Dual Saw Scam? A Review Of This Informercial “As Seen On TV” Saw

Building and constructing anything requires the use of many tools to come up with the needed design and finished product, and this is true even in normally conceived easier household tasks such as basic carpentry. It is true that you need a variety of tools used manually to do a particular job, so when the dual saw was introduced in the market, dual saw scam issues came out. It presented the continued innovations in the field of household and electric powered equipments but concerns on ordering, payment methods and shipment also brought a lot of noise in the market. Despite all these, this machine has managed to make waves for making cutting, sawing and even grinding much easier that even those who are not experts can use it as long as the basics of its use are followed properly.

The Benefits of Using a Dual Saw

Just like in any new products, quite a number of dual saw complaints have been received but its benefits and attributes can be summed up in the following points:

  • Easier to use- Compared to other sawing tools, you don’t have to exert much effort in using it such that even women can use it.
  • Multiple uses- With the dual saw, you no longer need to have a saw for wood and another saw for cutting steel and still another for masonry.  This machine is versatile and can be used for wood, granite, copper, plastic tubing and even steel with less time and effort on your part.  It is even actually becoming a strong favorite by motor shops particularly when it comes to body cutting and the repair of vehicles.
  • Strong and accurate- Just make the necessary markings and you’re ready to cut the object with such force and accuracy that you don’t have to exert much effort.
  • Vibration free- the strength of this machine makes it a breeze when cutting through almost any type of object.
  • Portable and Handy- With dual saw, there is no more need for those huge power saws.  It can be carried easily and tucked anywhere without the need for much space.  It is now even being used by some fire departments as a replacement to huge power saws that they used in tearing down obstacles in their way.

Dual saw as seen on TV is very convincing and has generated actual sales. It is very normal to encounter sceptics because some advertisements resort to overrated highlights only. Infomercial scams also abound so it is logical to check thoroughly first before making any purchase. Furthermore, customers or potential buyers first get the impression that the dual saw price is quite expensive. But in the long run, it can be more economical as compared to buying different tools for different jobs.

Dual Saw Blades and Other Features

  • Dual Tungsten blades that are carbide tipped for extra strength and therefore can be used in almost any cutting and sawing tasks.
  • It can be fitted with dual diamond blades designed to cut through stone, tiles and even granites, and this machine cuts through easily.
  • A laser guide that allows you to accurately hit your target.  The red light provides a line down to the object you intend to cut and consequently prevents cutting out of line which is normally the problem with the traditional manual saws.
  • It has a guide ruler that enables your dual saw to perform like a circular saw. This enables you to accurately measure the part needed to be cut and do it with ease and comfort.
  • The product comes with a standard warranty that can even be registered online for those who purchased locally.  For online buyers, the warranty is automatically registered and there is no more need to confirm it which makes it preferable to buy dual saw online.

If you are planning to get yourself this amazing tool, you could very well try the Dual Saw Quadforce now being sold online.  It is such a powerful multi-use machine that one could use for a variety of cutting and sawing jobs as well as grinding.  It has an awesome power output of 950 watts and a magnificent load speed of 5500 rpm.  The powerful output plus the double blade that rotates in opposite direction help greatly in minimizing kickbacks and therefore allowing you to cut more accurately on almost anything that you need to work on.  This product is available in most online stores for tools and equipments and additional details can be provided when you visit their site. Actually, this particular model can be enough to neutralize and rub-out the issue of dual saw scam because it is such a quality product.

Dual Saw Reviews

Having been introduced in the market, this powerful tool naturally received a lot of reviews in the process from those who have purchased and made used of it.  Just like any product, there are mixed reviews made in the process and while most are objectively expressed, some are also subjective. The subjectivity even bordered to the extreme that it even somehow projects a totally negative picture of the product to the extent its infomercials were even branded as scams and deceiving. This is still normal and somehow expected in any product reviews and actually should be treated as a healthy one at that because it allows the manufacturer to take a second look at their model and make the necessary adjustment if one is needed eventually.

The product generally received rave reviews from a lot of satisfied owners and rightly so because it is indeed a wonderful tool that serves many purposes and therefore a necessary implement not just in any household but in many industrial works as well.  The most important thing is to know the product well before even attempting to use it.  The proper handling, maintenance and use of any tools and equipments are necessary for its expected performance.  That is why a manual is provided in every purchase of the product so that new owners may properly equip themselves with the necessary know-how on how to use their new tool properly and this is true in any kind of equipments be it your ordinary television or your high-end electronic gizmo.  To this, the dual saw is no exception.

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