Dado Blade Reviews: Inch stacking, Grizzly Dado Blades, Tools and Prices

If you like to work with wood and you’re looking for a good finish to your pieces, then you will need a Dado blade that is going to help you get the results you need. The Freud 8 inch professional dado is a very popular blade that can give you pretty accurate results, this blade can almost guarantee you that splinters will be a thing of the past and its spacers, chippers, steel shims and outside blades work hard for you and ensure you get no or very little kickback. There have been a few disappointments with this blade and some customers have said you cannot get a smooth finish using this tool, but the majority of them are pleased with their purchase and consider paying anything up to $153 for it, value for money.

The Vermont American 7 inch Adjustable Dado is a cheaper option for you, it is however just a single blade that can cut anything from 3/16 of an inch to 3/16 of an inch in depth. This circular saw blade has a lifetime guarantee and is sold by one of the best blade manufacturers around. This blade however is not suited for professional jobs so if you’re looking to make something that is of a high standard, you may need to look elsewhere. However, it is perfect it you’re looking to make something to be used in the home and can prove to be very reliable.

The well-known Grizzly dado blade

The Grizzly make of dado blades are a well-known and much respected brand, if you only want to use a Grizzly dado blade then you will be pleased to know you can find a huge range of them right here. The prices range from $31.95 for a 7 inch 16t wobble dado set to $399.95 for a Dado king 12 inch bore, and there are many products on offer in-between the range. This online store is a particularly good one and you can easily find a huge range of Grizzly Dado blades for sale here, amongst a vast array of other items that are made by the same manufacturer.

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What about an inch stacking dado blade?

If you are looking to get a great quality cut and finish, but you don’t want to pay the price that some companies are asking for, then the Oshlun 8 inch 42 tooth stack Dado set might be just what you need. This blade will give you a lot less vibration than some other blades and it also has the ability to cut from ¼ of an inch to 29/32 inches when you’re working on a smooth bottom dado. Although the case and the box it comes in leaves a lot to be desired, you do get a great quality blade for about $120, or less, depending on where you shop.

For a very high quality blade that guarantees you excellence every time, the Freud Super 8 Inch Stack that comes with an anti-kickback design, might be worth you shelling out up to $340. This blade lets you cut many different types of wood while letting to cut from ¼ of an inch width to 29/32 inches. The blades have 24 teeth and 5/8 of an inch arbor that can guarantee you will have an end result that is splinter-free. Granted, this is a pricey blade, but it’s one that can give you the quality that you need and many years of efficient service and reliability.

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Dado blade tools

You need to look after your Dado blade, and there are a lot of Dado blade tools that will let you do just that, the Proxxon Dado Head Set comes with a guard and a 2 inch blade that allows you to do the smaller jobs such as cutting into picture frames and drawers. Sold for approximately $72, this is quite a useful tool that will cut up to 5/64 of an inch for you, and could prove to be a handy tool to have around the workshop.

The Bosch Dado Insert is specifically made for the 10 inch table saw and is idea for stacks and rabbet cutters. It is sold for about $18 and is not a bad product for its price. The instruction book tends to be a bit lacking and fails to tell you that you need to make sure the blade is raised before you change it, otherwise you may have problems. Once you get to use the dado insert, you should not have any problems and you will have a piece of equipment that proves to be quite reliable.

Help with a dado blade setup

If you are as yet unsure as to how to do a dado blade set up then this website will show you how. This is quite a good guide because it takes you through every step and it’s all explained in an easy-to-read way that helps those who are new to dado blades to understand. This site also tells you how to take care of your blades and is full of a lot of useful bits of advice that will help you learn all you need to know about this very flexible tool.

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If you still want to find out a bit more about Dado blades and you’re happy to use a forum where people can post their answers to your questions, then I can recommend This site is frequently updated as there are people asking questions every week, so you may be able to find an answer to your query right away.

Dado blade prices

There is a huge variety of Dado blades on the market these days, and it can make things difficult when you are presented with such a choice. This website compares different blades for you and will give you a good idea about what you can use for the job in hand. Plus it may be able to give you a few ideas about the websites and shops that can save you a bit of cash, helping you to get the right blade, for a lower price.


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