Digital Tape Measure Review: Stanley, Bosch, Starrett, Laser & Electronic Tape Measures Guide

A digital tape measure is a tape measure that uses a battery and an LCD screen that tells you the measurement in bigger and easier to tell writing so you know exactly what you are reading. It also records the measurement at the press of a button

Some of these also tell you the measurement in different units, such as centimeters and inches, as well. Those ones will just convert the unit of measurement with the push of a button. So feet can become meters with just one button! How handy is that?

The LCD screen is bright too, making it much easier to see than the normal strips of plastic on the normal tape measures of the last century. So if you have trouble with your eyesight, this is perfect for you as it is easy to read and bright so you can even see it in dim lighting.

It’s also great that it records the measurements you’ve made as it’s very easy to forget complex numbers, especially when you’re dealing with so many different measurements. It’s handier than having to write them all down on sheets of paper, just for the paper to be stood on and scattered all over the ground. It would be virtually impossible to forget your measurements with them written in front of you, so there’s no more having to measure things multiple times because you forgot the numbers!

Different Types of Digital Tape Measure

There are two types of digital tape measures. These two types are the following-

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  • Laser Tape Measure- This tape measure is not only digital with an easy to read LCD screen and measurement recorders and converters, it also has a laser which determines if you are holding the measure straight or not, so you can get a super accurate reading. This is super handy, especially if you are a carpenter and need exact straight cuts on wood for some project or another. It is a perfect laser that works in dim and lighted rooms. It saves you buying a separate laser as well as your tape measure, and you’re not only saving money, but the energy of carrying around to separate machinery pieces as well.
  • Electronic Tape Measure- An electronic tape measure is essentially a normal digital tape measure. It doesn’t have a laser, but that is good if you don’t need one, as it means more work was put into the reading accuracy than into a laser it doesn’t need. You see, if you don’t need a laser to make sure everything is straight and dandy, there is no point buying one, is there? It would be like buying a camera phone when you don’t like taking pictures with it! So, it’s best to get one with even more accurate readings then, like the normal digital electronic tape measure. It’s important to know what you want before you purchase, so you don’t end up wasting money.

Different Brands of Digital Tape Measure

These days, there are brand names on everything. Obviously, the same thing applies to digital tape measures. Here are some of the brands of digital tape measure that are considered the best of their kind at this time, and the qualities that make them so great.

  • Stanley digital tape measures – Stanley digital tape measures are really famous in the line of digital tape measures; and for a reason. They are almost considered a designer brand of measure, if that is considered possible in today’s world. The Stanley brand of tape measure has all the qualities that have already been mentioned- only perfected. There machinery is available everywhere almost, from Homeware to Ebay, and is relatively cheap on top of that! Seriously, you can get a lot of it for less than twenty dollars, and since they make such wonderfully manufactured pieces of equipment. There are many of these available everywhere, second hand and new, but you can look for some here if you’d like. Amazon has many of these going around, so it is good to take a look around if you want to buy one of the Stanley brands of digital tape measure. Customer reviews are generally positive regarding Stanley digital measuring tape, with comments like ‘easy to read’ and ‘well-made and durable’ being chief among them.
  • Starrett digital tape measures – Starrett digital measuring tapes are really popular in carpentry and in hobbies and professionalism alike. Starrett do pride themselves in having the utmost accuracy with their digital tape measures, to the last millimeter. Their design makes reading easy and handling simple too, which is yet another plus for this brand. They have several different names and types of digital tape measures, each one equally as effective as the last. The only thing that differs in them is the use. So it is up to you which one you want to buy, if you are interested in this brand. A variety of Starrett digital tape measures can be found on Amazon.
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Customer reviews regarding this brand of digital measuring tape all seem to run along the lines Starret Digitape being reliable, accurate and really handy in hard to reach places due to its memory features.

  • Bosch digital tape measures – Bosch is probably the most well known of all these brands though. The PMB 300 L is a very popular type of theirs. This one is a pocket sized digital tape measure with a laser spirit level for determining straight lines. This one is one of the most known types of their brand, but they have many others too. And Bosch doesn’t only sell digital tape measures, or even only general tape measures. They sell a vast variety of other DIY machinery too, but their measures are really spot on. They aren’t so well known for any bad reasons, let me tell you. There digital tape measures really are top notch, and if you don’t believe me, just check out their website, or Customers lauded the durability and ease of use of their Bosch digital tape measures, highly recommending them for purchase.

So, if you need a tape measure, just think of going digital. If you think of going digital, check whether you need a laser spirit level with it or not. Once you know that, you can decide whether or not you want to use one of the aforementioned brands. And then you’ll know what you should spend your money on, and there’s nothing stopping you!

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