Electric Fence Supplies Guide: Cattle, Horses, Electric Fencing Manufacturers, Insulators & Supplies

An electric fence is used as a method of enclosing your property to stop people or animals from exiting and or entering. This works because of either a sensor- so if you put one on your pets neck, they hear a loud, obnoxious buzzing sound from the gate and refrain from going near it- or from electric shocks- if a burglar tries to hop over the fence, they get a mild electric shock to stop them in their tracks.

Another form of electric fence for safety is one that opens with a sensor. You can keep the sensor in your car and with the press of a button when you come up the driveway, the gate opens. You can also get ones that open with a code, which you then can give to your close members of family or your trustworthy friends who would like to come and visit you from time to time.

Now, electric fence supplies are used to either mend or repair your worn down electric fence- such as a change of batteries or a new motion sensor- or to add on and accessorise your ordinary electric fence with something a little more high tech- like putting a sensor onto a coded security gate.

Electric fences are in a huge supply these days, which means there are lots of them to choose from, so there are a lot of electric fence supplies circling around stores nationwide and on the internet. So if there is anything you need for your current electric fence or one you are planning to buy in the future, you don’t need to look very far to get a wide range of products. All you need to know is exactly which one you are looking for!

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Using Electric Fencing Supplies for Animal Enclosure

Now, if you have a dog that always ends up wandering out of the garden and maybe even on to the main road if you live in such a location, it must be hard for you worrying about whether or not it’s going to be hit by a car, stolen or something equally as horrid. Electric fencing comes in handy for keeping such household pets inside the household where they are safe from harm.

But, farmers could benefit from using electric fencing too. In some largely agricultural areas, there are so many animals around that they often get mixed up with other farmer’s animals and end up lost or stolen and sometimes even killed.

Take Wales as an example, or even Ireland. There are a lot of sheep in these countries, as you probably have heard, and often it’s even on the news that sheep or cows of chickens- and once a herd of llamas- have caused traffic disruption in some of the larger towns and cities because they have wandered out of the farm yard an onto some of the main roads.

Now, in some of these cases, the farmers just don’t have electric fences because they are either too old fashioned, or they don’t have enough room, or they just don’t have the time or money to buy one. But a lot of the time, it is because the electric fence they have has gotten broken or is in need of some electric fence supplies and in desperate need of improvement or even repair.

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This is why electric fence supplies are highly important in animal enclosure. It causes a lot less hassle for cyclists and motorists and just innocent civilians if your animals are kept safe and sound where they belong, and also it gives you the peace of mind that you know where they are too.

Electric Fence Supplies for Cattle

Cattle seems to have a habit of wandering off from farms and ending up on busy motorways, which is quite a pity as there is such an easy way of keeping them under control available.

The ideal electric fence for cattle would include the following; plastic insulators, gate handles and lightening arrestors, fibreglass or wooden posts and aluminium wiring. They would also need a light charge that would be only a small shock to cattle, but would not be recommended on small dogs and other household pets as it could cause serious damage.

Electric Fence Supplies for Horses

Horses can escape now and again too. They have a habit of running wild a bit once they get a scare, so it wouldn’t be good to have a scared witless horse running around a busy estate or motorway, would it?

Horse enclosure would need the same electric fence supplies as the cattle, as they could handle the same amount of shock and the release the same amount of force when in action. You can see the exact measurements and electric fence supplies for a livestock enclosure fence at this link here


Types of Electric Fence Supplies

There are many different types of supplies you can get to make an electric fence, but here I am going to name the main ones you need.

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Insulators for electric fences are used for holding the wire of the fencing together, be it invisible wiring or normal wiring. This is necessary if you don’t want the wire to malfunction from not being treated properly.


The wiring in fences is sensored, so when dogs or other household pets or even livestock go within a certain distance of them, they let off a terrible noise that only they can hear. You can get ones that give them a mild electric shock too.

Different Accessories

There are lots of other accessories you can get for your electric fence also. These include electric fence signs, lightening arrestors and gate handles and much more. If any of these sound interesting, they are available in all good electric fence retailers.

Who Sells Electric Fence Supplies?

There are many shops that sell these, and wherever you get an electric fence, you are bound to get the supplies for it.

Such stores include FiShock, Farmsupply store, Fleming Outdoors (http://www.fishock.com/http://www.farmsupplystore.com/  or http://www.flemingoutdoors.com/)

There are many other places to get all the products mentioned above, so shop around for the best prices!

So now you know all you need to know about electric fence supplies, so make sure your not short on them now!

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