DoAll Saws Review: Band Saws, Parts, Used And For Sale

DoAll was born in 1919 when Leighton A. Wilkie and his father developed an automotive connecting rod alignment machine for auto workshops. Since then the company has achieved milestone after milestone, and has excelled in the field of saw products making them one of the top manufacturers of sawing products today. Leighton manufactured the first metal cutting band saw in 1933 and since then the DoAll band saws have mesmerized the industry with their high quality and innovative products.

DoAll Saws

DoAll is manufactures different kinds of band saw blades depending on the type of metal or material which requires cutting, the company specifically manufactures its blades for different types of materials, so there is a wide range of DoAll band saw blades available in the market. A list of the band saw blades being manufactured by DoAll is given below:

  • Bi-Metal
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Carbon Steel
  • Knife Edge
  • Grit-Edge
  • Diamond Band


If you are looking for maximum productivity with minimum cost you ought to opt for the Bi-Metal blades. These blades will fulfill a major percentage of your everyday sawing applications. In the Bi-Metal category DoAll supplies a further 7 types of blades. A list of these 7 types is given below:

  1. Matrix GP
  2. Silencer GP
  3. Silencer Plus
  4. StructurALL
  5. Penetrator
  6. Supreme
  7. Coated

According to your sawing needs and requirements you can select the type of the blade accordingly.

Matrix GP

The Matrix GP is an economical blade catering to your daily general purpose sawing requirements. It is used to saw thin wall tubing and small solid objects, and is a very tough, durable blade capable of withstanding major abusive use. It features a neutral rake tooth along with an M42 HSS tooth. The benefit of Matrix GP is that it is ideal for rough use and does not require a lot of care.

DoALL Matrix GP Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade 1/2 Wide 4-6 Pitch 0.035 Gage 64.5″Lng

Silencer GP

The Silencer GP is a little high end blade compared to the Matrix GP. It is a premium or high quality blade used for the similar sawing of small solid objects and wall tubing. This is also a very strong blade with the similar M42 HSS tooth and neutral rake tooth. But these teeth are wear resistant and they stay sharp for a long period of time.

The silencer plus is a high quality blade for multipurpose sawing. It is used for sawing solids, tubing, structural and bundles. It features a MH42 HSS tooth and a positive rake tooth. It is a very aggressive blade that can cut through materials quickly and cleanly but still the teeth of the blade are strong and resistant to breaking.


It is a premium blade and is aimed at sawing tubing, structurals and angles. It comes with M42 HSS tooth, positive rake tooth and wide set tooth. It is a very balanced device and performs noiseless sawing of non-solid materials and again when sawing structurals teeth remain intact.


It is a high quality strong and break resistant blade used for very high end sawing. It’s good for solids and heavy wall tubing. As the name suggest this blade has very high penetration capabilities and requires less power to do so. The blade features the traditional M42 HSS tooth and an extreme positive rake tooth.

 DoALL Penetrator Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade 1 1/2 Wide 2-3 Pitch 0.05 Gage 186″Lng

This blade mirrors its name in the true sense; it is a very high quality, ultra premium blade and is used for sawing the meanest and toughest materials. It can saw titanium, stainless steels, tool steels, heavy wall tubing with the presence of nickel alloys and of course solids. It comes with powder steel and an extreme positive rake tooth with unique pattern so that it can easily work with tough materials.


This is not a type of blade; it in fact is a coating of titanium nitrate with the purpose of enhancing the wear resistance and ensuring longer life of the blade. This coating is specifically for the Bi-Metal blades only.

 59.5″x1/4″, Replacement Band Saw Blade Diamond Coated, Fits Most 9″ BandSaws

In the above picture the brownish color of the blade indicates the titanium nitrate coating.

Tungsten Carbide

These are used for the toughest and most rugged sawing application which can produce very high temperatures and cause rapid wearing of the tool being used. DoAll mainly offers 2 types under the tungsten carbide category:

  1. Set Tooth
  2. Triple Chip

Carbon Steel

The carbon steel blades are used for cutting materials that are not very tough and generate very little heat and rarely ware down a blade. The company further manufactures 4 types of blade under the category of Carbon steel:

  1. Dart
  2. Metal Master
  3. Friction
  4. Woodworking

DoALL Metal Master Carbon Steel Bandsaw Blade 3/8 Wide 16 Pitch 0.025 Gage 93″Lng

These blades are used for soft and low density cutting mainly those materials which can be slit and then spread out like foam, fabric, rubber etc.

DoAll has 5 different types of knife edge blades:

  1. Honeycomb
  2. Straight
  3. Scallop
  4. V-Tooth
  5. Wavy

Grit Edge

These blades are used for cutting through metals where the tooth blades fail. DoAll offers Tungsten Grit for this purpose.

Diamond Band

When cutting of the materials such as graphite, carbide, quartz, ceramics and glass etc. in short the friable materials the Diamond Band blades are used. The company’s blade for the described purpose is known as the Diamond Band blade.

DoAll is an International company with a strong history and has been in business for a while now. The band saw parts are readily available in the market and the band saw parts can be easily replaced.

There are saw manuals available on the DoAll official website and if something is unclear you can ask questions on their website and they’ll send you a reply with the information you require.

DoAll used band saws are also available you can check out Ebay or other such sites for the used products.

DoAll is certain to have a product to suit all of your sawing needs, both commercially and personally.

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