Finding The Right Dumpy Level For The Job: Hire, Automatic & Laser,

Using a dumpy level is an important part of construction work and it can help to determine the level of the ground at a specific site or the height of various points within a building. The results that can get gained from using a dumpy level will determine how deep foundations can be dug and how much work will have to be done, amongst other things. Finding the right dumpy level for the job can be just as important as the job itself. Not only can dumpy levels be used on construction sites, but they can also be used within the home; however their use is limited to much smaller jobs and us more suited to DIY and trying to get pictures, for example, to hang straight. Any other use in the home should be left to the dumpy levels that are suited to any mainly used by the construction industry.

The CST/Berger 55 CAL26D 26X automatic optical level is quite a popular dumpy level and it can magnify things up to twenty-six times, meaning that even something that is over three hundred feet away can be easily read, including the numbers on a tape measure at that distance. This is a very strong piece of equipment, but it does not lock and that may cause problems from time to time, but other than that, the CST/Berger 55 is a pretty good dumpy level and it’s not too expensive.

The CST/Berger SAL 24KIT 24X automatic level could almost be considered the ‘Big Brother’ to the CST/Berger 55, and you will be pleased to know that it is lockable. This dumpy level will give you an incredibly accurate reading and fast, making it one of the better levels on the market, yes, this particular model is pricey, but it is worth every cent and is sure to last you for many years while giving you the reading that you need and quickly, so you can get on with the job in hand.

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Dumpy level  hire

For dumpy level hire, you need to take a look at this website  it will give you a good indication as to how much you may have to pay for the dumpy level or levels that you need and let you know if a minimum order is required. You may have to look through the site to see what dumpy levels are available in the area that you live, but it will also give you a good idea of the cost of dumpy level hire. It’s worth remembering that some of the smaller hiring companies charge more than the bigger ones, so it can pay to shop around.

Automatic and laser levels

When it comes to choosing between popular automatic and laser levels, you should consider the Black & Decker Bullseye auto leveling laser, this laser automatically sets the level which means you have less work to do. It also works well for use within the home and is fairly easy for anyone to use. The majority of Dumpy levels are made for use on construction sites, but these days there are more and more that are suitable for use elsewhere and are easier to use than a normal leveler that is not always that reliable, especially if the bubbles tend to keep moving on the much older models.

For a top of the range product that will work well on construction sites and function perfectly well no matter how harsh the weather is, the Spectra precision Laser LL300 2 automatic self-leveling Laser level could be the perfect tool for you. It is not cheap and has been known to cost almost one thousand dollars, but with that price you also get an incredibly durable and tough piece of machinery that measures extremely accurately and comes with a tripod and even a remote control, to make things a lot easier for you.

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The automatic dumpy level

To save yourself time and get some pretty accurate measurements, why not consider an automatic dumpy level? The Nikon, AC-2S 24X automatic level is ideal for use in the construction and civil engineering industries thanks to its water resistance, clear and sharp images and the fact that this particular model will always let a lot more light in; this means that you are constantly able to see more and can therefore get the accuracy that you need. Even if you need to use the Nikon H, AC-2S in a small spot or on an uneven surface, it will not let you down, and that is why it is quite popular, but this is not reflected in the price, which is an added bonus.

Correct use of a dumpy level

It’s important that you use dumpy level correctly and you can find details of how to do this right here  this site will show you how to set it out, talk you through different points and help you to understand exactly how a dumpy level works.

There is another good website here that explains in thorough detail about how to use a dumpy level and the other names that they go by. The more you read up on how to use a dumpy level, the more you will learn and succeed at getting some accurate measurements.

Laser levels

Going back to a laser level that is suitable for use within the home, whether you are hanging pictures or doing small bits of DIY, the Black & Decker BDL100AV all in one sure grip laser level is a highly recommend piece of equipment that clearly indicates through a change in the color of a laser whether or not something is level. There have been a few problems with the suction cup and people have remarked that it does not work very well on walls that have been painted, but other than that, it is a highly recommended laser level that you can easily leave on for a couple of hours if needs be, without fear of the laser turning off.

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