Cutter Gloves Review: Baseball, Golf, and Football Customized Glove Reviews

Cutter Gloves is a famous brand of sporting glove that professional soccer teams and high school football teams alike use for sports matches and sports practices.

Their brand of glove is rather well known by all involved in the sporting world. Many professionals, such as Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys, use their brand on the playing field, as they make incredibly well-tailored gloves. One of the best parts is that they look nice on top of all that, with their bright and low color schemes mix, as you will see from the Cutter Gloves website

Cutter Gloves’ gloves are used for almost every sport you can think of, from a GAA goalie to a golf professional in the American Open. Here are just a few examples of the areas that Cutter Gloves specialize in.

Football (Soccer/Gaelic) Gloves

This section of their product does not have as many colours and types available, as only goalies in soccer really wear the gloves. But this doesn’t matter too much, as the sets that are available are not only stylish, but completely versatile too!

They are the first goalie gloves to come on the market with real grips on them- perfect for the breath taking moments when they almost miss the ball and then just grab it with their fingertips because of the easy grips. When the grip gets dirty, you can just wipe it with a wet cloth and it is good as new again! Amazing, right?

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 American Football Gloves

These gloves come in a lot more colors and styles, probably because they get used more in the profession and a lot more grip is needed usually. They come in almost every color in the rainbow, from yellow to red to blue to pink. Pink is often worn in October for breast cancer awareness by several of the players on the field.

They pride themselves in having perfect fitting while still performing to the best of their ability, in all weathers and playing fields. They’re machine washable and perform up to NFL standards. They come in all shapes and sizes too, so even the player with large hands can fit into a pair.

Baseball Gloves

Like the American football gloves, these come in many different styles and colors; not as many as the others, but enough to keep them stylish and well working.

They have a grip type that minimizes the pressure and is strategically fitted around the fingers and palm to ensure a comfortable fit, and a firm grip in all weather conditions imaginable. These are also completely machine washable as the fabric will not shrink or lose any of its quality in the washing machine. It also comes in sizes for children as well.

Golf Gloves

These are not as plentiful in color, only coming in orange, grey and black, but are no worse in the ability and durability market, I can assure you. The colors they do come in are stylish and they work well with the handle of the golf club to insure that you perform to the best of your ability whether you are playing out on your local green or in the PGA championships.

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They pride themselves in being light on the skin and breathable so your skin doesn’t sweat and reduce your grip control and they say that the inside is designed for your skin’s utmost comfort. They perform in all weather conditions and they come in all sorts of adult and child size, from extra small to extra large.

Racquetball Gloves

While not as well known in the sporting industry, these gloves for this particular sport still don’t disappoint in ability. They provide spectacular gripping abilities and are soft and bendable but always bounce right back into shape. Their grip, no matter how worn on the field, regains any lost grip after you are finished using them so that they are ready for the next time you play, whether it be in a year or an hour.

They are machine washable and will not be damaged if placed inside a drying machine, but are sold in singles and not in pairs. This seems to be the only downside.

Other Cutter Products

This is an easy enough task, as they come in all sorts of colors and styles anyways. Some come in a range of colors, such as oranges and pinks and greens and reds, while others only come in standard hues such as white and black and grey.

But nonetheless, you mustn’t be disappointed in the ones that do not offer a variety. There are accessories you can get for no matter what glove you decide to purchase for your sporting event.  

There are a lot to choose from. There is a power sleeve trainer, which fits strong and comfortably on to your arm and has an adjustable weight which is perfect for training for particularly challenging sports such as NFL football.

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They also have wristbands. These are sold in pairs and are pure cotton for your utmost comfort. They come in a lot of different colors and some even have an interesting yin-yang design to set them apart from others in your locker room.

The site also offers beanie hats to help keep your head warm while playing certain sports, you can be certain that they pair nicely with your Cutter gloves. There are chin strap covers as well. These come in lots of different colors and absorb sweat while comforting your face before, during and after a big or small game.

Who are Cutter Gloves Right For?

Cutter gloves are specifically designed to be the right glove for everyone.  Why if you just take a look at the number of athletes and Cutter Gloves reviews who use them you are certain to be impressed and understand that there is a reason why professionals stand by their products.

You can find a sports shop that sells Cutter Gloves anywhere these days, you can now try them for yourself. Take your game from a hobby to a professional game.

Just ask Ravens wide receiver Anquan Boldin, who raves about Cutter Gloves, because “everyone knows they’re the best!”

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