Electric Poultry Fencing Review Guide: Kits, Wire & Electric Fence Sale Guide

When considering electric poultry fencing to serve as an enclosure for poultry, be sure to look at all of the information.  Electric fencing wire offers several benefits for the chicken farmer or hobbyist who’s looking to keep the flock together and keep predators out.  Additionally, poultry fences are all usually fairly standard in type and how they are electrified. However, customers can choose between green environmentally friendly options or go with energizers that require batteries every few months.  An electric fence must be carefully considered before installation.

Benefits of Electric Poultry Fencing

When you keep chickens, you’ll want to have a way to keep them in a designated area of the yard or on your land.  Electric poultry fencing offers many benefits for the hobbyist or farmer looking to limit their chickens to a specific area of the property.  Most brands of the electric poultry fencing come prepackaged and pre-assembled, so that all the customer needs to do is unroll it, stakes and wiring in all, and put it up.

It takes only a few minutes to create a small enclosure for your chicken’s home, and very little know how is required.  If you’ve never installed electric poultry fencing before, most brands include instructions with their packages.  You can also order them online so there’s no need to run up to the hardware store to purchase the equipment and supplies needed for the electric fencing.

An electric fence is also a good way of deterring animals from testing the fence or to keep them from trying to barge right through it.  This isn’t necessarily a problem for chickens, but it can be a problem for poultry farmers who are trying to keep predators from getting at their chickens.  Electric poultry fences UK will help keep out the foxes and other predators in the area.  As soon as the animal comes up against electrified fence, he’ll get a shock he won’t soon forget.

Electric poultry fencing UK is also very portable.  When the land becomes too polluted and messy from the chickens, the fence can simply be moved to a new area so that the chickens have fresh land upon which to range in.  The previous area of land can then be cleaned up and allowed to recover from the impact of the chickens.  Poultry fencing can also be expanded or shrunk in size according to your needs.

Installing Electric Poultry Fencing

Installing electric fencing wire is not difficult.  Most electric poultry fencing kits will come with instructions.  They, as mentioned before, are usually pre-assembled.

Before purchasing electric fencing Ireland or anywhere else in the world, measure the perimeter of the area where you will be keeping your chickens.  This will give you a rough idea of how much fencing is needed when ordering online or in the store.

After receiving more electric fencing remove the packaging and unroll fence wire.  The packaging will usually say on it whether or not it is reassembled.  You can also tell because the stakes used to hold the fence up are already attached to the electric fence wire.  Simply pick up the fence and begin a installing it by pressing the stakes into the ground.  You can arrange your fence in any shape you would like for the perimeter, a circle or square is the simplest shape you can achieve with this fencing.

You’ll know that most poultry fencing is about four feet high.  This is because chickens do have a limited flight range and may be able to get over a lower fence. The same applies to predators, although they would jump over a shorter fence instead of fly.

When the fence is in the ground you now have to install the energizer for the electric fencing.  Energizers have a wide range of voltages from 9 to 12 volts and can be charged with a battery, solar power or it even plugged in to an outdoor outlet.  The solar powered energizers are good options for places that don’t have access to household current and where it may be difficult to keep replacing the batteries.  The charger will typically power the fence during the day while also charging a rechargeable battery to keep the fence electrified at night.

All kinds of electric poultry fencing will require regular monitoring to ensure that the fencing is electrified on all sides and that there are no holes or breaks for the chickens to get through the fence.

Types of Electric Poultry Fencing

When looking for an electric poultry fence sale, keep in mind that prices for these types the fences run about $100 to $200 dollars.  You can purchase the fencing by itself or you can purchase fencing kits that include the electric energizer for the fence.  Purchasing fence wire by itself is a good option when you’re replacing broken fencing but the energizer you currently have is still good.

The difference in prices between electric fencing is usually due to the length of the fencing, the number of spikes in the fencing, the type of material used for the spikes, and the type of energizer used for the fence.

For example, the PoultryNet 12/48/3 Kit – (48″ x 164′) with a single spike and 164 feet of fence runs about $200.  The kit of course, will include the energizer for the fencing.  If you’re just looking for the energizer for current fencing, the Flock Shock AC Powered Poultry Fence Charger costs just $30 dollars.  That is a great deal for someone who already has the material but no way to electrify it.

If you are new at electric poultry fencing, consider using an electric fencing kit that includes everything needed to put together your first fence.  Later, as you get more experienced with poultry farming, you can begin purchasing pieces and putting them together to suit your own fencing needs.  Electric poultry fencing offers many benefits for the farmer or hobbyist.  Its greatest benefit is protection from predators and keeping the flock together, but it is also a portable, easy to install and move.  Plus, electric fencing is cheap and long lasting.  The average poultry fence will last around 4 to 7 years, depending on how well it’s treated.

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