Echo Power Equipment Review: Prices, Parts and Dealers Guide

Echo Inc. has been in operation for more than 30 years, and since its beginning this company has been committed to making professional quality power equipment. Echo has been a global leader in the manufacturing and development of professional grade handheld outdoor power equipment. Some of the equipment of Echo Inc. has been listed below:

Echo Chain Saw

An Echo chainsaw is a very powerful piece of equipment designed to perform different tasks. From cutting fire wood to pruning or cutting down the whole tree – this Echo power tool does it all. Echo chainsaws are known to last long without causing trouble for their owner, durability and reliability being key factors in all Echo manufactures. These are also very dependable and user friendly; Echo chainsaws start easily without a whole lot of effort on the part of the operator, and they run very smoothly. In addition, this Echo equipment provides excellent performance with its 2-stroke engine. One unique feature about the chainsaws by Echo Inc. is that it uses Pro-Fire ignition system, which enables them to start in a very short time and still operate smoothly. Another interesting feature of these chainsaws is that they use vibration reduction technology which reduces the vibration of the equipment while using it, thereby decreasing the strain on the operator’s hands, arms, neck and back.

An Echo chainsaw comes with either of the two handle configurations – top handle or rear handle. The controls of this chainsaw is grouped which makes it easy to access all the functions of this Echo power equipment. All the chainsaws by Echo are certified for professional use and they have high useful life. In addition to that, you also have the option to buy Echo power equipment parts and accessories for to add to your chainsaw.

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Some of the models available are CS-271T which comes with a 26.9cc engine, CS-310 with 30.5cc engine, CS-450 having 45.0cc engine and the chainsaw having the most powerful engine is CS-8000 with 80.7cc engine. You can get any chainsaw from one of many Echo power equipment dealers.

Echo Blower

The power leaf blower by Echo is an amazing equipment to blow away all the leaves from the yard. It quickly cleans up any yard making it look sparklingly clean. It comes in two configurations – backpack and hand-held. Its features are user friendly. Any regular person who is using it for the first time will not have any difficulty in using it as it is easy to use. The ProFire ignition system is makes it to start quickly and easily. The backpack models come with padded back-rests to provide comfort and straps to fasten it to the shoulder so that it stays in place. The Echo blower is fitted with special Posi-Loc tubes which secure the pipe connection, and the handles are comfortable to hold. The backpack model of blower comes with two types of throttles – tube mounted throttles and hip mounted throttles. Echo blowers are certified for producing low noise so it fits best to be used in those environments which are noise sensitive. The yard blowers from Echo Inc. have the ability to blow away the leaves at great speed, and it has the ability to move keep the blower moving.

If you are looking for Echo power equipment prices then you may approach the dealer who will give you a price list of the leaf blowers that you might be interested in. Some of the models of the leaf blowers are PB-250 and PB-255 both having an engine of 25.4cc; both are handheld blowers. If you are looking for the backpack models then you may choose from the different models that are available. Some of them are PB-265L with 25.4cc engine and i-30 starter, PB-410 that comes with a 39.7cc engine, PB-500H with a 50.8cc engine and PB-770T having an engine of 63.3cc which has tube mounted throttle. PB-460LN Quiet 1 blower from Echo, which comes with a 44cc engine, is ultra quiet at 65 decibels with patented sound attenuation technology.

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Echo Hedge Trimmers

If you are looking for trimmer that gives superior performance then Echo has it. This Echo power equipment is the perfect one for home owners and professionals. The hedge trimmers come in single-sided blade and double-sided blade configurations. These trimmers are known for its reliability and toughness. It has some intelligent features like superior quality cutting blades which can even be used for the heavy applications, a throttle lockout which helps the blade from being engaged accidentally and commercial grade gear cases.

The engine mounts of Echo hedge trimmers reduce vibration and its handles are padded which provides comfort to the operator. The double-sided blade models from Echo have exclusive RazorEdge blades which have been cut by laser. This gives it a long lasting sharpness. Some of the models of Echo hedge trimmers are HC-150 with 21.2cc engine and 20” blade, HC-150i which has –i75 starter in addition to all the features of HC-150, SHC-225 having an engine of 21.2cc, blade of 30” and i-30 starter and SHC-266 having 25.4cc engine, 20” blade and i-30 starter. It has extra long shaft of 51” to reach out for longer areas. If any part of your hedge trimmer needs to be replaced then you must only get genuine Echo parts for your power equipment.

It is always advisable to read the reviews of the products that you intend to buy. You can read Echo power equipment reviews before you buy any power equipment from Echo as it will make you understand better the product that you want to buy. The reviews are made by those people who have already used the products so they will provide you with actual facts.

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Echo also manufacture some other equipment like bed redefiners, brush cutters, chippers/shredders, earth/ice augers, edgers, engine drills, power pruners, pumps, shred N vacs, sprayers, tillers/cultivators, and various accessories for all the power equipment by Echo. All these equipment are known for its quality performance and reliability.

Honda Power Equipment

Apart from Echo power equipment, you may also choose to buy Honda power equipment. Honda is committed to create products that are superior in quality. Honda manufactures generators, lawnmowers, pumps, snow blowers, tillers, and trimmers. The equipment manufactured by Honda are reliable, durable and efficient. They are also conscious of environment. The engines of the Honda power equipment meet the emission levels set by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2006. So if you are using these power equipment then you know that you too are contributing for the welfare of the environment around you.


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