the favorable reviews throws light on the price factor; Fiskars chopping axe is almost half the price of other competing brands like Stihl.

Fiskars Splitting Axes

There are four sizes in which Super Splitting axes are available so that the buyer can choose the one which fits his needs the best. The varieties include:

Splitting Axe 17 inches

It is preferable for quick jobs and easiest for one handed use. The blade never gets stuck in the wood and this is ensured by its convex shape, this shape contributes to immaculate splitting as well. The head weight is 1.85 lbs while the exact total weight is 2.34 lbs.

Splitting Axe 23.5 inches

It works well with small to medium sized logs, with a head weight of 2.56 lbs and total weight of 3.7 lbs.

Splitting Axe 28 inches

Its head weight is 4.03 lbs and the total weight is 5.42 lbs. It is designed to work on bigger logs as it produces maximum output.

Splitting Axe 36 inches

The head weighs 4.03 lbs and the total weight of the axe is 6.28 lbs. It is well suited for users who are tall and have strength to split medium to large logs.

As anyone can see from the variety and styling of Fiskars axes you can see that there is certainly an axe for all your home and outdoor needs.

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