Estwing Axex Review Guide: Sheaths, E45A, Camp Axe & Long Handle Axe Reviews

The Estwing Axe has been around for generations and aside from the Estwing tools, there is also the fable Estwing hammer. Most impressive is that when the Apollo11 traveled to the moon, they used the Estwing Axe and hammers. That has to be the best testimony of its quality and standards!

Who is Estwing?

Ernest Estwing is the founder of this Rockford manufacturing company.  It began in 1923 when Estwing, as a Swedish immigrant, decided to create his own striking tools. He was able to patent the one solid steel hammer head which meant no more flying hammer heads to cause accidents.  The original hammers were sold at $2 each and no one wanted them because they were double the price at that time.

It was only in after WWII that Estwing really began to be known as a reliable tool company. They eventually came out with the exclusive “blue grip” which distinguished their Estwing tools from all others.  In 2001, they revealed their latest Shock Reduction grip which is ergonomically designed to reduce vibration.

The Estwing Axe Review

This Estwing Axe review basically looks into why anyone should buy the Estwing Axe when there are many other cheaper options. After all the Estwing axes are not cheap. They are considered part of the elite group of tools that are constantly being debated on merits.

There are different kinds of Estwing axes like the E24A and the E14A which are the smaller sized axes. Estwing also has the camp axe or Estwing Axe E45A. The smaller axes are known as the sportsman ax because they are used by hikers or mountain climbers. All types of Estwing axes are almost impossible to destroy. They are extremely dependable regardless of weather and conditions. It is the type of tool you want to have in extreme situations and when you are in the middle of nowhere.

The Estwing Sportsman Axe

This 13 inch axe has a handle made of metal but wrapped in leather. It comes with the trademark single unit metal piece which means you would have to do something drastic to cut it in half since it’s a solid piece of metal.

This makes the handle extremely tough and able to absorb shock and minimize vibration. However, it is heavy and can make a person using it tire easily. The edge is slightly thicker than most axes which make it safer to use but requires more to penetrate wood or any other surface. It is perfect for thin wood but a struggle if you have to work with chopping down a tree or solid wood.

The Estwing Camp Axe

The Estwing Camp Axe long handle can do the tough jobs that the sportsman axe can’t. It is popular for is long handle and sharp sheath which makes it perfect for a few days of tough camping or hunting. You will often see this hard-working Estwing Axe sheath in farms and construction sites.

Feedback from honest-to-goodness customers can be summarized with these few comments:

  • “That’s not just any ordinary axe.”
  • 90% of all geologists depend on the Estwing axe to knock down hard rock
  • The quality is unbeatable which makes it trust rating approval shoot through the roof
  • “A bit too expensive for me but if I had the money; I would choose the Estwing axe.”

The Estwing Tour and Legacy

Estwing Manufacturing Company intends to leave a legacy behind. They have already set several landmark patents in place and have a stunning record of keeping it all in the family. It is a U.S. brand and comes with an excellent design, features, and reputation. They also offer a warranty on all Estwing tools.

The Estwing Process

The reason for the high quality of the Estwing axe is found in the manufacturing process they use. It starts with 3 inch steel rods which are heated using induction heat before being stamped into shape. The final stages are the searing of the patented grip on the handle to make sure it does not come off easily. Their product consists of the following Estwing tools:

  • Hammers
  • Axes
  • Pry Bars
  • Claws
  • Specialty Tools
  • Fiberglass hammers
  • Assorted kinds of hammers for nails, masonry, drilling, and engineering works
  • Soft hammers
  • Geological tools

Since the time Estwing tools began to be known, it has been the preferred choice of professionals. If you visit any construction site, you will find different Estwing tools there. It’s easy to spot them with their trademark blue or yellow grips.

Aside from their product line, they also have become more conscious of giving back to the community. They now offer scholarships to deserving students.  They also have a phenomenal record of never having to close their doors for any reason. Their production line continues to operate, sometimes 7 days a week because the demand for the Estwing tools is so high in the international market. Lately, because of the slower economy, they have had to cut back on their load but they continue to crank out Estwing tools, albeit on a slower production volume.

Should You Buy An Estwing Axe?

The bottom line is you have to decide if you will need an axe for the long term or not. If all you’re planning to do is a one-time DIY project, try to borrow an axe instead of buying. It would not be worth the money to just let a special tool like the Estwing axe sit and gather dust in a corner.

That being said, if you have plans of camping, hiking, doing some repairs around your property, or even having a handy tool around for protection, it would be hard to find anything better than the Estwing Axe.

The weight is relative to your size, so pick a model you can work with without pulling a muscle. Since there is the long warranty on each of the Estwing tools, you can be sure it’s an investment that would last more than one lifetime.

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