DE-STA-CO Clamps: Standard Pneumatic, Straight Line Action and Pull Action Latch Clamps

Not all machines have to be those electronically run or battery operated. Sometimes we overlook those gadgets that have been aiding us with their simplicity and ingenuity. These simple machines are structured perfectly to be reliable with or without electricity; for instance, De-Sta-Co clamps are machines that by their very design make our lives easier in every aspect of building or repair, from the huge and enormous clamps to the hand-held and easy-to-use versions.

For years clamps have been in demand, most especially in warehouses or repair shops. De-Sta-Co clamps and their systems for clamping have set the bar for the industry with their easy-to-use, safe, and quick-action material-holding and affixing. They offer a wide variety of simple, manually operated clamps ( to complicated, gas-operated pneumatic toggle clamps (

Types of De-Sta-Co Clamps

Automotive power clamps are used to hold, grip and position sheets of metal and other parts in handling systems and jigs. These power clamps feature mounting areas at the front, rear and sides. They can be used with or without manual operation, have toggle-locking mechanisms  and 3 bore sizes are available, depending upon the needs of the user.


Carver clamps may be strange-looking, but they’re sturdy. These clamps are made from high-treated, high-tensile steel and are designed for all types of applications requiring the holding in place of large materials and or steel plates. Carver clamps are highly versatile, and are designed to be used with t-slot tables or a bolted plate; this allows for maximum cutter access to the surface of the pieces to be worked upon. These clamps feature a holding capacity of 1,250 to 6,000 pounds. They have two moveable jaws that can be reversed for a wider scope of reception; additional jaws can be attached to the bar for situations wherein multiple clamping is necessary. The length of the bar reaches 108 inches.

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Vertical handle hold-down clamps have two bar styles available, and can be found in a low profile T-handle; these clamps are generally used for checking fixtures, light machining, wood-working and assembly and testing of material. These vertical handled clamps feature a holding capacity varying from 100 to 1,400 pounds, depending upon the model used. De-Sta-Co vertical handle hold-down clamps are supplied with neoprene spindles and ergonomic grips, to ensure comfort and ease of use. Several models of vertical handle clamps are available with pneumatic versions thereof.

Horizontal handle hold-down clamps are used to hold materials and a steady vertical position; they’re usually used for casting or forging materials. These clamps feature either flanged or straight bases, as well as toggle locks. There is an adjustable preload on these horizontal handle hold-down clamps, and they have a larger than average handle clearance.


Pull action latch clamps have a latch point below the centerline of two pivot points within the assembly of this clamp, allowing for a proper toggle-locking mechanism. The over-the-center mechanism for the toggle-locking of this clamp suits it perfectly because this allows the machine to hold strong and sturdily against heavy forces put upon them. These models are particularly suited for the fast clamping of hinged doors, lids or covers.


Squeeze action clamps are designed for simple attachments done by welding the front or top of the base to a container cover. The holding capacity of these types of clamps can or may reach a maximum weight of 800 pounds; the jaws can move up to a maximum of 90 degree.

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Standard pneumatic clamps are included in De-Sta-Co Inc.’s newest designs. These clamps are swing type clamps with patented swinging technology; this design alls the arm of the clamp to easily swing 90 degrees when on a horizontal plane before moving downward on its intended clamping stroke. These pneumatic clamps have double supported piston rods; these pistons are magnet standard. There is no linear travel during the rotation of standard pneumatic clamps, ensuring that the material being clamped does not shift during the clamping process. These clamps are available in 30 mm and 40 mm bore sizes.


Straight-line action clamps have two types of movements: regular and reverse handle. Regular movement is where the plunger moves forward and locks itself as the handle is moved to the front. The plunger would also be locked in a retracted position when you move the handle backward. Reverse handle movement is when the plunger moves forward and locks itself as you move the handle backward, into a horizontal position. The plunger would retract as the handle is moved forward; however, it does not lock in a retracted position as compared to the regular movement.


Why De-Sta-Co

Of course, one should always research the efficiency of the materials or products that they intend to purchase. Asking co-workers what products they prefer is always a good way to get information; you can also do online research of these products, or contact hardware stores who carry these products. Really, anyone with working knowledge of De-Sta-Co, or any other brand, clamps can give you an idea of what kind of clamp is appropriate for your project. This also applies to recommendations; you can get a lot of valuable information regarding the quality of these products from customer reviews online, or from people you know who’ve used these clamps.

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But sometimes, it is not usually about the product itself, but about the company selling that product. De-Sta-Co Inc was founded in 1915; in 1936 the company designed and created the first manual toggle clamp. This goes a long way to showing the innovative spirit behind the products De-Sta-Co offers, and their commitment to providing cutting edge, industry leading tools.  These clamps put De-Sta-Co on the map, and they haven’t slowed down since. Their products are dedicated to ease of use, comfort and quality.  For years, De-Sta-Co has continued their business, being guided by their passion for quality, innovation, and acquisition of the newest and best products. De-Sta-Co is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and support of gripping, transferring, clamping and robotic tooling solutions for both the home and the workplace.

And, as we all know well, price is always a factor when making a decision to purchase. Budget constrictions are always on our minds, but it’s important not to sacrifice quality for lower price. Fortunately, with De-Sta-Co clamps and tools, there’s no need to worry as prices are budget friendly. So when you need a clamp, for any reason and no matter your budget, think De-Sta-Co clamps.

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