Estwing Hammers Review Guide: Claw, Framing and Soft Face Hammers

When it comes to a tool that needs to deliver an impact to an object, hammers are usually the tool of choice. Generally, hammers are designed for plenty of specific purposes but the most common functions are driving nails, fitting some parts, and forging metals as well as breaking up objects.  This tool may come in different shapes and structures but the handle which can be made of wood or steel and the head, which is usually made up of compact solid steel, are its general features.

Since the beginning of the Paleolithic Stone Age, hammers are one of the oldest tools wherein definite evidence of their use has been found. The evolution of the hammer is one of a kind; hammers starting from stones that were attached to sticks with strips of leather from animals have since become a more sophisticated appearance of a compact steel solid mass attached to a durable plastic or rubber handle.

When it comes to the evolution and variety of hammers as well as with exceptional strength and durability, the Estwing Hammers are said to be one of the best example among all. The Estwing Manufacturing Company has provided its consumers with high quality standard hammers as well as geological tools and other home improvement equipment for an array of purposes which have already benefited lots of individuals since the beginning of the Company in 1923.

Types of Estwing Hammers

Basically, when it comes to Estwing Hammers for sale, there are numerous types of hammers available in the market to choose from. However, among these numerous types, the most often used types of hammers are the common nail hammers, drywall hammers, bricklayer hammers, soft face hammers, the international hammers and the sure-strike tools. Sure-strike tools are usually comprised of fiberglass hammers, steel hammers and wood handle hammers.

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Estwing Framing Hammer

Among all the types of hammers, the Estwing’s framing hammer is one of their top selling products due to it’s the comfort and durability of this hammer. Due to its design, the Estwing framing hammer actually reduces most of the impact vibrations, thus offering more comfort and less pain in the hands, arms, shoulders, neck and back of its operators. For further ease of use and comfort, these hammers have a longer handle for more striking power and may also come in different sizes. Basically, these types of hammers are used for framing wooden houses, thus the need for their heavy-duty rip construction with a straight-claw attached to the head.

Estwing Soft Face Hammers

The Estwing soft face hammer is a type of hammer that is used in assembly and machining applications. One of its best selling products is the Estwing CCD45 Deadblow hammer wherein the head is composed of hundreds of metal steel shots inside that provides consumers with a maximum controlled striking force thus reducing the rebound and with minimal marring. Yet, other features of this product also include:

  1. 1.      A power from within because of the movements of the hundreds of steel shot once the hammer strikes thus making a maximum power yet with control.
  2. 2.      Dimensions of 14 inch in length and 45 ounce in weight.
  3. 3.      It is encased with a durable polyurethane construction that can help prevent marring as it is covered with welded steel handle and head shot canister.
  4. 4.      It is a oil and chemical tolerant which are both the main cause of marring.
  5. 5.      The steel and reinforced handles are the ones that provide added strength and safety of the hammer as the consumer used dead blow action.
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Thus, more details and information regarding the product’s price and other uses as well as other Estwing hammer review can be found at

What is an Estwing Claw Hammer?

Over the years, there have been improvements made with regards to the evolution of the Estwing claw hammer, starting from its raw materials up to its manufacturing process. However, the shape and appearance of this hammer are still basically the same yet minor developments were just made in order to improve its driving in and pulling out of nails. But still, claw hammers are still part of the most commonly found tools in the households and toolboxes. In order for the consumers to know how to use the Estwing claw hammers, has provided some tips and suggestions to help the consumer avoid future problems as well as accidents.

  • Initially, consumers should use the face of striking surface side of the claw hammerhead as they desire to strike a thing. Striking the face against a nail or other objects can apply the force needed to set the particular object.
  • Second, when removing a nail from the wood with the use of a curved claw hammer, take out the nails by placing the opening between the two claws under the head of the nail and slowly apply upward pressure to the handle of the hammer and pull the nail out of the wood.
  • Lastly, as for prying apart the two boards that have been nailed together, place the claws into the opening of the two boards and apply upward pressure on the handle. Essentially, curved claw hammers are not really intended for parting two boards apart for it can damage the wood. However, it is still possible to separate two nailed objects if straight claw hammers are not available.
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Hammers are very essential to in person’s day to day life; whether they’re a construction worker or a stay at home mom, everyone needs to use a hammer once in a while. With their high quality, durable materials, their state of the art manufacturing process and their wide range of products for any kind of hammering application, Estwing Hammers are simply at the top of their game.  Estwing Manufacturing company supplies reliable, durable and efficient hammers that are crafted for superior ease of use and comfort, no matter how many swings you’ll have to take with it. Professionals, hobbyists and everyone else who needs a hammer and has used an Estwing hammer can tell you: these hammers are simply the best. And, with their range of tools even extending to those used for geological, paleontological and anthropological applications, they not only provide excellence in the home and construction site; they’re out in the world learning more about human (and dinosaur) history.

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