Finding The Right Hilti Tools: Drills, Sales, Laser Levels & Reviews

Getting the job done right, whether it is in the home, in your workshop or someplace else is vital and you are going to need some tools to help you achieve that. There is a selection of Hilti tools available to help you with all your drilling needs and that includes the Hilti SFH 18 A Hammer drill/driver 18 volt kit, this kit comprises of the drill, battery and charger, plus a side handle. The name may be a bit deceiving as the word ‘Kit’ seems to insinuate that you get more than just a charger and the battery which usually comes as standard, but you do get a good drill that is strong and reliable; be prepared to pay a lot of money for this particular model . Although some say the SFH 18 A hammer drill is worth the cost, there are those that state they have purchased ‘Better’ drills with a higher torque for less money.

The Hilti TE 70 hammer drill performance package is another great drill, but yet again the name of the product lets you down as it does not come as a ‘Package’ but a single drill. Having said that, the Hilti hammer drill a very good piece of equipment and is tough and resilient, it can be used to drill wood as standard, but also steel and this goes to prove how tough the drill is and can give you up to 280 r.p.m. The downside is the price as it comes at over $1,500, but if you need to use a drill constantly then you can rely on the Hilti hammer drill that is also comfortable to use as you do not need to use as much pressure when holding it.

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The right prices

It’s important that you get the right tools, but it’s also important that you pay the right prices too, there are a number of websites that detail Hilti tools prices and this site is a good example clearly displaying the products and prices, it even has some shipping options if you cannot pick the tools up yourself.

There is of course, they sell a very large range of Hilti tools and the prices are all shown clearly without you having to look for them and you are sure to find a suitable tool for the work you have to do. Many of the items sold here have been reviewed by people who have bought the tools, so you should be able to get a clear understanding of how good/bad they are. There are also some great savings to be found on as they tend to slash the prices from time to time.

What about Hilti drills?

When taking a closer look at Hilti drills, you may come across the Hilti TE 7 rotary hammer drill performance package, this is a good drill and despite the fact that it weighs 14 pounds, it is fairly easy to use and comes with a hammering mechanism that will enable you to drill up to 5/8 inch. It’s very easy to get drill bits that will work with this rotary hammer drill and you should be able to get a good number of years work out of it.

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The Hilti TE 2-Sd deluxe rotary hammer drill is a very strong and sturdy drill and has been made to be used in concrete and masonry, but it can be used with other materials without causing too much concern. The drill comes with a power cord that is four meters long, a side handle, and a depth gauge. Although the name suggests that it us a ‘Deluxe’ hammer drill, you can get better hammer drills for a lot less money.

Looking for a Hilti drills sale

saving money can be hard if you have a lot of tools to buy, but if you look out for a Hilti toils sale, you may just be in luck. This site has the entire range of Hilti products for sale and there are occasionally some price cuts, so it’s best to keep checking back and seeing what is on offer.

The Hilti laser levels

Gone are the days when you have to rely on a manual leveler to make sure your work is straight, and you don’t have to try hard to get the bubbles in-between the lines. The Hilti 377374 PML32 line laser can quickly and effectively do the work for you. It’s small enough for you to carry around with you all the time but it’s also strong enough to cope with any slight accidents that would ordinarily damage your tools and other levelers. The downside to this line laser is the price, and at over $300 you may wonder if it is worth the money, but it makes work so much easier and you will inevitable use it time and time again.

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Another laser level is the PML 42 Self-leveling line laser and it comes with an extra beam of light that makes things even easier than before. Another bonus to having this line laser is the tripod that is part of the package; it makes it very easy to use this tool in all areas and can come in very handy when it’s needed in tight spots and relatively small spaces. As with the PML 32 line laser, the PML 42 line laser is quite expensive, but you do get what you pay for and it’s a piece of equipment that will serve you well and help you to do your jobs effectively.

Finding Hilti tool reviews

There are a great number of reviews online for all kinds of products and it is sometimes hard to find Hliti tool reviews that are longer than a few lines. Fortunately there is a website called ‘Tools In Action’ that has reviews on a wide range of Hilti products, and not just the well-known Hilti drills, but their range of circular saws, grinders, jig saws and more.

Reading a review can help you to determine how good a product is, but you should perhaps explore more than one review so you get a good idea as to how the tools will perform and whether you think they are worth the expense.


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