Drill Hacks: 10 Unconventional Uses for Your Power Drill You Never Knew Existed

Drill hacks are unconventional uses for power drills that you may not know about. Here are 10 examples:

Key Takeaways

  • Transform a manual can opener into an electric one with your power drill
  • Deep clean hard-to-reach areas with a brush attachment
  • Use a nail to create a quick pilot hole
  • Attach a strong magnet to hold screws and loose materials
  • Create a divot on smooth surfaces before drilling
  • Mark the target depth on your drill bit for accuracy
  • Make your own drill bit extender for extra reach
  • Catch waste material with a Dixie cup when drilling overhead
  • Peel fruits and vegetables with a pre-washed screw set
  • Swap out your drill bit for a cloth buffer for polishing

These innovative drill hacks offer helpful and creative solutions for various tasks around the house while saving time and effort. Try these unconventional uses for your power drill and simplify your home improvement projects.

Electric Can Opener

Transform your power drill into an electric can opener by removing the handle from a manual can opener and inserting the axle into the drill chuck. This is a handy DIY hack that allows you to have a high-powered electric can opener without having to purchase one. This is especially helpful for those with limited strength or mobility in their hands.

All you need to do is remove the handle from your manual can opener and use pliers or a wrench to detach the axle from the handle. Then, insert the axle into the chuck of your power drill. You can use a chuck key to tighten the drill chuck onto the axle, ensuring a secure fit.

Once the axle is securely attached to the drill, you can use the can opener as you normally would. Simply place the blade of the can opener onto the rim of the can and turn on the drill to activate the can opener. The power of the drill will do all the work for you, making it much easier and more convenient to open cans quickly and efficiently.

Materials Tools
Manual Can Opener Power Drill
Pliers or Wrench Chuck Key

Additionally, if you have a collection of drill accessories, you can experiment with different types of openers and blades to achieve different results. This DIY hack not only saves you money but also gives you the power and convenience of an electric can opener without taking up valuable counter space in your kitchen.

Power Clean

Make cleaning a breeze by attaching a brush to your power drill and tackling those hard-to-reach areas with ease. The drill’s high-speed rotation combined with the bristles of the brush can power through grease, grime, and dirt, making it an effective tool for deep cleaning in the home. This household hack is especially handy for cleaning bathroom and kitchen tiles, as well as the grout in between. Simply attach a brush to your drill and get scrubbing!

Quick and Easy Pilot Holes

Save time and frustration by using a nail inserted into your drill chuck to create quick and easy pilot holes. Even without the proper size bit on hand, simply cut off the head of the nail and insert the body into the chuck. Then start drilling, and you’ll have a pilot hole in no time.

Another hack for drilling is to use painter’s tape and dense cardboard to create a starter hole on smooth surfaces like glass. By creating a divot using the tape and cardboard, you can ensure accurate drilling and avoid the bit slipping on the surface.

To mark the target drilling depth, a permanent marker can be easily used on the drill bit. Simply mark the desired depth on the bit using the marker, and you’ll avoid drilling too deep or not deep enough, making multiple hole drilling much easier.

If you need a bit extender, creating one can be done with a few materials and a little time. With a short piece of PVC pipe and a coupler, you can create a simple and effective bit extender for those hard-to-reach places.

These simple hacks can make drilling tasks much easier and more efficient, saving you time and headache in your DIY projects and home repairs. With just a few materials and some creativity, you can take your power drill to the next level and achieve professional results.

Instant Magnetic Screw Holder

Keep screws and loose materials within easy reach by attaching a strong magnet to your power drill. The Instant Magnetic Screw Holder is a game-changer for anyone tired of rummaging through pockets or searching for lost fasteners. By adding a small amount of super glue or hot glue to the frame of your drill, you can attach a magnet in the perfect spot for easy access.

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a streamlined workflow. The Instant Magnetic Screw Holder ensures you always know where your screws, bolts, and drill bits are, meaning you can focus on the task at hand without interruptions. This simple and affordable hack is a must-try for any home improvement project.

Give Yourself a Little Give

Before drilling into smooth surfaces, give yourself a little give by creating a divot using painter’s tape and dense cardboard. This simple yet effective DIY hack ensures accurate drilling for those tricky surfaces where the drill bit may slip or wander. By creating a small indentation in the surface, you give the drill bit a starting point to follow, resulting in a more precise and professional finish.

This tool hack is an excellent example of how versatile your power drill can be. While it’s primarily used for screwing and drilling holes, there are numerous unconventional applications that can be utilized. From transforming your drill into an electric mixer to creating spin art or even planting spring bulbs with an auger bit, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re struggling to piece together an Ikea furniture item, your power drill can also prove useful. With the right accessories, such as a hex adapter, assembly is made more comfortable and convenient. And when the holiday season rolls around, using your drill to install your Christmas tree stand can save you both time and effort.

For those looking for a little creativity, there are even opportunities to spin yarn or make rope from grocery bags using your drill. Cat owners can also entertain their feline friends by attaching a string to their drill and letting it spin in place. And if you’re a master at cleaning up yarn, attaching a pencil to your drill can make the task quick and easy.

With these drill hacks, you can give yourself a little extra convenience and versatility in various situations. Whether you’re tackling a DIY home improvement project or just looking for a cheap buffer/grinder, your power drill could be the answer to all your needs. So why not give some of these hacks a try and see just how creative you can get with your trusty power drill?

A Simpler Depth Stop

Simplify your drilling projects by using a permanent marker to mark the target depth on your drill bit. Instead of using electrical tape, which can become ragged quickly, a permanent marker is a more accurate and durable solution. By marking the depth on the drill bit, you can create multiple holes at the same target depth without having to measure each hole.

