Dust Deputy Review Guide: Deluxe Air Systems Review

Dust collection technologies have evolved over the years; we’ve come a long way from sweeping, sweeping again, and mopping up the remnants. In both the personal and professional sectors, vacuuming systems have been revolutionized, making the collection of dust and debris faster, easier and more efficient. But, no matter how far air suction technology has come, there’s still one sticking point: the reduced air suction that is caused by a clogged air filter. Tiny dust particles sticking in the filter may seem inconsequential but after use upon use, the ‘tiny’ particles become masses of dirt, dust and debris that hinder the necessary air flow of your vacuum cleaner.

You can try to clean out your filter, but you never seem to be able to get it back to factory clean. Your vacuum becomes less efficient over time, missing dust it once sucked up like a champ, until you’re left with a vacuum that is better at making noise than actual cleaning.

This may have been true for years, but no longer! The Oneida Air Systems Dust Deputy has re-revolutionized air suction technology, making it possible to clean the uncleanable.

Oneida Air Systems Dust Deputy

Introducing the Oneida Air Systems patented Dust Deputy®, a simple, user friendly and easy to install device that combines dust collection technology with a cyclonic filtering mechanism. The working principle can be seen on YouTube.

The Dust Deputy comes with a collection barrel that captures and holds all the dust and debris that previously clogged your vacuum’s air filter; your shop or home vacuum filter will remain clean and clear of dust. No more need to remove and clean the dust filter after every few days, you can simply vacuum and go. One customer review on Amazon had this to say about their Dust Deputy purchase:

“The shop vacuum is no louder when connected through the cyclone, and initial performance from an empty vac with a new filter is unchanged. The magic of this product is that shop vac suction stays at peak performance for months instead of days. Oneida claims 99% of dust & debris stays in the drum and out of your shop vac; hence the vac filter stays clean much longer. After using the shop vac for a month after installation of the Dust Deputy, there was a couple of inches of debris in the drum, but hardly anything in the 16 gallon shop vac container, and the vac filter still looked new. Without this mini-cyclone, that new filter would have been caked with dust.”

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The cyclone chamber of the Dust Deputy is 20 inches in height, with a width of 16 inches. The standard dust collection barrel has a capacity of 5 gallons. However, the cyclone component can be used with any other container as well. The inlet and outlet are tapered with a length of 2.5 inches, making them ideal for all types of vacuum hoses. Complete details regarding the products can be found on the Oneida website.

The Dust Deputy reduces the amount of dust entering your vacuum by almost 99%, thereby increasing the filter life of your vacuum in addition to reducing hefty equipment replacement costs.

Dust Deputy Deluxe:

This variation of the Dust Deputy comes in two different models.

  • The Deluxe Dust Deputy is made of high grade polymer, making it simultaneously light in weight and strong, durable and tough. With a standard 5 gallon barrel, the complete set is available for order both on the Oneida Air Systems website, as well as on Amazon.
    The Amazon website provides an offer of $94.95, which is the best amongst all others. You can also peruse the different customer reviews on this site, and get an idea of what positive and negative experiences other consumers had with their own Dust Deputy.
  • The Industrial Steel Dust Deputy has a solid welded metal cyclone, weighing 20 pounds. The barrel provided is also comprised of steel with a 10 gallon capacity. The inlet and outlet are 2 inches each and a set of hose adapters is also included. This model is more suited for jobs where the collection particles may be tougher on plastic than usual dust, such as woodworking splinters, welding works and metal shavings. The package is available on both the Amazon and Oneida websites as well, although Amazon makes a more reasonably and affordably priced offer of $199.99.
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D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) Dust Deputy:

Exactly the same as the Plastic Deluxe model, but without the added components, the do it yourself Dust Deputy kit contains ONLY the cyclone. It requires the owner to use their own creativity and form a complete working system with collection bucket, hoses and vacuum; this can actually be a better idea for some, as it allows for the utilization of smaller or larger components, depending on your needs. As long as you have the hose and collection bucket, and of course a vacuum, then this option is much more budget and wallet friendly.
This model of Dust Deputy is extremely lightweight at 1.7 pounds, due to its composition of static dissipating plastic; its plastic body gives the deputy a translucent appearance. This translucence means you can see through to know when the cyclone is working properly.
Another Amazon customer praised their recent purchase of the Dust Deputy as such:

“This thing is great. It was easy to build and works just like they describe. Almost all of the dust and all the larger chunks of stuff fall into the bucket, which I empty into the trash. It is way easier than cleaning the shopvac, it saves on bags and filters and there is no loss of suction that I noticed. This is an awesome way to create a two-stage dust collection system for a small shop.”

Oneida offers the DIY cyclone for a price of $59, on sale for $39, on their website, as opposed to Amazon’s slightly higher price of $39.99.

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Super Dust Deputy

This is an upgraded and more powerful version of the industrial steel model; the Super Dust Deputy is considered by Oneida to be the second, more efficient model of Dust Deputy. It combines a slightly angular shape with the original working mechanism to create an even stronger cyclonic action. This makes short work of any and all waste particles, especially targeting the stray wood waste and reducing that waste by 98% from ending up in your vacuum’s filter. That is why it has also been awarded the 2011 Author’s Choice Award by Woodworking Magazine.

A customer review of the Super Dust Deputy filtering system on the Oneida website gushed furiously about the Super system:

“The most unbelievable vacuum system I have ever used. Three weeks of vacuuming fine dust and my filter had only a tiny amount of dust on it and the vacuum was still sucking like crazy. It has much greater suction than just using the vacuum alone because the filter stays clean. Get one.”

According to product specifications from the Oneida Air Systems website, the Super Dust Deputy filtering system is 23 inches tall and has a width of 19.5 inches, with a body comprised entirely of steel.
The Super Dust Deputy is available on the Oneida Air Systems website for a price of $219. The package includes a Cyclone unit and a 17 gallon steel container, as well as the hoses that attach thereto.

The Dust Deputy

The Dust Deputy is an innovative product that helps prolong vacuum filter life and increases the of your entire vacuum’s operation. It’s suitable for all places of work where dust or similar fine particles require frequent collection. Price values from different sources should be compared and considered carefully prior to purchase. If you have any questions regarding any Dust Deputy product, you can always check Amazon, as their customer reviews tend to be accurate and unbiased.

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