Dewalt DCK299M2 Review: Is It Better Than the DCS299D1T1?

I was really excited to do my own Dewalt DCK299M2 review and compare it to its other predecessors. I can’t pass up an opportunity to test out Dewalt, who always produces the best tools and continues to improve. But does the DCK299M2 really stand out and prove to be the better version of its past models?

I did the research, the reviews, and even the comparisons to show you just how powerful all their models are. So read on as I show you all about the Dewalt DCK299M2 and the DCK299D1T1! Let’s see who wins based on all the necessary features as workers need.

The Dewalt DCK299M2 Review

This DCK299M2 review will be more extensive than the next one since their kits cover similar tools.

dck299m2 review

This specific kit is the ideal choice if you have a variety of other DEWALT cordless power tools. It’s also ideal even if you’re still planning on investing in a variety of their tools. This is because it comes with the FLEXVOLT battery, one of the newest innovations from the company.

Their battery is compatible with all 20V MAX tools, even those which tun on 60V or 120V MAX batteries! So if you’re running a tool that’s 20V, expect it to have up to four times of a longer run time compared to standard battery packs. This is an amazing investment if you hate having your work cut short to recharge your batteries.

Besides the FLEXVOLT batteries, the kit includes a hammer drill and impact driver, running on brushless motors. The brushless motors along are a huge advantage because they run even longer with just one charge. Plus, they operate cooler and have even more power compared to brushed motors.

The Hammer Drill

Because of these advantages, it’s more compact yet powerful, offering a sped of up to 2,000RPM and 820 unit-watts of power

The kit comes with the DCD996 three-speed hammer drill, which has a metal transmission for extra strength. You can power through masonry and other materials quickly and with quality! It also has a half-inch nitro barbarized metal chuck, which offers the firmer grip on your bits.

Because of these advantages, it’s more compact yet powerful, offering a sped of up to 2,000RPM and 820 unit-watts of power. It’s a bit smaller and weighs less than five pounds with a length of about eight inches. Furthermore, it has an ergonomic grip handle and removable side handle for more comfort.

The Impact Driver

As for the DCF887 impact driver, this is a classic tool many contractors own! The driver is smaller and lighter than the hammer drill, weighing less than three pounds and measuring five inches. Don’t be deceived by its size because it offers a ton of power, putting out speeds of up to 3,250RPM, a torque of up to 1,825 inch-pounds, and 3,600 impacts-per-minute.


Furthermore, it has the three-speed transmutation and variable-speed trigger for more accurate work. It’s also compatible with one-inch shank bits for tighter areas. Besides this, it has three LED lights like most of Dewalt’s tools!

Dewalt DCK299D1T1 FLEXVOLT Kit Features:

•Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, as well as a free service contract of one year and a limited warranty of three years

•Includes a contractor bag with belt clips, as well as its FLEXVOLT battery with a rapid charger

The Dewalt DCS299D1T1 Review

powertools / Pixabay

When you first look at the tools this kit includes, they’re actually similar to the DCK299M2! They include the DCF887 impact driver and the DCD996 hammer drill like the previous kit. So what makes it different and worth the price?

The significant difference between these two is its battery and charger. With this kit, it comes with two individual 20V 4.0Ah MAX batteries rather than just one FLEXVOLT battery. The charger is compatible with the said battery, also making it different from the other kit.

However, with everything else, it performs almost as similarly since it comes with the same tools.

This difference may or may not be an advantage to you, depending on what you need. I’ll be getting into which kit is best suited for you in the next section!

Dewalt DCCF299M2 Kit Features:

•Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, as well as a free service contract of one year and a limited warranty of three years

•Includes a contractor bag with belt clips, as well as its two Lithium-Ion batteries with a charger

Who Wins This Round?

Now that you’re familiar with everything you need to know about both the top Dewalt models, which is best? Honestly, that actually depends on what your expectations and standards are for tools.

If you use 60-120V Dewalt cordless tools such as joist drills or circular saws, you’re better off with the DCK299D1T1 kit. This is especially if they utilize FLEXVOLT battery since the kit includes it. The FLEXVOLT battery is compatible with a variety of 20V MAX tools, including tools that use higher voltages.

However, if you don’t use cordless tools with high voltage usage, then the DCK299M2 is a great choice. This kit includes two 4.0Ah batteries, which offer a long lifespan to last for many tools. These batteries are compatible with various 20V MAX DEWALT tools, making it worth your investment.

I would say both are excellent choices, but they have different advantages that cater to different consumers. From your budget down to the tools you use, you have to take all these into consideration when choosing your kit! Either way, I know you’ll enjoy the quality Dewalt has to offer among all their tools and equipment.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you have the Dewalt Flexvolt combo, a DCK299M2, or DCS299D1T, it doesn’t matter! What matters is that you have the right tool suitable for you based on your research and relevant reviews like these. And with Dewalt, you almost can’t go wrong with the tools and equipment they have to offer.

I hope that my DCK299M2 review helped you out and had you make a choice. Now the next step is to see which is better: the DCK299P2 vs DCK299M2!

If you have any questions or want to share your own DCK299M2 review, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!