Fein Multimaster Blades: Review And Tips On The Tool, The Blades And Accessories

In 1867 Wilhelm Emil Fein founded C. & E. Fein Company, which is accredited as the inventors of the first electrical power tool of the world.  His son Emil Fein developed the first electric handheld drilling machine in 1895. With 600 employees in Germany, and 840 total employees, this small company has become a power tool manufacturer with an international reputation.  They produce reliable professional tools for interior and automotive work.  Fein has thirteen international subsidiaries and representations sell Fein products in 45 countries.  With over 500 patents and 300 industrial rights, Fein represents premium quality for over 140 years now.

Fein Multimaster Blades are designed to work with a variety of materials, and can easily cut almost any material, even while in place already.  With the correct Fein Multimaster Accessory, your building, remodeling, or refinishing projects will go faster and be easier than you ever expected they could be.

Fein Multimaster Tool

For German-made quality that lasts and lasts, the quality starts with the powerful Fein Multimaster: an oscillating tool for contractors.  From restoring a boat or refinishing windows to updating a bath or remodeling a kitchen, you will get the job done faster with the Fein Multimaster.  You can trim base and crown molding or flooring while it is in place.  You can even cut the hardest woods like maple, hickory and oak easily and quickly.  With Fein Multimaster Blades, you can even cut drywall, grout, copper and galvanized steel with ease.  Remodeling that bathroom will go much easier and faster with this tool in your hand!!!

Fein Multimaster Accessories

There are a variety Fein Multimaster Accessories available for different projects and different stages of your projects.  The universal E-Cut saw blades are designed to cut a variety of materials including parquet, hardwood, laminate or composite materials.  They are designed to cut appropriately for the particular material.  For removing materials like caulking, adhesive residues or paint, the flexible scraper blade is perfect.  The various sanding attachments are perfect for sanding in hard to reach spots.  No matter which kit you buy, the Fein Multimaster comes with a variety of attachments, and in a durable, organized case designed for easy portability and storage.

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Fein Multimaster Review

I have read literally hundreds of review on the Fein Multimaster Tool, as well as the Fein Multimaster Blades.  I do not own this tool myself, so my review of this product will have to be a summary of the reviews that I have read.  Everything I have read about this product has rated it very highly.  The Fein Multimaster Tools has been sold over 1,000,000 times, and is not only popular, but the people who have owned them for years still brag of their outstanding performance, longevity, versatility, and quality.  The Fein Multimaster Blades are a unique design that customers love.  They like how quickly they cut almost any material, and the ability to cut work in place, and smooth with the surrounding surface.  The blades do seem too last longer than generic alternatives, but the customers do feel that they are quite expensive.  Out of all the Fein Multimaster Reviews I have read, not one gave the Fein Multimaster Tool a poor review overall.  Every person who owns or used one loves the product.  Reviews were only mentioning something negative when talking about the price.  It seems that people still have a hard time paying for quality, even when the Fein Multimaster Tool and Fein Multimaster Blades come from one of the highest rated, highest quality, and most innovative companies in the world.

Amazon.com Products

The most popular Fein Multimaster blades on Amazon.com are the 1 1/8” Universal E-Cut Blade, 3 Pack.   By purchasing these blades on Amazon.com, you are truly getting a rare deal, since they are selling at less than 50% of list price at only $38.66.  These blades are designed for cutting metal up to 1/32-inch, cutting into wood, plaster, synthetic materials and cardboard.  These blades are designed to allow you to make flush cuts.

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When reviewing the product, a contractor who uses his Fein Multimaster Tool daily points out that it is one of the most useful tools on his truck.  It works with “almost surgical precision”.  The saw blades he has reviewed as being superior to the competitors in longevity and cutting speed.  Other reviewers agree that the Fein Multimaster Blades are truly the best, but still question the high cost, and feel that they could be sold for less.  That is where Amazon.com’s fantastic deals are invaluable.

The next most popular Fein Multimaster Blade on Amazon.com is the 3 5/16” Flush Cut Wood Blade.  Amazon.com comes through again with an amazing deal on this blade, selling it at $18.99 compared to the list price of $42.50.  This is a metal blade designed for cutting soft wood.  It is segmented to allow right angle cuts against another surface.  The recessed center provides for flush cutting against another surface.  Another, unusual use that is not often though of for this blade is removing window putty and caulk in corners.

Reviewers of this product are very happy with the speed at which it cuts, and love the flexibility, but warn against using this blade in applications where it may strike metal.  They have found that it will shatter when it comes in contact with nails.  One reviewer uses this blade to cut through paint stuck in the tracks of old style windows, and feels that there is no better tool for the job.  He states that it has increased his productivity by three fold.

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The final Fein Multimaster Blades I would like to tell you about is actually the Mini Cut and File Set, sold for $26.42.  This small set includes a diamond file for sharpening household and professional blades, a carbide file for removing burrs from metal surfaces such as pipes, two saw blades for wood and soft plastic, and two HSS saw blades for hard plastics, fiberglass, and sheet metal up to 1 mm thick.  These Fein Multimaster Accessories will prove invaluable, and you will wonder how you ever owned a Fein Multimaster Tool without adding these economical additions.

The reviews of this kit are positive, stating that it is one of the few Fein Multimaster Accessory kits you can purchase at a great price.  The reviewers feel it is a great value, and claim the blades work very well in most applications, as long as you are not trying to cut deep or thick products, as they are smaller versions of the full size blades.  They love the files and say that they sharpen with amazing accuracy and precision.  One reviewer states they work so well the turn your Fein Multimaster Tool into a “top notch portable sharpening system”.


The Fein Company and their products are second to none on the world market.  The famed German engineering really shines through in the Fein Multimaster Tool, it’s blades and accessories.  When you want the best, this tool is undoubtedly and indisputably the champion, although you better be ready to pay for it, as the tool and accessories are more expensive than Dremel or other similar products.  The difference is in the quality, longevity, and workmanship put into every piece.   You wouldn’t expect the best to also be the cheapest, would you?

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    I just received mine from amazon but the chuck would not open, I have to send mine back. This is a problem. I hate buying mail-order.

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