Electrolux Vacuum Parts & Accessories Guide: Canister, Upright & Stick Lightweights

Electrolux Vacuums are the most innovative and dependable vacuum cleaners available on the market. They can go on for years without breaking down even once. However, as with all things mechanical, they are bound to undergo a little wear and tear every time you use them. To make sure that your Electrolux is always at its best, you should get worn-out parts replaced by Electrolux Vacuum Parts every now and then.

About Replacement Parts

You should understand that Electrolux Vacuums are a symbol of innovation, and are built to suck any and all types of dust, leaving your home clean and free of dust. To achieve a powerful suction function, Electrolux makes their vacuums using nearly a hundred Electrolux Vacuum Parts in their cleaning systems. The number of parts in an Electrolux vacuum depends on the type of vacuum needing maintenance and repair. There are three categories of vacuums that are manufactured by Electrolux:

  1. Canister Vacuums
  2. Upright Vacuums
  3. Stick/Lightweight Vacuums

A complete Electrolux Vacuum Parts list is quite hard to come by, as the number of parts contained in some models sums to well over hundred. However, you can divide any Electrolux Vacuum Parts into

  • Electrolux Central Vacuum Parts and
  • Electrolux Vacuum Accessories

Electrolux Central Vacuum Parts

These contain parts that are essential to the working of these vacuum cleaners, such as internal motors, wirings and electronics. Without this the vacuum will not be able to perform suction. Most often these are quite difficult to find and greater care should be taken when selecting Electrolux Central Vacuum Parts.

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It is best advised that central parts are replaced through a well-known repair shop or a certified Electrolux repair center. Although the major parts of are not that hard to replace, the assembly is done using dozens of washers and screws and if even a single one is not replaced properly, the vacuum will only face even more problems.

If you do persist on replacing the central part yourself you should take the following precautions:

  • While replacing the switch, make sure not to cut any wires and if the wires seem in working condition it is best not to replace them at all.
  • When you go to a store or online store to buy the motor, please make sure that there is a warranty of at least one week provided. Once you get the motor, go to a nearby electrical repair shop or through online tutorials, check the motor to see if it works at the appropriate power and speed.
  • Get a map of the vacuum. Normally, this is included in the product manual that is provided, but in case this is not available you can get one through any certified Electrolux Vacuum Parts dealer. This would make assembling more easily and would help as a checklist to ensure all parts are placed back where they need to be.

Electrolux Accessories

The Electrolux vacuum parts accessories contain all the other parts of the vacuum cleaner, such as the hose, the handle, the switches, etc. Unlike the central vacuum parts, these are not elementary to the cleaner’s functioning but without it you cannot use the cleaner for its ideal functioning. When buying these, it should be better to get a well-known brand or buy from an authorized dealer; as there are a lot of cheap imitations available in the market. The Electrolux vacuum parts list for accessories includes:

  • Brush Rolls
  • Air Fresheners
  • Drive Belts
  • Floor Tools
  • Dust  Bags
  • Vacuum Filters
  • Tubes and Hoses
  • Trilobite
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How to Identify Cheap Imitations

Electrolux accessories themselves are quite durable and well-made; however, issues arise when cheap imitations of Electrolux vacuum parts are used for repairs and maintenance. With the popularity of Electrolux products, many people have started selling lower-priced imitations of many spare parts. These spare parts are not only of lower-price but also of lower quality and can easily result in further deterioration of the vacuum cleaner.

More specifically the issue arises in Electrolux vacuum parts hose because of children at home and the excessive bending and usage. The Electrolux vacuum parts hose is most liable to damage, and as such there is always an excessive demand for hoses, and hence results in numerous imitations. As such, when buying a hose it is always important to check whether it matches with the Electrolux vacuum parts handle engraved on your hose.

In general, to check whether the spare part you are buying is genuine or an imitation, it is best to look closely at any logo that is engraved on the spare part. If it even slightly mismatches from the actual Electrolux logo then it is not a genuine Electrolux vacuum part. Moreover, it is important to get a checking warranty from wherever you buy your Electrolux product. When you receive the product compare it with your original spare part and see if there are differences. If major differences in build quality and design exist, then most probably the shop you bought it from is selling fake Electrolux Vacuum Parts.

Ordering online

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To buy Electrolux vacuum parts online is as easy as eating pie. All you need to do is have three pieces of information when you are about to buy a part online:

  • The model details of your Electrolux vacuum cleaner; this would be mentioned on the box in which you bought your vacuum cleaner.
  • The serial no of the spare part you need; this would be mentioned in the product manual or you can also search for it online.
  • Whether you need assembly items or not.

Once you have knowledge of this information, all you need to do is login to any of the Electrolux authorized dealer website, or even their official website. Prior to buying Electrolux vacuum parts online, it is always best to ensure that you are buying from an authorized dealer and you can check this by reading the site’s About Us or Contact Us sections. Also, when you order online, take notice that the price mentioned is always excluding of the shipping charges. Verify the shipping charges you will face before buying Electrolux vacuum parts online.

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