Finding The Right Used Welders: Lincoln, MIG, TIG, Miller

There are a wide variety of used welders available and knowing which one to buy can be a complicated matter. Before you even begin your welding job you need to take a look at what the welders can do for you and see how they perform. It is essential that you get the right welder for the right job so you get the results that you need. Without having to over your budget you can purchase perfectly good used welders that will help to give you the results that you need.

Welders Of Excellence

When it comes to buying a welder that has a global reputation for excellence, you should consider the range of used Lincoln welders; these welders are of the highest standard and can provide you with some very high quality welds. The Invertec range of Lincoln welders have proven to be extremely popular as they are suitable for any job and can be used for thin metal work or larger and more solid structures. This particular range comes in three models, the 135S, 150S and the 170S, each with their own unique abilities that will help to meet your welding needs. Although the Invertec range of welders is highly adaptable and tough, they are quite expensive, but you do get what you pay for and they are without a doubt some of the best welders around. For a thorough look at Lincoln welders visit the Lincoln Electric site, it goes into great detail about all the Lincoln welders so you can read up on them before buying the used Lincoln welders of your choice.

Fast And Versatile Welding

MIG welding is one of the fastest and versatile forms of welding and is one of the most common forms of welding throughout the world. The Wolf 135 Amp Gas/No Gas Turbo MIG Welder is a popular choice when it comes to smaller jobs such as welding car sills and making the vehicle safe to drive. There have been a few problems with the spool reel not staying in place from time to time but overall it has proven to be a reliable welder that is worth every penny. If you’re looking for a slightly more powerful MIG welder then the 150 Amp made by Jack Sealey could be the right welder for you. It promises excellent performance and the entire unit is of a very high standard. Because this particular welder is made to hold larger bottles of gas, you will struggle to find a spot for the more popular smaller cylinders that are easy to get hold of. Nonetheless, the MIG Welder by Jack Sealey is one of the better used welders that you can find.

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TIG Welders You Can Use Anywhere

If you’re looking for some used TIG welders for use in your workshop at home then I can suggest the SWP Arc 120 TIG, it is has a smaller output that the industrial used welders but it is perfect for those who do not have much experience with welding. Although this particular welder cannot weld anything much thicker than 3 millimeters, it is great as an ‘Entry level’ welder for those that wish to take their first steps in the welding world.

One of the most popular TIG welders is the Wolf Combination TIG200 & DC Inverter Welder, simply because it gives you the opportunity to undertake two forms of welding at a lower cost. This welder weighs just under 15 kilograms and is suitable for use on steel and stainless steel while giving you up to 200 amps in power.  For a TIG Welder that gives an outstanding performance the Blue Brand TIG Welder 180 may be just what you are looking for. Although this welder is more expensive that the Wolf Combination welder, it can provide you with up to 4 millimeters of welding and can be used at work or in your workshop at home and it comes with two preset pulse modes and a torch which is vital.

From The Basic To The Most Powerful

Used Miller welders can give you the welding opportunities that you need, no matter where you want to use the welders. There at least half a dozen different types of Miller welders and they all have different capabilities. When you are looking to buy some used welders, this is perhaps one of the ranges that you need to look closely at, simply because of the wide variety of machinery that is available.

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The Miller-Matic 140 Autoset is the most basic welder that you can find however, it boasts an ‘All-in-one’ facility that incredibly allows you to weld up to 4.8 millimeters and it can be used pretty much anywhere you want. Although this is what I would call a ‘Starter’ welder and it does lack the key features of some of the more complex models, it is reasonably priced and a pretty flexible piece of machinery.

If it’s a Miller TIG welder that you need then maybe the Dynasty 350 Series is the welder for you.  This incredibly powerful machine can weld up to 15.8 millimeters of Aluminum and steel, making it more suited to the welding industry. The Dynasty 350 Series gives you a lot more power than smaller models do, but it does this while weighing a lot less than some. Take a close look at the Miller range of welders at before choosing the right used welders for you.

The Global Brand

As I have previously mentioned, Lincoln Welder are a brand that are known for their excellency and wide range of abilities. There are seven different types of Lincoln Welders ranging from the smallest of MIG welders that come in at just 120 Amps to the Powerwave C300 Advanced Process Welder that gives you a high standard of welding no matter what jobs you need to undertake. You will be able to find a great deal of used welders that carry the Lincoln name, which means you can rely on them to do the jobs they are built for. Although these welders can be pricey, you can benefit from using a welder that is made by a global company who can provide you with all your welding needs.

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Extreme Welding

Miller welders are another well-known brand that promises to deliver a constantly good result time after time. The X-Treme range of welders is a cut above the rest but also come in at a hefty price. The Spectrum  625 X-Treme can weld an incredible 15 millimeters of mild steel while weighing only 9.5 kilograms, but at the same time providing you with the opportunity to meet your welding needs.

Because there is a wide variety of welding equipment to choose from, you may feel stuck for choice, but once you realize what your welding needs are, you can then begin to decide which used welders can work well for you.


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