Eureka Vaccum Bags: Eureka Canister, AA & RR Bags, Eureka Boss & Central Vacuum Bags

The time has come to change the bag on your Eureka vacuum cleaner and you ask yourself: Do you stick with the cheapest one you can find (these are after all tough times) or do you choose the vacuum cleaner bag of the highest quality?

Eureka Vacuum Bags or Generics?

Well, you can say it’s just a vacuum cleaner bag; how can you possibly go wrong? There doesn’t seem to be much of a problem with generic bags; for as long as they fit and they’re there, that’s fine. For only a fraction of the cost of original eureka vacuum bags, many believe good generic vacuum bags can work just as well.

Some argue though that the quality of the bags is crucial to the performance of the vacuum cleaner. When the vacuum cleaner bag is due for changing, it must be immediately replaced with a product that fits exactly right and is the recommended bag for that particular vacuum model.

For instance, if the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a filtration system using a multi-layered dirt bag, then replacing the original with a single-ply bag may affect the performance of the vacuum cleaner. Getting the right size is also important because if the bag is bigger, it may not stay attached to the vacuum cleaner and if it’s smaller than the ideal size it could rip or tear.  So if the generic vacuum bag is a less-than-perfect fit, small particles of dirt and dust may likewise find their way to the vacuum cleaner motor.

So if you own a Eureka Vacuum cleaner and the original bag already needs to be changed, it may be a safer bet to go with Eureka vacuum bags even though the difference may not be immediately obvious.  You may not notice the decreased performance of your cleaner right away and unless you are hyper-sensitive to dust and other allergens, you may not realize that eureka vacuum bags hold dirt and dust more efficiently leading to better machine performance and ultimately a much cleaner home.  Besides, the manufacturer has the right to void warranty if you pick the wrong kind of bag.

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Buying Eureka Vacuum Bags

In order to know what type of Eureka vacuum bag you need to purchase, see the vacuum product manual and look for the model number.  If you’ve misplaced your manual, try to search for brand listings online or visit the store where you bought your Eureka vacuum cleaner. There are several styles of Eureka vacuum bags, like the style Eureka vacuum bags aa and the Eureka vacuum bags rr, so you have to be certain you have the right one,

Eureka canister vacuum bags, eureka central vacuum bags, eureka boss vacuum bags and other types can be purchased online or through a local store. Just remember that the best items and brands always run out first so buy extra supplies of eureka vacuum bags, each of which should last one to two months.

Different Vacuum Cleaner Models and Their Bags

Invented in the early 1900s, vacuum cleaner bags used to be made of cloth and were reusable but today the most popular vacuum cleaner manufacturers use disposable fiber bags. Product innovation on vacuum cleaners seem to be moving towards bagless machines but these newer models have not yet rendered cleaners with bags obsolete. Vacuum cleaners with bags remain to be the most widely used and there are three main types: the upright cleaner, the canister cleaner, and the handheld vacuum cleaner.

Upright vacuum cleaners, which are great for both carpets and hard floors, capture dirt from the base.  All those unwanted particles then go up through the body of the unit onto a long, disposable fiber bag. AIREXCEL™ NLS, AIRSPEED®, BOSS® CAPTURE™, BOSS® SMARTVAC®, CLEAN LIVING™, PET LOVER, WHIRLWIND® are just some of the uprights offered by Eureka, all with unique features to boast of including the capture of 99.9 percent of dirt, dust and other allergens.  The Eureka vacuum bags you need depend on the model you have but certain styles fit several upright vacuum cleaner models.

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One of the best filteraire dust bags made by Eureka for several of its upright units is the Eureka 57698A-6 Filteraire Vacuum Cleaner Bag which is charged electrostatically and thus provides 99% efficient filtration of pollen and dust particles as small as 1 micron in size. This boasts of 30% more dust retention compared to standard vacuum cleaner bags.

There is a long list of product codes to peruse when looking for the right Eureka vacuum bags for uprights and there is a different roster of Eureka canister vacuum cleaners.

Canister vacuum cleaners hold one advantage over upright vacuum cleaners: small, they are easier to maneuver and are able to clean hard-to-reach areas better.  The vacuum motor is contained in the canister, and dirt is suctioned through the pipe and nozzle. Although uprights are still the best-sellers, Eureka actually makes very decent Canister vacuum cleaners like CompleteClean™ 955A, FilterAir® 920A, Mighty Mite® 3670G, Mighty Mite® Pet Lover 3684F and so many others.   Those places beneath furniture and in far corners will be spic and span in no time!

If you own a Eureka canister vacuum cleaner, you may want to try Eureka 52358A-6 Disposable Dust Bag, which fits models Eureka powerteam or Home Cleaning System 3800, 3900, 6700, 6800, 8000, 8200, and 8900 series.  Unlike the longer Eureka vacuum bags designed for uprights, Eureka canister vacuum bags are squarish in shape.  Because it is original, you can expect that this was made with the same high standards as all other products from Eureka.

Finally, there’s the handheld vacuum cleaner suited for quick cleaning jobs. Generally a combination of bag and filter, handheld vacuum cleaner bags are the smallest kinds and must be emptied more frequently. It is rarer now to find handheld vacuum models with bags as product developments in these types of cleaners lean towards the bagless designs.

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Eureka Central Vacuum Bags for an Odor Free Clean

There is a Eureka vacuum cleaner that deserves special mention for doing more than just powerful dirt suction.  Central Vacuum has taken cleaning to another level by eliminating odors while capturing allergens on your floor, furniture and in the air. Arm & Hammer baking soda crystals in the Eureka Central Vacuum Bags catch and neutralize odor causing particles.

The above is pretty much all you need to know about your vacuum cleaner bag. Whichever type or brand you purchase, just remember it isn’t just a bag. The vacuum cleaner bag can spell the difference between clean and impeccable.

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