Electric DA Sanders Review: Dual Action, Porter Cable, Ryobi And Electric Sander Guide

Sanders are specifically made to give a fine finish to all sorts of material for both residential and industrial purposes. Be it wood, metal or concrete the sander is able to refine the edges or face of the material making it easy to apply additional items to the surface, such as paint or varnish, to give it a more appealing look. Sanding is also used to shape materials so that they can be utilized for a definite purpose, like fitting a fender of a car.

Sanders belong to the category of power tools which pose some danger when used.  Care must be of prime consideration when these machines are in operation. Safety measures like goggles, gloves and the use of a safety apron must be worn by the operator to afford protection and prevent injury. For those who are inexperienced in working with sanders it is best to seek formalized training and assistance before using your new machine.

Types of Sanders

In buying sanders one must be aware of each purpose that it will be used for. Users must be aware that of the different brands on the market there are some products that cannot meet the demands of all sanding needs.  Most sanders come with a manufacturer’s guarantee which covers the sander in the event that it does not work for the uses you require. However, it is important to keep in mind that once a period of time has elapsed the guarantee will be obsolete.

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The most common type of sander is the Electric DA Sander, or sometimes referred to as an electric dual sander.  It is named as such because of its characteristics, it runs on electricity and it can be moved in two directions when operated. This type of sander was made for the purpose of combining the characteristics of a belt sander and disk sander. Understanding the principle of these two types of sanders will give an idea of how the Electric DA Sander works.

Belt sanders are commonly utilized to remove bumps and humps on flat surfaces. The operator must be in constant guard in operating it for there is a possibility that it might bite deeper on the surface of the material. The disk sander is circular in appearance and is used to even out the edges of materials that one is working on. It can leave scratch marks on some surfaces, especially when the material is made of wood.  The electric dual sander works in a manner that combines the best characteristics of the two other types of sanders. It removes bumps and humps on the surface of material in a linear motion and also gives a shiny finish because of its rotary motion and random orbital movement.

There are several forms of sanders available on the market like the Campbell Hausfeld TL1004 Dual Action Sander.  But there are some considerations when purchasing the product.  The reviews are very limited and will provide a poor insight to the consumer who intends to purchase the product.

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Types of Electric DA Sanders

The porter cable electric DA sander is not a true dual sander.  The reason for this conclusion is that dual sanders use air pressure for power whereas this product does not.  When using this product in stripping paint from a car, the job will take more time when compared to the air power sander. The Porter Cable electric DA sander is slow to be used in this manner.  Most people use this product as the final polisher of a paint job.

Typical air sanders require a compressor when used to polish paint jobs.  It is easy to use and handle and gives an even and shiny polish.  Air sanders work by moving pads randomly around a specific center point. This is the secret of the product and that is why it is very successful and preferred in finishing a paint job.  By combining circular motion and random movement one can expect a finish that is smoother and better when compared with other types of sanders.

There are two common types of Ryobi Sanders and each one are utilized for different purposes.  The Ryobi Built Sander is one of the fastest sanders with sanding capacity of 775 to 1148 square feet in a minute. It is usually used to sand flat surfaces and with its locking mechanism an operator can work continuously without turning on and off the machine or gripping the button to maintain the desired sanding speed. This highly engineered product allows the user to work in comfort and even in somewhat tight places because of its design and the ease in handling.

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The Ryobi Spindle Sanders is used on hard to reach edges and gives it an even and uniform look. This product is quite heavy as it wields a 49 pounds cast iron top. These types of product are usually utilized by professionals but can also be used by an adept individual when creating their own home furniture.

Manual versus Electric

Manual sanders can easily be used in the same manner as electric hand sanders.  The only consideration is it is very tiring and time consuming, and will require much more effort in order to have a desired finish.  Manual sanding can also create all sorts of physical problems to the individual including strains on the wrists and hands.  Body aches and pains will be felt if sanding is done manually. Imagine sanding a wall manually instead of using an electric drywall sander with its vertical position and especially if the location is high up from the ground.

Since the introduction of electric hand sanders in the 1990s they have revolutionized the paint finish and furniture making industry. Manual sanding has become a thing of the past. Amateurs and professionals alike are able to utilize this technology in creating a perfect polish and paint with comfort and in a much shorter period of time. Electric DA Sander with its different variations and various uses will give everyone an opportunity to appreciating their own handiwork.

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