Esab Rebel: My Ultimate Top 3 Welder Reviews For You!

When you’re looking for the quality welding machine, the Esab Rebel welder can deliver what you need. With the many devices available today, I know how difficult it must be choosing the best one. That’s why I reviewed three models from the company: The Esab Rebel 235, Esab Rebel 215IC, and the MIG welders.

So if you want to learn more about what the Esab Rebel welders have to offer, keep on reading! I show you everything you need to know about these models and how you can choose the right one.

About Esab and How I Reviewed the Welders

I made sure to do my research and search for various reputable sources.

Esab was founded by Oscar Kjellberg, who invented the first coated electrode back in 1904. Once he launched that invention, he created Esab, and the rest is history. Up until today, the company continues to contribute to welding technologies.

They continue to evolve yearly, with the company being known as having one of the best welding machines now. And after all, who should be deserving of the title other than the father of welding?

As for the way I reviewed these welders, I made sure to do my research and search for various reputable sources. Also, I gathered all the details based on trusted sources and collected data from expert devices. But of course, I made sure that I tested the equipment myself to measure all aspects of it.

And fortunately, all the welders gave off positive experiences with only minor issues you can solve easily. Don’t worry, I’ll get more into these product details later on so continue reading!

The Esab Rebel EMP 215C

esab rebel

I wanted to start off with the Esab Rebel 215 because it comes with everything you need in a welding machine. Here are the unique features and benefits this welder has to offer:

Flexible Voltage

It has the widest range among all, having a range between 140-230V for versatility in where to use it.

Multiple Welding

You’re able to use this machine for various materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or mild steel. It still works just as powerful.

Multi-Process Performance

You can use the machine for more than just one welding type. May it be MIG, lift TIG, or flux-cored, it does it all!

Smart Adaptation

The machine remembers your welding technique, making it a huge relief for people doing repetitive tasks. It saves time!

Great Display

This offers a larger and higher quality display to view the TFT screen and monitor your settings easily.

My Verdict 

There are only extremely minor issues this welding machine has, though it’s solved with careful handling. With its smart technology and versatility, it’s definitely worth the investment.

The Esab Rebel EMP 235IC

esab rebel 235

For those who want a welding machine that can do multiple welding, you’ll love the Esab Rebel 235IC. It has a ton of features to offer, such as:

Multiple Welding

You can do various types of welding like Flux-cored or MIG easily. This enables you to do various jobs in one!

Amazing Portability

While a bit big and takes up space, the welding machine is lightweight for its size and power.

Detachable From Its Cart

You can detach the welding machine from the cart, making it easier to carry.

Better Power

You’re able to weld 0.9mm of depth in whatever electrode you use with the welder. That’s outstanding power for any material!

My Verdict

Though the machine takes up a bit more space, it’s not a huge problem based on its performance. It offers spectacular and useful features!

The MIG Rebel, Esab Rebel Series

esab rebel emp 215ic

And finally, I have the MIG Welder, which welds thicker electrodes with ease. it’s got the different and unique features, not all welding machines have, like:

Wide Voltage Range

The voltage range is wide, ranging from 120-240V. This offers more versatility in where you can use the welding machine safely.

Multiple Materials

You’re able to work on a lot of material types with the welding machine. Whether its stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, or whatever hard metal, it works well!

Thickness Capabilities

This welding machine can weld mild still of up to a half-inch, which most welding machines can’t do!

My Verdict

While this welder can get hot quickly, it’s just a minor issue that safety gloves can fix. It does everything amazingly, regardless.

What to Consider When Choosing a Welder 

Besides reading the reviews, you also have to make sure that you consider other factors as well! Here are other things to look into when sleeting a welder to help you choose among the three:

Voltage Range

The welder’s voltage range should be compatible with your use. If your voltage isn’t over 120V or less than 230V, then Esab might not be for you.

Adaption System

The adaption system should be according to your individual preferences to make the welder easy to use. This lessens any chance of damage or accidents

Proper Display

You’ll need to make sure that you can see the display clearly for more accurate results. Esab offers high-quality displays for better monitoring!


I recommend that you have a welder with frequencies ranging from 50-60Hz. This helps you maintain better frequency as you work.

Weight and Storage Space

Take account how much space you’re able to give for the welder, as they are quite large. It should also be a bit easier to move upon receiving or when transporting it.

Wrapping It Up

As long as you do the right research and choose one according to your individual needs, you can enjoy years of good use to accomplish work

There are many things to consider when choosing welders, and with Esab Rebel, it can narrow down the choices. As long as you do the right research and choose one according to your individual needs, you can enjoy years of good use to accomplish work. It all boils down to the proper research to provide you the quality tools you need.

I hope that this article on the Esab Rebel gave you an idea on what to invest in for work. Whether it’s the Esab 215, 235, or the MIG, you’re making the right choice!

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews on the Esab Rebel, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.