Fence Stain Guide: Privacy, Cedar & Horse Fence Stain Reviews

If you own a backyard with a privacy fence or a stable for your horses that needs fencing, you know that after a few years, the wood in your fence requires re-staining. Fences provide necessary advantages for property owners, both for your backyard in general or for keeping animals and livestock safe; they offer privacy, safety and security as well as keeping animals contained. However, because wood fences do wear down and absorb moisture over time, it’s always a good idea to ensure that not only are your fences properly maintained, but that you occasionally go over them with a quality fence stain or paint.

Fence Stain Colors

There are three types of fence stain colors:

  • Transparent fence stains
  • Semi-transparent fence stains
  • Solid colored stains

Transparent Stains

The transparent fence stain makes use of ultra-fine transparent oxide pigments which highlight as well as reveal the wood grain. These transparent oxide pigments are grounded finely enough that they can resist the damaging effects of daily battering from harmful U.V. rays. Usually, new fences are stained with the transparent stains as these further glorify the natural beauty of the wood. Fence stains, as something that is meant to enhance the natural wood, are found in neutral, naturally occurring solors; some of the shades of transparent fence stains are Cedar Tone, Harvest Brow, Oxford Brown, Bright Cedar, Clear Glow, Redwood, etc.

You can find the shades and colors of both the transparent and semi-transparent fence stains on this site: http://www.wooddefender.com/fencestain.php

Semi-Transparent Stains

These semi-transparent stains make use of opaque pigmentation at a low rate which helps to achieve a stained appearance while providing an extra oomph of color to the wood. The texture of the wood remains visible to some extent with these stains. The good thing about this unique pigment combination is that it is tested for its necessary U.V. protection. Since there are so many shades of wood, there are many shades found in these semi-transparent stains as well. Some of the known shades are: Barn Red, Sable Brown, Graystone, Coronado, Yellow Straw, and many more natural shades.

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Solid Colored Stains

Solid colored stains are similar to paints. They will cover the whole wood or fence and it would appear like paint. The solid colored stain will last a good deal longer than the transparent and the semi-transparent stains can, but it requires more maintenance and after some time it starts peeling or lifting off of the wood. And if you need to re-apply it, you will have to strip off the coatings first and then re-apply. But it will take easily 5 years or even longer for the stain to start stripping-off, during which time the stain is performing its ultimate function of protecting the integrity and durability of your wood fence, while making it more attractive.

The best thing about the solid colored stains is that it will convert the old dull fence into bright attractive feature that will enhance your garden or backyard even more.

Privacy Fence Stains

Privacy fences are the most commonly seen, both in rural and urban areas. They are popular for their benefits as both privacy shields and a means of protection; these fences provide a private, secure setting for any home or property. Obviously these fences are something you’ll want to ensure are both well maintained and attractive, so using a fence stain on your privacy fence is a good idea.

When you use a fence stain, whether transparent or opaque, you’ll want to ensure that the color and type chose suits the style of your home and backyard. However, environmental factors should be taken into consideration, too, such as whether you have a pet who likes to scratch or chew, or the general atmosphere of your region as a whole. Using a fence stain that will hold up well against a pet’s playfulness, or one that will protect the wood against constant UV rays will go a long way to maintaining your privacy fence. You’ll want to choose a stain that is durable and attractive; semi-transparent stains are quite popular for privacy fences, as are solid ones.

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While if you are planning to add the privacy fence for decorative or beautifying purposes, such as encircling your entire backyard, or just a garden fence, stains not only protect your wooden fence, they just make them look nicer; there are plenty of fence stain colors and shades available just choose the one that goes perfectly with your surroundings.

Cedar Fence Stains

Cedar fences can be painted in both the three types of stains; transparent, semi-transparent and solid stains. If you want your cedar fence to retain its natural color then you should have the transparent stain. It requires the re-coat after almost three years of time depending on the exposure of the sun. The tip to last the transparent stain for a longer duration is that you should select the darker stain.

While you can select the semi-transparent and solid stain as well. The semi-transparent stain does show some of the wood but it also masks some of the finer characteristics of the cedar wood. Semi-transparent stain also lasts around 2 to 4 years, again depending on its exposure to weather conditions. The solid stain would be like paint and it is preferred once you think your cedar is in a bad color or condition to cover it up with the solid stain.

Horse Fence Stain

Stud black stain absolutely provides a grand and sharper look to your stable. This stain is a must have by the horse owners, stud farm owners and stable owners. The good quality of the stud black horse fence is that is lasts longer and it is more durable. There would be no peeling and you will not find its residue on horses, or horses’ covers. You can find a good black stud stain at this site: http://www.thepaintfactory.co.nz/Specialist/Horse-Fence.aspx

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Fence Stain

Amazon sells many high-quality wooden deck and fence stains. Stains are good for maintaining any kind of wood that sits out in the elements, whether a deck, siding or fence. No matter if you’re looking for transparent, semi-transparent or solid color fence stain, you’re sure to find many brands, like Olympic, Behr and SunProof, as well as various accessories to help you apply the fence stain.

Since there are so many manufacturers and choices of fence stain, you’ll need to make sure you look at the price, quality and durability of each of these brands and types of stain to ensure that you use the fence stain that meets your needs and desires.

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