To use a permanent marker as a depth stop, simply mark the target depth on the drill bit with the marker and start drilling. The marker will indicate when to stop drilling, ensuring consistent and accurate depth throughout your project.

Once your project is complete, you can easily remove the marker by wiping the drill bit with paint remover or Goo Gone. This hack saves time and energy, making it a valuable tool for any DIY enthusiast.

Super-Long Bit Extender

Extend the reach of your drill bit with a homemade drill bit extender for those hard-to-reach spaces. A Super-Long Bit Extender is a great accessory to have for short-term projects and will save you the cost of buying an expensive extender from the hardware store. To create your own, you’ll need a piece of metal tubing and a machine screw that fits snugly inside the tubing. Cut the tubing to your desired length, and drill a hole in the side of the tubing for the screw to fit through. Thread the screw through the hole, and tighten it with a nut.

Now, attach the extender to your drill, and you’re ready to go. With this simple tool, you can reach areas that were previously impossible, making your drilling much more efficient. Other useful drill hacks include converting a manual can opener into an electric one by attaching the handle axle to a drill chuck, using a drill with a brush attachment for deep cleaning, and using a drill with a peeler attachment to quickly peel fruits and vegetables.

Another great hack is creating a magnetic screw holder. Simply attach a strong magnet to your drill, and you have a convenient and accessible storage spot for screws and other loose materials. You can also use painter’s tape and dense cardboard to create a starter hole on smooth surfaces, ensuring accurate drilling. For multi-hole drilling, mark the target drilling depth with a permanent marker to make a simpler depth stop. Lastly, you can even convert your drill into a buffer or grinder for a cheap alternative to buying those specific tools.

Dixie Cup Dust Collection

Keep your workspace clean by using a Dixie cup with a hole in the bottom to collect dust while drilling overhead. This is a simple but effective hack that can save time and energy when cleaning up after a project. By collecting the dust in a cup, you can simply throw it away instead of needing to sweep or vacuum it up.

To implement this hack, start by poking a hole in the bottom of a Dixie or paper cup. Make sure the hole is big enough to fit over the drill bit. Next, slide the cup down over the drill bit with the mouth facing up. As you drill, the dust will fall directly into the cup, preventing it from making a mess.

This hack is especially useful when drilling into drywall, which can create a lot of dust. By using a Dixie cup, you can avoid the waste material from falling onto you or onto the floor. It’s a quick and easy solution that can make a big difference in the cleanliness of your workspace.


In conclusion, these drill hacks provide creative and useful ways to make the most out of your power drill. As we have seen, a cordless drill has the potential to be transformed into a versatile tool that can be used in a wide range of tasks.

Not only can you convert a manual can opener into an electric one, but you can also use your drill as a vegetable or fruit peeler. These hacks offer practical and innovative solutions for everyday tasks.

Other hacks mentioned include creating a magnetic screw holder, using a drill for power cleaning and creating a dust collection system, as well as making pilot holes and extending the reach of drill bits. The drill can even be used as a buffer or grinder and for entertainment purposes, such as making spin art or entertaining cats.

By utilizing these hacks, you can save time and money on projects and repairs around your home. They not only showcase the versatility of a cordless drill but also provide creative solutions for common household tasks.

So the next time you pick up your power drill, think outside the box and try out some of these unconventional uses. You may just find that a simple drill can do more than you ever imagined.

Remember, home improvement doesn’t have to be expensive. With these drill hacks, you can achieve professional results using a cheap buffer or grinder and other tools you already have at home. So go ahead and get creative!


Q: What are drill hacks?

A: Drill hacks are unconventional uses for power drills that provide creative and useful ways to maximize their potential.

Q: How many drill hacks are mentioned in the article?

A: The article mentions 10 drill hacks.

Q: Can I use a power drill as an electric can opener?

A: Yes, you can remove the handle from a manual can opener and insert the axle into the drill chuck to create an electric can opener.

Q: How can a power drill be used for power cleaning?

A: Attach a brush to your drill to deep clean hard-to-reach parts of your home.

Q: How can a power drill help with creating pilot holes?

A: You can use a nail inserted into the drill chuck to create a pilot hole in temperamental material.

Q: Is there a way to keep screws easily accessible while using a power drill?

A: Yes, you can attach a strong magnet to your drill to keep screws and loose materials easily accessible.

Q: How can I create a divot in smooth surfaces before drilling?

A: Use painter’s tape and dense cardboard to create a divot in smooth surfaces before drilling.

Q: Is there a simple way to indicate the target depth for multiple hole drilling?

A: Yes, you can use a permanent marker to indicate the target depth on the drill bit for multiple hole drilling.

Q: Can I make a drill bit extender for short-term projects?

A: Yes, you can make your own drill bit extender for short-term projects.

Q: Are there any hacks for dust collection when drilling overhead?

A: Yes, you can use a Dixie cup with a hole in the bottom to collect dust when drilling overhead.

Q: Can a power drill be used as a vegetable and fruit peeler?

A: Yes, you can use a drill with a screw set to peel fruits and vegetables quickly.

Q: What other uses are there for a power drill besides drilling?

A: You can swap out the drill bit for a cloth buffer to use the power drill as a cheap buffer/grinder for polishing and cleaning various items.

Can I Use Different Size Drill Bits for the Unconventional Uses Mentioned in the Drill Hacks Topic?

When it comes to the unconventional uses mentioned in the drill hacks topic, using the right drill bit size for 10-24 tap is essential. Different size drill bits may not provide the desired results and may lead to inefficient drilling or potential damage. Therefore, it’s important to choose the appropriate drill bit size for the specific task at hand.

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