Deck Sander Guide: Finishing, Floor, Belt, Random Orbit, Palm And Detail Sander Reviews

A good deck provides a perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities with your family or simply communicate with nature. But since it is the part of the house which is most exposed to different weather and environmental conditions, deck refinishing is in order every two years at the least. To get your deck back to its original condition and appearance, an appropriate and good deck sanding is necessary. There are different types of deck sanders to choose from based on the various deck surfaces and sizes. All of which are designed to make this demanding task less tedious and less time consuming.

Sanding your deck is necessary for achievement of a good staining and paint job. It is done to   even all the disproportions and the roughness of the surface. Sanding is needed to effectively remove old paints, splinters and dirt so that your deck or floor surfaces are even and smooth. Before refinishing your deck identify which type of deck sanders are best suited for your deck challenge. If you are a novice, you can start off with a small sander, like the palm sander. The palm sander is hand controlled and least likely to cause wood damage because of its size. The downside is, it will take longer to finish your entire deck. For the experienced worker, a palm sander is ideal to use in finishing touches and in smaller spaces.

Different Types of Deck Sanders

As mentioned earlier, there are various types of deck sanders for different purposes. There are models used for decks of large square footages and models which are intended to fit in small areas. There are also deck sanders for beginners and some are specially designed for industrial use.

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Belt sanders are used for large deck floors but are not ideal for very old decks. It may take more effort controlling it on floor bumps and warps. It makes a good floor sander because floors inside the house are not as exposed to outside factors like the deck surface. Makita and Black and Decker brands have good lines of belt sanders. It is best to inquire about their product specs first to get the best value for your money.

Random orbit or dual action sanders are handheld power sanders which produce smoother finishes. Since they operate in random orbital action, it follows the grain of the wood thus leaving no sand and swirl marks on the surface. This type is sold with dust collectors to eliminate wood dust clutter during the deck sanding process. The DEWALT D26451K 3 Amp 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander can be a good choice because it is light weight and features textured grips for convenient and easy control.

A palm sander is ideally recommended for beginners. Its compact size is best for first time deck sander because you have full control of it. The Dewalt model mentioned earlier is a nice palm sander with plenty of features and uses for the beginner. The Porter Cable brand also has great models of palm sanders that are quite affordable. For the more experienced and skilled professionals a palm sander is best used for final touches after using large angled deck sanders.

Detail sanders are best for hard to reach areas and edges. Some models even come with different accessories and attachments to cover all difficult spots. This type is also popular with craftsmen, because as its name suggests, you can work meticulously on details with this hand held sander. There are many versatile and great detail sanders in local hardware stores. Among the top picks are the Black and Decker M2000, the Bosch 1294VSK, the Skill73000-01 Octo, the Dremel 300 series and Festol DX 93.

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Heavy Duty Floor Sanders

Floor sanders are usually bigger and heavier in comparison to other sanders. These are commonly used for hardwood floors. Classified as floor sanders are edge sanders, drum sanders and vibrating sanders also. These are of course quite more expensive but no worries, these are available for rent in most local rental yards.

Drum sander

A drum sander is the real deal among the three. It literally strips all the ugly grime, no matter how stubborn and hard it is, off your wood floor. An experienced hand is required to operate this massive equipment because at the slightest mistake, a good chunk of wood can be ripped off from your floor.

The Clark Drum Sander E2-8 is a heavy duty 1 HP tool made of rugged cast aluminum for maximum durability. It can be disassembled for easy transport despite its enormous weight.

Vibrating sander

The vibrating sander is ideal for finishing off a smooth and almost flawless sanding job. It is designed as a follow up tool after using the drum sander. The vibrating sander moves in orbital action also like the random orbit sander.

Edge sander

The edge sander is used to smooth edges and hard to reach areas. It is hand held and smaller than the drum and vibrating sanders, but it is a heavy and tough tool. It is the counterpart of the lighter detail sander.

Deck Sander Rental

Prior to renting deck sander equipment you must clearly identify your requirements and conditions which need sanding. This is to be sure that your time, effort and money will not go to waste. Check the extent of the job to be done. Does your deck require complete refinishing? Or maybe it needs minor repair only.  Measure its size and determine the type and the current condition of the wood used in your deck. Then you can decide which deck sander equipment is appropriate for the job at hand.

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After the equipment to be rented is identified, check how easy it is going to be controlled and operated. Do not hesitate to call or talk to the store personnel regarding operating instructions. Be clear also on their rates and know your obligations likewise when renting any type of equipment.

You can check through different internet websites like Rental HQ for the location of the best rental store in your area.

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