Cultivator vs Tiller Guide Plus Mantis Tiller Cultivator Review


A cultivator is a metal frame with teeth whose purpose is to cultivate the land for gardening or agricultural purposes. The teeth are inserted into the soil as the cultivator is dragged through the soil by the operator in order to cultivate land. Cultivators are designed in such a way that they do not disturb the plants rather just dig the weeds up from their roots. The main aim of a cultivator is to remove weeds between the rows of crops or within gardens.

A tiller is also a similar type of machine with the same aim of cultivating the soil by plowing through it. However a tiller is not used for weeding, instead the main aim of a tiller is to prepare the soil for planting. Most tillers are able to dig at least 8-10 inches in the ground for seeds to be planted in the soil.

While these tools both appear very similar the difference lies in the teeth of each machine.  A close look at the cultivator’s teeth and you can see that they are designed differently.  Lying at precise calculated distances these teeth are ideal for operation in a crop or field where weeds are removed, not plants. The tiller’s teeth are not laid out in the same fashion, they are instead placed in a more simultaneous position so that the land can be tilled properly for planting seasons.


Mantis is a popular toolmaker in the gardening industry.  By producing high quality and dependable products for over 30 years the company has become a common household name.  Along with their reputation the company is dedicated to great customer service and warranties that supersedes several other companies in the gardening industry. The Mantis brand has over one million satisfied customers around the globe and once you purchase a Mantis product you too will be more than happy with the services they provide.

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It all began with the introduction of small tillers for American gardeners. Back then tillers were large, heavy and difficult to work with, and running those big tillers was a tiresome job. But with the small red tiller which weighed just about 20 pounds tilling was revolutionized. It was a portable product and very easy to work with, requiring very little effort compared to the old big tillers. And since then Mantis has been manufacturing garden cultivators and tillers and making the lives of gardeners around the globe a lot easier. Need verification of their prestigious products? Take a look at Mantis tiller cultivator reviews online at, you’re sure to be impressed.

Mantis Guarantees and Warranties

Mantis One Year Money Back Guarantee

Now this is something that you rarely see from companies. Mantis understands the level of commitment they have to their products and their one year money back guarantee shows the level of confidence they have in their products. If you buy a product directly from the company and it does not lives up to your expectations you can send back the product within one year and get a complete refund without any problem.

Mantis Tiller Warranty

The company offers a 5 years warranty on any of the tiller components. If you observe defects in the material or the workmanship of the components you can claim the warranty and the company will replace and repair the defected parts free of cost.

Mantis Tiller Tines Warranty

The company warrants their patented tiller tines for life so if you experience any kind of breakage during the normal usage of the product just send it back and the company will replace it free of charge.

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These warranties and guarantees of the company represent the quality of their products. When a company is as famous and as popular as Mantis the reviews for their products are printed in almost every informative medium, be it newspapers, magazines, internet etc. Thus if you are looking for Mantis tiller and cultivator reviews they are readily available. You can read these reviews and get to look at their products from the customer’s point of view. These reviews help you to decide which tool is right for you and which Mantis products are getting rave reviews.

Recommended Products

There are a wide range of tillers available which are listed below:

  • Mantis Deluxe 9″ Tiller/Cultivator 2-Cycle- This new product to the Mantis name is a great small cultivator and roto tiller all in one for the hardworking outdoorsman.
  • Mantis 9″ Tiller/Cultivator 2-Cycle- Perhaps one of the most popular Mantis models the 9” is praised for its lightweight maneuverability.
  • Mantis Deluxe 9″ Tiller/Cultivator 4-Cycle powered by Honda- This reliable and tough tiller is new to the family but already boasts a reliable and easy to start motor with plenty of attention to the operator.
  • Mantis 4-Cycle Tiller/Cultivator Powered by Honda- This easy to use tiller is great for those have small gardens and don’t want to lug around a heavy garden tool as it weighs less than 20 lbs.
  • Mantis® XP 16″ Tiller/Cultivator- For the gardener who has a lot of ground to cover this tough machine can cover a lot of ground in just a little time.
  • Mantis Electric Tiller/Cultivator- This three speed cultivator is the electric member of the family that is lightweight and best of all quiet.
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Mantis Attachments

If you are looking for other gardening tools there is no need to have a tool for everything you need to do.  Mantis has developed several attachments that can help you with other tasks around your garden. Here are some of those attachments:

  • Planter attachment
  • Plow attachment
  • Lawn aerator attachment
  • Crevice cleaner attachment
  • Lawn edger attachment

Along with the customer service support offered by the Mantis Company are plenty of tips and information regarding uses for your new tiller and cultivator all online at  Mantis also offers their interested consumers with spec charts comparing each of their products to one another, that way you can make the right choice for your outdoor needs.

If you are looking for a quality garden cultivator tiller tool then the Mantis Company is sure to provide you with some of the most reliable and hardworking tools in your garden shed.

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