Crescent Tools Review: Lifetime Warranty, Brand, Stanley, Craftsman and Company Guide

Crescent tools have been a part of our lives for many years; you probably just didn’t realize it. If you were to go through your father’s or grandfather’s tool box, the probability of finding at least one Crescent tool is about 90%. The fact that it would still be in there, in good condition, is a testament to the strength, reliability and durability of Crescent Brand Tools.

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The Crescent Tool Company began in 1907 by Karl Peterson in New York, New York. Peterson was an inventor of hand tools and worked with two other toolmakers before venturing out on his own. His first products were the Crescent pliers and wrench-pliers. But it was only when he introduced his version of the adjustable wrenches that people started to take interest in the company.

Nineteen years later Peterson, through Crescent Tool Company, bought the Smith & Hemenway Company and expanded their tool line. If you see any tool with a Red Devil logo, that’s from the company Smith & Hemenway.  However when S&H was purchased the Red Devil logo could not be used by Peterson, as it was the sole property of the S&H brand owner. The owner retained the rights to the name and used it in his new tool company, Landon Smith. The product line of S&H was far more extensive than that of Crescent Tool Company, so it was an ingenious business decision made by Peterson; with the purchase of S&H, he expanded his own line of tools without having to do the actual work himself, just the negotiations.

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By the 1930, a new product line was launched: Crestology and a Do It Yourself (DIY) tool kit. Eventually, Crescent Tool Company was bought out in 1960 and became Crescent Niagara and 8 years later was acquired by Cooper Industries and is now part of their Cooper Tools division. Just last 2010, Cooper Tools tied up with Danaher Tool Group to form Apex Tool Group.

With a penchant for high quality, Crescent tools by Apex Tool Group managed to keep and maintain market share in spite of the presence of many competing companies. This trend was obvious in the early 1960s and is living up to its reputation for excellence today.

The Crescent Tool Warranty

The Crescent tools all come with a limited lifetime warranty, which means the company will replace the unit if there is manufacturing defect. That being said, tools are easy to use improperly, and it is more often the user’s error than that of the tool itself when a tool is damaged. To make a claim through your warranty, you will need to send it in and wait for the replacement. You can also direct your concern to the store you bought it from, if you can show proof of purchase.

The Crescent Brand Tools

Crescent brand tools are currently holding several patents on their innovative designs. Some of these Crescent brand tools with a patent are the sector cutting saw, adjustable wrench with tension spring, folding screwdriver, and several of the grips.

Of all their products, the most popular remains to be the adjustable wrench. If you are going to buy one, the 8 to 10 inch or the 6 to 8 inch adjustable wrench are very practical choices. However, there is the Crescent tool kit which should everything you would need for minor repairs around the house.

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Crescent tools review from actual consumers has complained about the case where the tools are kept. It mainly borders around not having a secure lock so it’s easily opened. However, that being said, not one Crescent tools review has said anything negative about the tools themselves. For instance, the tool kit has a combination of metric and SAE tools. The kit itself is affordable and will last a lifetime of proper use. As a starter kit for young adults, it’s perfect.

What Makes Crescent Tools A Preferred Brand

Over the years, Crescent tools have maintained its quality. They are made of the best steel alloy, tempered for long-time use yet lightweight. They don’t stick and are easy to use. The wrenches are tough on the bite with outstanding grip so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

The standard Crescent wrenches cost from $13 to $24 each. They can be utilized for both professional and home use. Some of their features are:

  • Wide jaw and wide handle for easy grip
  • Tension spring for easy adjustments
  • Heat treated
  • Chrome-plated to prevent rusting or corrosion
  • Polished and stain-finished
  • The tapered handle wrenches range from $39.95 to $149 each. Their features are similar to the standard wrenches with the following additional features:
  • Proportion dimensions for minimum weight but greater strength which means it more for heavy-duty jobs
  • Handle is tapered for better two-handed grip

If the wrenches do get broken for any reason and the company will not allow replacement, it is possible to buy the parts. The usual parts of the wrench that will need to be changed are the jaw, spring, knurl, or pin. You can have your tool serviced or you can buy the part yourself and make it another personal DIY project.

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Aside from the popular wrench, Crescent tools also cover pliers, cutters, nail pullers, wire stripper, nut drivers, screwdrivers, and clamps. The tool sets from Crescent tools are:

  • Set of adjustable wrenches
  • Set of Box Joint Dura Pliers
  • Set of Ratcheting tools
  • Set of Ratchets
  • Set of Locking pliers
  • Set of Pivot Head Ratcheting wrenches
  • Set of Rings
  • Set of Ratchet with socket
  • Set of Reversible wrenches

The Importance of Owning the Right Kind of Tools

Whether you are planning to take on a new project or something around the house suddenly goes puff, you will need tools. Buying substandard tools will not only make the job more difficult to work on, it could also cost you more money.

Not to put down other brands but the fact remains that Crescent technology, design, and craftsmanship would not have been on the market for more than 100 years if it didn’t work well. Companies would not have wanted the brand if they didn’t feel confident in adding to their product line. The fact that just last year the tools were targeted for a joint venture with another huge tool conglomerate must not be ignored.

Crescent Tools

Crescent tools have become part of most American households for generations. This is the brand your grandfather and father would recommend without hesitation, and it will probably be the brand you will recommend to your sons.  Among Craftsman tools and Stanley Tools, Crescent brand remains a heavyweight in the tools industry.

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  1. Philip Braman

    Dear Sirs I was cleaning up some old tools and found A 4 inch crescent Wrench. It has marked on it “Crescant Tool Co” Jamestown NY. The wheel and jaw wont move and I would like to know if you can fix it or replace it. I will gladly send it to you if something can be done Thank You Philip Braman.

  2. Ray Littlrejohn

    Love this tool kit!!! Compact with a place for everything. Great grab-n-go!!
    I have a broken tip on my phillips #2 screwdriver…..Where can I get the warranty replacement???

  3. Hugh R. Williamson

    I need a replacement for a 3/8 ratchet that broke. Where do I take it or send it? Thanks

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