Dorcy Flashlights Review Guide: Bulbs, Chargers, Lanterns And Parts

Dorcy flashlights are made by Dorcy International in the company’s very own manufacturing facility in Hong Kong. This company specializes in flashlights for all types of customers, from fashionable to practical. Everyone needs a flashlight at some point in time. They might throw one into the trunk of their car or attach a small light to their keychain. What’s important about buying a flashlight is buying one that will be useful three months or even a year down the road, when it’s really needed. A company like Dorcy will provide a flashlight that’s durable, long-lasting and they provide their own Dorcy flashlight parts.

The company has been making Dorcy flashlights for over 55 years and is currently partnered with several major retailers to distribute their products. Check out Sears, Wal-Mart, ACE Hardware, TruServe, and Target today to find Dorcy lanterns and flashlights. Customers can also find their flashlights available online through a number of websites and

Dorcy International works hard to introduce new trends in lighting and to offer the widest range of flashlight types available, beating out any competitor on the market. Customers will find flashlights for every need from working on their car to scuba diving underwater.

All Dorcy lights include their own bulbs and DORCY Mastercell batteries to ensure freshness and consistency for the customer. The company also offers a limited one year warranty on many of their products. Customers can also contact customer service to see about getting replacement parts for flashlights that are damaged or don’t work on purchase.

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Types of Dorcy Flashlights

Depending on the need, there is likely to be a Dorcy flashlight available. Dorcy markets lanterns, hand-held flashlights, spotlights, head lamps, motion sensors, safety lights and signal wands. Customers can also choose between standard light bulbs or LED bulbs.

Dorcy even offers a Submersible LED-light that can be used safely underwater called the Lumen Dive II. The light twists on at the top for easy use and provides up to eight hours of LED light on 6 AAA batteries. This light cuts through the water for up to 200 feet and is guaranteed submersible to a depth of 100 meters. The anodized aluminum case is corrosion proof to last for years.

Those working out of water but still in cavernous depths will find the 2AA Adventure Krypton Headlight to fit just right. This low-cost head-worn light features adjustable straps and an incredibly bright krypton bulb powered by 2 AA batteries. The Adventure Krypton provides a beam of light for up to 50 feet and features an on/off button on the side of the plastic casing for convenience and easy use.

When looking to save money on batteries and preserve the environment but still get plenty of light, the 6 LED Dynamo Lantern AC/DC is an excellent option. The Dynamo has two brightness settings using 3 LED lights or 6 LED lights. It’s a standard table lantern with a handle for easy of carrying and 360 degree plastic light shade. The Dynamo is one of the best Dorcy lanterns on the market and is rechargeable using a hand crank, car charger adapter or an AC charger adapter at home. Turning the hand crank for 2 minutes will provide about 50 minutes of light at the 6 LED setting and 1.5 hours of light at the 3 LED setting. Charging with the car or at home takes between ten and sixteen hours, but the charge lasts much longer: between 3.5 hours at a 6 LED setting and 7 hours 10 minutes on the 3 LED setting.

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Parents and members of safety groups will find that the Deluxe Krypton Flashlight is a great answer to late night lighting needs. This signal light is a flashlight and signal cone in one with its unique, detachable safety cone. The Deluxe Krypton comes with a super bright krypton bulb that projects a beam of light up to 32 feet. This flashlight uses 2 D cell batteries to provide up to 8 hours of light. Most customers who purchase the Deluxe Krypton find it very useful for traffic direction and even within movie theaters to direct ticket holders to their seats.

Reviews of Dorcy Flashlights

When purchasing a flashlight, it’s always quite convenient to be able to know about its possible drawbacks, as well as its positive points. With Amazon’s wide array of Dorcy flashlights for sale, you’ll find that the average customer feels that their Dorcy flashlight purchase was an excellent one. For instance, although one review on the Lumen Super Flux LED Submersible Dive Light was “waaaay below expectations…” but every other review was practically an advertisement for this Dorcy flashlight, with such reviewer comments as “CLEARLY comparable to lights you see for sale in the $65 to $125 range,” “this light is absurdly bright, incredibly solidly built, and overall exceptional value…,” “if you are looking for a water proof light…this is the one to buy…”

Changing out the Dorcy Flashlight Bulbs

Dorcy also sells replacement bulbs for when the their flashlight bulbs do expire along, in addition to several other replacement items for their flashlights. Bulbs can be purchased online at The company keeps all of their bulbs available from the Xenon to the Krypton to the LED light, and all of the bulb packaging describes in detail which of the flashlights the bulbs work in.

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All Dorcy flashlight bulbs are fairly easy to replace. For hand-held and head-lamp lights, simply turn the head of the lamp counter clockwise until the casing comes apart. Carefully, remove the bulb from the aluminum reflector and replace with the new bulb. Screw the light head back into its casing.

Customers can also upgrade their old Dorcy flashlight bulbs with replacement LED bulbs. The new 40 Lumen 4.5V – 6V LED Replacement Bulb fits into any 3 cell, 4 cell, or 6V handheld flashlight or lantern. The 40 Lumen bulb will provide 100,000 hours of life and last about 10 years. Most standard light bulbs will only last a few months. No one wants to rely on a flashlight that could go out at any moment.

Dorcy flashlights are high quality and last for years before customers need think about replacing the bulbs or other Dorcy flashlight parts. Customers will find a Dorcy flashlight suitable for any need from diving to working under the car.

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