Eaton Air Compressor Guide: Piston, Compact, Air Drye And Reviews

Eaton Compressors and Fabrication Inc. have become synonymous to quality air compressor machines.  They have been dedicated to manufacturing quality but reasonably priced equipment and arranging product shipment throughout the entire North America. Part of its commitment to its growing clients and customers is the provision of a comprehensive warranty for parts and services, which shows how confident the company is when it comes to the quality of their products. Eaton air compressors have been in business for so many years and have earned the trust of many satisfied clients both for industrial and home use. Despite stiff competition, it has managed to maintain a good market share which proves that its products are among the best in its category on the market.

The company has a complete line-up of air compressor models to cater to the variety of needs of its clients. For over 30 years in the business, it has relentlessly concentrated on improving the quality and efficiency of their machines and never rested on their achievements. They have recently launched their new trade name Polar Air Compressor with the same company vision which is geared towards total customer satisfaction. They have also been a recipient of the Star Award for Quality and Service.

The company boasts a 60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, with over 1,000 air products available in its line-up. It has several on-site service centres such as those in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. They have conveniently located authorized service centres throughout North America which aims to cater to customers’ servicing needs, and they have competent personnel that manage each of their service centres.

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Air Compressors

Eaton Compressor is actively manufacturing and distributing Polar Air piston air compressors and compact air compressor designs.  Their entire Polar Air line-up is featured on their website at

Piston air compressors

Piston air compressors can store compressed air and automatically shut down when the pressure level in a particular tank is reached.  It is further categorized into two main types, the single stage and two- staged compressors. Piston units are used for heavy industrial applications such as poly foam insulation rigs, car washes, dry cleaners, sandblastings shops, body shops, machine shops, woodworking shops, and many others. It is a heavy duty type of air compressor design and that is why it is preferred by industrial based customers and those individuals that require high performance air compressors.

Compact air compressors

As the name suggests compact air compressors are compact and small in size. This compressor does not store air and this is designed for small paint spraying guns and glue guns.  It is commonly utilized in some homes and even small shops where the need for its use may come in handy just like in spray painting jobs, tire vulcanizing, and other tasks that require the use of air pressure.

Eaton Air Drye
Water is the nemesis of air tools, both air compressors and air motors. It causes considerable damage to your equipment and machinery. Dry air is very important to various businesses like machine shops and car washes. To ensure continuous smooth business operation, take a look at the new Eaton High Temperature air dryers which work with up to 56 CFM air displacement with absolute water-free air.

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A wide variety of air drying products are being offered by Eaton Compressors and Fabrications, Inc, online. Clogging and breakdowns will be the least of your concerns with their dependable equipment. In addition to this, they are covered by a 5 year warranty period on the heat exchanger unit and a 2 year warranty for other parts. The newest model which is available for bidding is the High Temp Eaton 56 CFM Refrigerated Air Dryer.

Eaton Air Compressor Reviews

What is most evident in the reviews coming from valued clients is their satisfaction in the superb and excellent after sales service of Eaton Compressors. They have been very satisfied with their units but circumstances which are beyond control like problems in shipment and sourcing of parts and accessories are very well taken care of by the company’s competent personnel. Product installation, technical support and field service are guaranteed upon purchase of their products.

Eaton air compressors are proven to be hardworking and durable equipment as most of their clients use their units everyday for long hours and yet after two to seven years there has been no major problems. They even confirmed that these are working quietly and telephone conversations are possible even when standing next to working compressors. Most of them are confidently endorsing and recommending these products to potential buyers. They are very certain that new buyers will not be disappointed and will get much more than their money’s worth.

The use of compressed air is important in vital industries like the transport and aviation industry, medical institutions, energy and chemical plants. It is also applied in tools and equipments normally found in our home garage and used by those men and women who work with their hands. From complicated to simple machines, Eaton air compressors can be counted on.

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Any company that has lasted for three decades, such as Eaton Compressors, has demonstrated that they have the right business model. The expertise with which the company is known for over the years will continue to be its core basis for further business developments in the future. The many positive reviews received by the company from satisfied customers is also proof of the quality of products and services that they provide. The product innovations that they introduce lately are expected to carry the company’s banner in the future. The aggressiveness being shown by the company is also a sign that they intend to remain as one of the leading, if not the best supplier and manufacturer in their chosen industry. Thirty years may be a long time but the company gradually made its mark, especially during their early years, and the dizzying speed at which both industrial and commercial enterprises are being developed right now will certainly create more business opportunities for the company.

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