ESAB Welders Guide: TIG & MIG Welding + Used And Online Sales Reviews

After discovering the covered welding electrode Oscar Kjellberg founded ESAB. The company since then has been constantly improving and revolutionizing the existing methods and materials associated with modern day welding. It is inventing new and convenient methods to compete with the technological advancements. Presently the company strives to produce materials and manufacture equipment to perform all forms of welding and cutting applications.

The company’s vast experience in the field of welding and cutting is the reason for its tremendous success. ESAB is a world leader when it comes to welding and cutting. Before launching a new product in the market ESAB has a very severe and thorough testing process and high quality products are expected. The new equipment has to pass a series of hard core tests which involve the checking of the operation capability and their resistance to damage through impacts and vibrations. They are what anyone expects from a five star company, with the best possible services of the highest quality. A manufacturer of such products, that its competitors do not even come close to, ESAB is indeed as good as it gets.

MIG Welding

MIG is an acronym for Metal Inert Gas. So MIG welding also known as Gas Metal Arc welding (GMAW) is a welding technique which was developed in 1940 for welding aluminum and non-ferrous metals. In this technique a wire is connected to a source of direct current, this wire acts as an electrode with the purpose of joining the 2 metals. It is passed through the welding gun during the welding process to ensure proper welding and during the same time an inert gas initially Argon is also passed through the welding gun. This gas acts as a shield and protects the welded area from dirt contaminants ensuring stronger welding. It is an automatic or semi-automatic welding process.

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MIG welding ensures fast welding of the metal compared to the traditional method that is why it is ideal for soft metals like aluminum. This technique was initially very expensive, but with time a replacement for the inert gas was found. Carbon dioxide, a semi-inert gas, performed the same kind of shielding as the inert gas and this made the MIG welding cost effective.

ESAB being the leaders in the field of welding has also excelled in the field of MIG welding and has a wide range of products in the MIG domain. The specialty of ESAB products is that they are designed to withstand tough working conditions and rugged construction environments.

Recommended Product

MigMaster 173

This is the best machine for a small industrial shop which is interested in small light weight welding of high quality. It is a good quality machine ideal for welding in rugged environment with a desirable end result. It comes with mounted wheels which is not available in other manufacturer’s counterpart products.

TIG Welding

TIG is an acronym for Tungsten Inert Gas. In this technique reactive metals are consorted together for example aluminum and magnesium. This technique also became popular in the early 1940s and it signified the use of aluminum in welding. TIG welding is of high quality with long lasting and good end result.

In TIG welding an arc is created between the Tungsten metal electrode and the patch which requires the welding. The inert gas in TIG has the similar function of acting as a shield and thus it ensures a clean weld without any impurity from contaminants from outside. The inert gas being used is argon or helium sometimes even the combination of both is used as well. These 2 inert gases provide higher welding speeds. Most of the welders prefer Argon over Helium the simple reason for that is the fact that Argon is heavier than air which means that during the welding process it provides better coverage and spread. TIG welding allows welding on several different metals. The filler rod is important when it comes to TIG welding and it is usually made up of the same metal as the base and it can be used to strengthen the joints when welding heavy metals.

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Again it is no surprise to know that ESAB has a wide range of products related to TIG welding but then again when you are in the field as long as ESAB has been you don’t have the option of not having your product in a specific domain of the concerned field.

Recommended Product

CaddyTig 200

This is a very high quality TIG welder and is very compact in size. It is capable of performing heavy duty welding which is quiet astonishing considering its size. The CaddyTig 200 continuously gains great reviews from professionals who have specific welding expertise.

ESAB Online

The ESAB online provides value added services, you can place live orders, check price and availability, track your shipments, check the status of your order all from their website ( This is a very handy service and its sole purpose is to help its customers all around the globe.

ESAB International

The 100 years history has seen ESAB develop in a lot of areas of the globe. They’ve their branches in Australia, Canada and United Kingdom so you can contact their head offices and place your orders directly. The main headquarter of ESAB is in Georgia United States.

Where to Buy:

The ESAB products are readily available, you can buy the products from their official dealers, and online stores also offer a wide range of these projects. ESAB offers professional advice regarding its products and the customer’s needs, they obviously know the minute details about their products thus their advice and recommendations are precise.

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There are plenty of certified online stores where you can get ESAB products and information:

It is important to conduct your research and understand that the machine you chose will fit all your needs as a professional.  Selecting the right welder for purchase can take some research, but there is plenty of information online and through the support of ESAB.

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