Felco Pruners Review: Pruner Parts, Bypass Pruners And Loppers Guide

Pruner is a hand tool, a sort of scissors that is used mostly for pruning plants, trees, shrubs and any other kind of tough vegetation. It is mostly used in gardening, farming and arboriculture, but obviously even the average homeowner who has a few bushes in their yard is eventually going to need a good set of pruners too. Pruning refers to the cutting and trimming of plants, especially removal of dead or dying areas; the word ‘pruning’ also refers to the shape and size of the plant that is left after it has been cut.

There are several kinds of pruners, and some of these are so strong that they can prune the hard branches of shrubs and trees almost to 2 centimeters thick. So it is highly important to choose the right tool, and one of the correct diameter, to cut the specific plant or stem in order to avoid damaging the tool. These several kinds of tools are known as pruners, pruning shears, secateurs, loppers or pruning saws. These are described in order of their increasing strength. Some of the known branded pruners would be discussed here in details.

Felco Pruners

Felco Pruners are famous all over the world. These are such excellent gardening tools that once you will use them, you will never try to use another brand as these are top of the line. These are known for their excellent quality, smooth and tight action. The precision and cutting power is absolutely in your control with Felco pruners. There are plenty of models of Felco pruners, each having its own unique feature. You can find the details of all these pruners on the Felco store: http://www.felcostore.com/pruners

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Felco Bypass Pruners

The Felco pruner is a very commonly used and lauded pruner the world over. These Felco bypass pruners so strong with handles made up of an aluminum alloy which makes these tools more efficiently held for better grip and control while pruning. These are Swiss precision-made and have sharp replaceable blades. However the anvil blade with a sap groove is sharp enough that it does not requires a replacement and lasts almost the lifetime. Find more details of Felco bypass pruners on this site: http://www.felcostore.com/item/f2?referer=pruners

And you can get this classic Felco bypass pruner from Amazon at a huge discount of 24% at only $48, making saving of $14.99. There are also some other classic bypass pruners and you can find the details of all these superb bypass pruners on the Felco pruners site.

Felco Pruners’ Best Price

You can get the Felco pruner from Amazon, the Felco store and various other hardware sites but the Felco pruners best price is on the Felco store. You can get the Felco F-2 model from Amazon at $48.00, from a hardware store at $47.99 but from the Felco store at $47.76 each. For more details and pricing of each Felco pruner model, visit the Felco store: http://felcostore.com/

Felco Pruner Parts and Blades

The good thing about the Felco pruners is that there is a replacement part available for every tool that is manufactured. From the heavy cutting blades to the little tiny washers or rivets can be bought easily. So you will not be required to throw away a 30 – 40 years old pruner simply because it looks old, you can give it a makeover by the right Felco pruner parts. You can get the replacement blade, new replacement handles and even the new shiny springs and these amazing parts will make your pruner new as ever. You can get all the Felco pruner parts and blades from the Felco store: http://www.felcostore.com/parts

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Felco Loppers

Felco loppers are similarly very popular like the Felco pruners. These loppers have adjustable super-sharp and long lasting cutting blades. The handles are very easy to grip and the cushion stops are extremely comfortable. Felco loppers are made from very high quality material; the solid forged aluminum alloy handles, the tough as well as lightweight tubed handles forged of carbon fiber, as well as a sturdy yet feather-light aluminum handles. There are several models of these loppers each having its own quality and purpose. You can find the detail of all Felco loppers on the Felco store: http://www.felcostore.com/loppers

Corona Pruners

Corona is well-known brand for its high quality tools, spare parts and accessories and in constant search for some innovative techniques to build superior tools. Corona pruners are known for almost all the cutting requirements. The hooks and blades of the bypass pruners are best for closest cleaning cuts and with the cushioned and no-slip grips; you will love the work you will do. All the corona pruners are fully tested before they are handed over to the customers.  There are plenty of models of Corona pruners and you can find the details and pricing of each model on the corona tools store: http://www.coronatools.com/pruners

Fiskars Pruners

According to the Fiskars company marketer, the newbie of the Fiskars pruners user will definitely say that why didn’t he bought and used this pruner before as this is just what a man needs for his pruning work. With the usage of Fiskars pruners, there is a guarantee that you will never undergo any tingling fingers aches, hand cramps or any aches running up to the arms as there is no need to make an effort for cutting or pruning. You will be able to do the pruning as you want with the bypass pruners and you will never feel like going for some other brand. There are various bypass pruners by Fiskars and you can find the details of each model and its price on the Fiskars store: http://www2.fiskars.com/Products/Yard-and-Garden/Pruners

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Felco Pruners

You can get these pruners for making your pruning work easier from the various sites and stores mentioned. All of these given pruners are of great use and make the pruning work easier. While for snipping or cutting the larger branches of trees that are of huge diameter, it is recommended that you should get the heavy duty loppers that will make your work easier and effective. So if you will use the right tools for the job, the pruning work will not be a task that will make you cringe. Make some nice cuts and neat trimming with the bypass pruners and loppers and make your gardening work enjoyable!

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