Dremel Tools Guide Plus Rotary, Oscillating And Multi-Tool Reviews

Dremel tools are known for their superiority and quality, practical applications, functionality, and novel designs. This brand has a wide variety of power tools and specializes in rotary tool creation. Dremel has been manufacturing and creating the highest quality devices for over seventy five years now. Albert J. Dremel was the original founder of the company in 1932 and since then various tools have been introduced on the market all over Europe. In 1993, the company was bought by Robert Bosch GmbH, and today it became a side company of the Bosch Tool Corporation which is based out of Illinois.

Today, its products include compact tool system, a multi-tool system, bench top tool system, hobby line and retired products. Since their tools have ergonomic and versatile designs, craftsmen including glass engravers, woodworkers, case molders, restorers, hobbyists and creative artists prefer them over the other brands. It has also recently added the Dremel glue gun in its line-up along with over 150 kinds of attachments and accessories. Corded and battery-operated or cordless models are all available in both hardware stores and online.

Dremel Rotary Tools

Dremel rotary tools are compact and high-speed hand-held tools with rotating or twisting force which are designed to accomplish several tasks with ease and accuracy. Dremel is the recognized pioneer in rotary tools and the name of the company became synonymous with the tool itself. Most rotary tools are even colloquially referred as Dremel tools, which has become a generic trademark which speaks of it lasting quality and superiority. They have been setting the standard and quality by which all of the other tools are evaluated.

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Dremel Oscillating Tool

Oscillating tools are designed for a variety of do-it-yourself jobs like restoration, simple repairs, remodeling or renovation. These tools are even made more versatile if used with a variety of accessories and attachments. If a rotary tool has a twisting or spin-like movement, oscillating tools use fast backward and forward or side- to-side motion. This makes it ideal for cutting, sanding, scraping, grinding, and removing grout among others. With this tool, you can do the aforementioned jobs like a real pro. The Dremel 6300 Multi-Max is a hand held oscillating tool which is already proven for its functionality and durability. It is comfortable to grip and hold even for a long period of usage thus reducing user’s fatigue caused by the vibration. Intricate and detailed jobs, hard to reach edges and corners can easily be reached and done with this particular model.  It can even be used for basic kitchen cabinetry and small furniture.

Dremel Multi-Tool

Dremel is famous for its multi-tool system which is designed for both minor and major projects and tasks.  It is a multi-purpose tool ideal even for beginners and a favorite among expert craftsmen. It features a system of attachments and accessories making it more perfect for all purpose jobs like polishing, engraving, carving, sanding, routing and more. Its 360-degree plunge-cut ability and 90-degree pivoting handle makes these tool a cut above the rest when we talk about precision, easy-control and comfort. Furthermore, it can be used on several spaces and materials such as sheet metal, wall tile, plastic, wood and dry wall. The Dremel 200 series is the ideal multi-tool to get if you are a beginner. It has 125w powerful motor and compatible with a number of accessories, but is not complicated to operate.

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Dremel Tools at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is the number one Dremel tool merchant online. A wide selection of Dremel tools and accessories are available here with special markdown prices and delivery arrangements. One of the best models available is the Dremel 300-N25 Variable Speed Rotary Tool. The Dremel 300 series models for rotary tools is a versatile power tool which can be used to accomplish several tasks from art projects to basic home repairs. Its adjustable speed control can match any particular job or work that is needed to be done. All of its 25 accessories are also available like comfort grip and other exclusive attachments.

Cheaper Dremel tools can also be availed at Wal-Mart, and in case of breakdown the store offers replacements since Dremel is now owned by Bosch. Some models on sale can be availed through eBay; others can be acquired through bidding on the same online store.

Dremel Tools at Home Depot

Home Depot has a wide selection of top of the line brands like Dremel tools. It offers free shipments, free in-store pickups and free returns. Certain tool models and accessories are also available on its online purchasing like Dremel 8200 – 2/28 Cordless Tool with Free EL456 Pack-in, Dremel 7300-PT 4.8 volt Cordless Rotary Tool Minimite,  1550 wood burning tool, and sanding and cutting attachments.

Dremel Tools Review

Dremel tools have long been known for versatility and power making it a necessary addition to your toolbox. These high performance tools can be assured to be of great help to any creative, repair and remodeling jobs at home. These tools have also been the most recommended gift for men especially during father’s day. It is one of the most preferred DIY tools because it is very easy to use, it is supplied by a wide variety of accessories giving you endless ideas on how to use it. This tool works with supreme balance and control, speed and power which can be used to perfect tasks, and precision that makes it ideal even for beginners.

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Since it is affiliated with Bosch, after sales service is also excellent! There are free returns and replacement policies if your newly purchased Dremel tool accidentally breaks down. It should be noted upon purchase however, that Dremel tools are not heavy-duty construction tools. Most frustrations and disappointments happen if the user tries these products on bigger construction jobs like using it on larger nails and cutting large holes in you drywalls and metal sheets. It is not construction equipment so it is naturally not suitable for such jobs; it is mainly designed for DIY jobs. Like all other equipments, no matter how versatile it is, it has limitations but it is guaranteed to deliver the task that is it designed to do.

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