DR Stump Grinder Reviews: Costs & Grinders for Sale

Removing a tree off from your property is not an easy task; it is not enough that you just cut the tree down, you have to remove the stump as well. There are different methods people use to clear the annoying tree stumps, some are very simple, like digging a trench around the stump and uproot the tree, while others are so extreme that they are spectacle to behold, like ripping the stump off the ground using a big and heavy 4 x 4 truck. Though these methods work most of the time, they are not really very efficient means of doing the job. But thanks to modern technology, there is now a power tool that can make short work of the stubborn tree stumps, the DR Stump Grinder.

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What’s a Stump Grinder
A stump grinder is a landscaping tool that has a row of large steel teeth set around a fast-spinning wheel. This machine works basically like a wood chipper, the only difference is that in a stump grinder the teeth goes towards the wood, not the other way around like with a wood chipper. The teeth grind into the stump, chipping at the wood one huge chunk at a time until the entire stump is cleared. The DR stump grinder is up there with the best of them.

What Makes the DR Stump Grinder Better than the Others?

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There are several features of the DR stump grinder that places it above the competition in terms of performance, and here are several of them:

Carbide Grinding Teeth – The DR stump grinder utilizes carbide grinding teeth in both the 6HP and the 9HP models. Carbide is usually reserved for mining equipment, because of their extreme hardness, carbide grinding teeth can easily go through solid rock. So if it can easily chip away into solid rock then wood will not pose much of a problem; your DR stump grinder’s teeth will go through hundreds of stumps before it needs replacing.

Large Off-road Style Wheels – The DR stump grinder rolls on huge tires so you can easily transport it over rough terrain, which is often where the problematic tree stumps are located.

Electric Starter System – While the other grinders require the use of a pull-string to start their motors, the DR stump grinder only requires that you push a button to start the powerful Subaru motor and you are ready to go.

Powerful air-cooled engine – The DR stump grinder is powered by either a 6hp or 9hp Subaru air-cooled motor. These are powerful and efficient motors made by the same company that created championship rally cars. And being air-cooled, the DR stump grinder has little risk of overheating, even after long hours of heavy use.

Pros and Cons of the DR Stump Grinder


–        Carbide grinding wheel makes short work of even the hardest tree stumps. What used to take hours of backbreaking labor now only takes minutes with the DR stump grinder.

–        Because it rides high on large diameter wheels, the DR stump grinder can maneuver even on rugged terrain.

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–        Compared to other brands, the DR stump grinders are considerably lighter, making it easier to manipulate and move around.

–        It can actually grind the stump into the ground. Being able to grind the tree stump well below ground level means you only need to fill up the hole left by the stump.

–        The carbide grinding teeth combined with the powerful Subaru motor completely pulverizes the tree stump, leaving only sawdust behind, which you can use as mulch for your other plants.


–        Being so lightweight it cannot bear down on tougher varieties of wood. You may need to put in some weight when you are dealing with hardwood tree stumps.

–        Because of the limited reach of the portable stump grinders you need to cut the tree stump as close to the ground as you can.The DR stump grinder attacks the tree stump from the side, and can only go as high as the terrain permits you to tilt it back and upwards.

–        Having 9 separate grinding blades and a powerful Subaru motor means that the DR stump grinder will produce noise, and a whole lot of it. So use ear protection while using it to clear your land.

–        It is expensive, the average DR stump grinder cost is over $2000, which is a pretty hefty investment.

DR Stump Grinder Reviews and Reactions

It is actually pretty hard to find people who bought a DR stump grinder that has anything bad to say about the product; the ratio is almost 1 unsatisfied customer in 100 users! Almost all DR stump grinder reviews you come across on the internet rarely has anything bad to say about the stump grinder as a whole, there are some people who found one or two little problems about the DR stump grinder but overall they are pretty satisfied with their purchase.

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Where to Find DR Stump Grinders for Sale

You can buy a brand new DR stump grinder from the official website of DR Power Equipment and also from most gardening and home improvement online stores. The 9hp DR stump grinder will set you back $2,100 for the manual start model, and about $2300 for the one with the electric starter.

If you cannot afford to buy a brand new stump grinder, you can always find a secondhand DR stump grinder for sale on eBay, or you can buy a reconditioned one straight from the factory. Reconditioned stump grinders work like they are brand new but at a discounted price, often 40% off the original sticker price.

Why would you want to punish yourself with hard labor just to clear a tree stump? You may think that it’s alright as long as it’s just the one tree stump, but what if you have to clear out a dozen of them? Save yourself from all the pain and suffering, get a DR stump grinder and easily get rid of those pesky tree stumps.

Sidenote – If you are passionate about doing DIY around the house then we strongly recommend you take a look at this excellent guide that covers a huge number of DIY projects that everyone should know how to do – click here to have a look!

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