Dog Electric Fence Review Guide: Installation, Wireless & Dog Training Advice

Dogs need regular exercise to stay fit and healthy, and it is very necessary that they are provided enough space to explore and run freely. They should be allowed to move around the lawn or backyard to loiter and play, but you cannot be very sure that they will remain within your borders if you don’t have some kind of fence installed. It’s very important that you take some kind of measures to ensure your beloved pet doesn’t go beyond a certain boundary, otherwise they may get lost or stolen, or something much worse could happen.

It may be difficult sometimes to stop your beloved pitbull or yorkie from running away as you might be busy doing your household chores, or perhaps they escaped when someone left the door open. Regular fencing may not be of much help as the dog may be able to jump or sneak out of the fenced boundary. That’s where an electric dog fence will come handy.

An electric dog fence is a system that uses mild electric jolts and acts as a barrier to stop the dogs from crossing the boundary of your propery. There are several types of electric fences available to keep the rambunctious dogs within your set limits, such as an underground dog fence, the PetSafe fence and a wireless dog fence.

There are also some indoor electric fences available for dogs like a scat mat which emits a mild and static electricity current to keep the dogs from biting the furniture or to keep them from wreaking any mischief.

How do these electric fences work?

All dog electric fence work in the same general way. A collar is put around the neck of the dog; it has a receiver that sense when your dog goes near the wireless dog fence or tries to cross that barrier. It will emit a mild electric shock to ward your dog from continuing forward over the fence line. Sometimes a high pitched sound is emitted that is not audible to the human ears but can be heard by the dogs. The area that is bound by the electric fence can be marked using red flags as a training device, to let the dogs know where their boundaries lie.

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There are three main components of dog electric fence wire:

  • Transmitter Box: The transmitter box is the main part of the dog electric fence as it sends the radio signal. It can be placed anywhere near the boundary or inside the house.
  • Boundary Wire: The wire carries the transmitter radio signal that is meant to be bound all around the property. The wire can be embedded a few inches below the ground or can be stapled or otherwise secured to the ground.
  • Receiver: The receiver is located on the collar of the dog. It captures the radio signals that are emitted by the boundary wire.

If you have a look at the dog electric fence reviews then you may find the below mentioned products that are favored by dogs’ keepers.

  • INNOTEK IUC – 4100

This dog electric fence system contains all the pertinent features that are needed to limit your dog in a yard up to the area of one-third of an acre. The collar is  sleek, streamlined, and comfortable, and fits most dogs’ necks securely. It is also waterproof, so if your dog plays with the water then you need not worry about it being damaged. The battery in the collar is rechargeable and it provides 24/7 battery backup incase there in a sudden power failure. It also has an auto safety shut off and patented run-through prevention.

  • INNOTEK IUC – 5100

The INNOTEK IUC – 5100 is much alike the INNOTEK IUC – 4100 but one addition to it is the remote training feature. It also has a main unit like the previous dog electric fence which has a range of about 150 yards. In addition to that, it has 100 feet of twisted wire so that a no-shock section can be made that controls the main loop with the control box, and a module for lightning protection in case the boundary wire is struck by lightning. It has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery too, which can be recharged. The product box also contains 50 boundary flags, so can be used as a dog training electric fence. It also has 2 waterproof wire splices that are used to join the boundary wire sections.

  • Perimeter Wire – Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence
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This one is a wireless dog electric fence as the name suggests. It covers an area of about 180 feet in diameter that can be adjusted in a circular area. It does not need any fences, poles or any wires that need to be buried below the ground. This is a portable device and it is completely wireless. If you are going out for camping and you have to take your dog along then this can be a great option. On average, the dog electric fence reviewers give this wireless dog fence 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. Additionally, in the Home & Garden section in Amazon, it is ranked 693 in the Amazon bestsellers’ chart.

As this is a wireless fence, it uses the latest digitally encoded Wi-Fi signal technology that is used in advanced wireless communications. The Wi-Fi collar transceiver is waterproof to save it from any accidental water damage. Even though it is a smaller receiver, one should not mistake its size to equate to inefficient; this device is small yet powerful. The collar can be preset to one of the four levels of fixed static correction current. One good feature about this is that you can monitor it using the Smart Wi-Fi Base Station that is part of this product kit. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Installing Wireless Electric Dog Fences

As the wireless dog electric fence is a revolutionary new concept, it might seem to be difficult to install it. The truth is that dog electric fence installation is not a difficult procedure. Here are some installation tips for installing dog electric fence.

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Setting up wireless dog electric fence should only take one or two people a few minutes. The transmitter can be plugged into any standard outlet of 110 volts. It can be placed at any convenient or discreet location as the signal can be transmitted through walls or other obstructions in the household. The small dial can be adjusted in the containment area. It also proves to be very useful while setting flags along the perimeter of the bound area, to act as a visual cue for your dog while you train him so that he does not go wandering near or around it.

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