Custom Hunting Knives Guide: Handmade Hunting, Skinning, Military & Bowie Knives Reviews

Since men hunted with rocks and sharp sticks, we have been constantly searching for new ways to improve on our methods. Nowadays, that sharp stick has evolved into wicked sharp, serrated or smooth bladed knives; whether you are looking to skin a rabbit or dress a deer, knives are a must when hunting your next meal.

The ingenuity of man doesn’t end with just plain knives, however. While you can always go out and find a multitude of various knives that perform several different functions, no two people have exactly the same needs from their knife. And it always seems like this knife has one or two of the features you prefer, but not all. For instance, you may find a metal handled folding blade knife with wood inlays and a thumb stud, but it’s got a smooth blade and no finger flipping mechanism. Well, now you can get all the features in you look for in a knife. The solution? Custom hunting knives.

Different manufacturers are competing in the market to provide with best knives for different purposes such as military use, hunting, skinning or even search and rescue. Moreover, knives have various designs and styles are also available such as butterfly, Bowie, folding and automatic. It turns out that ordering a custom hunting knife will ensure that you find the type of knife you need, with all the features you desire; and it’s more affordable than you may think.

Custom Skinning Knives

Knives to skin the meat, fat and skin of your off your prey are a necessary tool for hunting. When choosing a custom skinning knife, keep in mind that such knives are designed to easily and readily remove and separate flesh without tearing or destroying the cut in any way. A sharp thin blade, with a breadth of at least an inch, and an ergonomic handle for firm grip is the ideal form of this type of knife; you need to have thin, broad blade to ensure a proper removal of hide, and a secure, firm grip so that you don’t end up hiding yourself in the process.

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The best way to choose a custom skinning knife is to pick it with regard to the size of the animal or animals you’ll be skinning, that that you get the proper length of blade and size of knife. A good range of knives is available from Fry Custom Knives, giving customers a wide variety of options to choose from. Amazon also has a huge selection of custom skinning knives, so you can be sure that you’ll find a skinning knife that meets all your needs.

Handmade Hunting Knives

The quality and the value of a handmade knife are incomparable. Handmade hunting knives are specially molded from tough stainless steel so that even after several uses, the knife remains in the same impeccable shape it was in pre-use. Moreover, the hand forged cable ensures that the knife is made precisely, accurately; a handmade hunting knife is strong and durable enough to withstand heavy quartering of even the toughest animal, regardless of the cutting and hacking that may ensue with that blade.

A blade that has been hand forged and sharpened, just has a strength and flawlessness that all the pretty machine made knives in the world don’t measure up to. And it just seems like the hand carved handle of a handmade hunting knife was made for your hand alone; the curves and grip make it simply the most comfortable, secure grip you can get. Since such knives are custom made for hunting purpose, the blades is usually longer than 3.5 inches and can be sharpened if needed. Handmade hunting knives can easily de-bone any animal and can cut through the bone where necessary.

These handmade knives usually come with handmade leather sheath in order to offer protection from the weapon. Such knives can be viewed in a gallery at Fry Custom Knives . An amazing single edged handmade knife hunting knife with designed blade and carved bone handle, which stands out from others, is present for sale on Amazon, among a huge selection of other similar knives.

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Hunting Skinning Knives

Sharp thin edged blade broad blade; firm non-slip able handle; appropriate blade design; these are the qualities that you look for in knives that can be used for both hunting and skinning your prey. The best suited handle in such cases is either rubber coated or wooden one, as these provide a safer, more secure grip than a metal one. Metal handles just aren’t comfortable during such a task, and are much slipperier than rubber or metal during wet work. Moreover, the blade should be heavy so that it can cut through the bone easily, but thin edged to separate skin and fat from the meat.

Having a knife with the proper handle and blade makes all the difference when hunting; you can ensure that those two requirements are met by ordering your own custom hunting and skinning knives. For a selection of just such knives, with customer reviews to give you an idea of what to expect from the knife you choose, you can visit Amazon to peruse their selection of custom knives.

A particularly interesting and a beautiful hunting and skinning knife is Buck Ranger. It can be purchased from Amazon, and the customer reviews thereon are incredibly positive. Customers raved about its quality, claiming that such is to be expected from a Buck knife. One reviewer praised the design of this knife, going on to say that: “…This knife is one of they’re best. The drop point design is perfect. After field dressing a deer and a wild boar the knife was as sharp as new.One of my favorites. Field dressing a wild boar will test any knife.Hope Buck keeps this knife in they’re line-up. A great gift idea.”

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Custom Bowie Knives

Bowie knives have cross guard on the handle and a clip point, along with all the various necessary features of a custom knife. Its blade is usually between 6” to 24”. Other than being beautiful, these knives are extremely deadly. A classic bowie knife can be bought from Amazon, where you can easily choose from the designs of several manufacturers. These knives are generally custom made to be used for hunting and fighting purposes.

Custom Military Knives

Custom military knives are ideal for combat and rescue purposes; they are often relied upon by soldiers and Marines in intense, close quarter combat, where their very lives are dependent upon the strength, durability, effectiveness and maneuverability of their weapon. Military knives are specially made keeping in mind these requirements so that they can enhance a soldier’s abilities during close combat.

These knives typically have the custom rubber grip and contoured finger notches to provide a firm grip for combat stability, to ensure the user doesn’t lose or slip their grip on their knife. They also include a hole in the handle so that string can be attached to it to be worn around neck for portability. Different blade styles, including the bowie, are available.

A custom made military knife that is also included in the army survival kit can be bought from Amazon, among a number of others that you can browse through until you find the knife that suits your abilities and needs the best.

A different military knife that has a unique handle, which slides onto your fingers like a ring does, is also available in the military section. So no matter how tough the fight it, you knife won’t fall on to the ground from your grip. This is an ideal choice because of its sturdy blade and the handle.

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