Consumer Reports: Vacuums: The Best Canister, Handheld and Bagless Vacuums

As we all know, vacuums are necessary not only for the home but for the workplace as well; they serve an important function in keeping spaces clean and free of dust, dirt and pet hair, among other things. Vacuums do their job by producing inside far less gaseous pressure than that of the atmosphere, drawing within themselves the things it is held over. Starting from home it is highly used in offices, schools, colleges, hospitals and many other places. It has high demand the market among the customers for it specialty in its service. Vacuums are far preferable to sweeping and are much more effective at picking up smaller materials as well.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

There are many vacuum cleaning products in the market today, making that market highly competitive. There are so many types and qualities of vacuum, from bagged to bagless canisters, those that run on wheels and of course, the Dyson ball, whose innovation lies in moving along a ball; this method is considered to be the elite in vacuum movement. Dyson Ltd. is an incredible popular vacuum company for its simply superior vacuum products. Dyson is a British based company established in 1992 by Sir John Dyson. Apart from vacuum cleaners, this company also manufactures hand driers, bladeless fans and heaters; all of which are highly innovative and truly impressive. Dyson is a leading name in vacuum cleaners all over the world. It conducts business in more than fifty countries including Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, USA, France and many more. More than 3000 people are employed in this company worldwide. Superior and advanced technology are the key characteristic behind the rapid growth and quick success of this company.

Let’s have a look at the current vacuum cleaner products of the company:

  1. DC 41 Animal: Dyson DC41 Animal is highly technological product. BallTM  and Radial Root Cyclone TM technology are applied in this product. The Animal is capable of producing strong suction power which is of course the necessary element in removing dust, pet hair, dirt and any other foreign substances on the floors in your home or office areas. It holds a mini turbine head that can clean stubborn and old dirt from anywhere. There is no requirement of scrubbing or touching the dirt or dust. Just a single handed “Push” is enough to deal with it. The DC 41 Animal is very long lasting and durable. It also contains a washable filter, brush bar, wand and a cable of 35 feet. The bin capacity of this product is nearly 0.55 gallons. The total weight of the machine is just over 17 lbs. Current online price is $599.99, including a 5 year warranty. Customer reviews describe this product as very user friendly, efficient and simply amazing. For more information on this product, or to read its reviews, you can visit
  1. DC 34: The Dyson DC 34 has received a huge following from within the vacuum industry in a very short period of time. It has the highest suction rate of comparable products. The motor can spin two to three times faster than any other products available on the market today. Like the DC 41 Animal, this product also has a washable filter. The tools involved in this product include a crevice tool and accessory tool. Its bin capacity is 0.09 gallons, and then net weight is nearly 3 lbs. Current online price for the DC 34 is $219.99. Though lightweight, this vacuum is tough, durable, reliable and works quickly and efficiently.
  1. DC24 Multi Floor: The Dyson DC24 Multi Floor is a compact bagless vacuum. BallTM technology is used to manufacture this product, which ensures its maneuverability and quality. The Multi-Floor utilizes a reversible wand, a HEPA filter, a motorized brush bar, a 20 ft long cable and several other efficient accessories. The entire weight of the product is only 11.70 lbs, with a bin capacity being 0.19 gallons. Due its strict environmental requirements as well as its usage of a HEPA filter, this vacuum is ideal for those people suffering from asthma or allergy problems. The current online price of the Dyson DC 24 Multi-Floor vacuum is $429.99.
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Vacuums for Pet Hair

One of the biggest deterrents most people have from getting a pet is the need to constantly clean up the pet hair most animals shed daily; this hair can irritate people with allergies in addition to just getting all over the place, clothes, carpets and all. A lot of people just cannot have an animal simply because of their shedding. But with the right vacuum, these issues can be somewhat assuaged. Not asthma or allergies, obviously, but the pet hair that can accumulate upon every available surface in your home, thereby irritating these conditions. For those people whose vacuums just don’t seem to be cutting the hair, or for those who are interested in getting themselves a new companion but want to get the best possible cleaning tool beforehand, there are many vacuum cleaners available on the market you can review. Among them you’re certain to find one that can help you in efficiently removing unwanted pet hair from the carpets, floors, drapes and furniture in your home.

You should always review these kinds of vacuums to find the one that best works for you. You can go into your favorite appliance store and ask someone there what their recommendations as far as vacuums effective at removing pet hair are; you can also consult with your friends or relatives who have pets, as they will of course have great experience in cleaning up after their pets’ hair. The best way to get fast and reliable information is to search for ‘vacuums for pet hair’ online and read the descriptions and product reviews of the vacuums that strike your interest.  For a start, try out the following link and see if you can find something that best suits your needs.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=b798ac9a78bbf6c5&biw=1280&bih=854.

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Canister Vacuums

Oreck canister vacuum is a major competitor of Dyson. There is a huge variability in the products Oreck offers. Oreck’s canister vacuums work best on the dust and dirt of hardwood floors and rugs. The company claims to achieve the highest consumer reviews about their best product models. Two most popular and superior products of the company are Miele S5281 Callisto and Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G. For more information you can pay a visit to Oreck’s website here.

Bagless Vacuum

Bagless vacuum cleaners have added a new dimension in the field of vacuum cleaners. Instead of using bags, these vacuums cleaners use filters to catch dirt in a chamber, and you can release them later straight into the trash can, eliminating the mess and fuss involved in removing a bag full of dust and dirt from your vacuum. People have the advantage of knowing how full of dust and dirt their vacuum cleaner is, as the dirt level is clearly visible in the dirt chamber. If any necessary thing is caught by the vacuum cleaner which you need to get back you can easily remove it from the dirt chamber.  There are many models of bagless vacuum available from many different companies; you can simply choose a brand you trust and start searching. To know about the bagless vacuum products follow the link: Many people are satisfied with this bagless vacuum. They like it especially for its efficiency and capabilities. For more information you can also visit:

Hand Held Vacuums

Upright models are not the only vacuum cleaners you have to choose from. If your needs in a vacuum are minimal, then you may prefer the handheld vacuums available. They are small, lightweight and usable by hand; these are ideal when you only need to vacuum furniture or drape, not necessarily entire sections of floor or carpet. Though there are a number of brands available in the market, Dyson, Black & Decker and Hoover are top listed brands for manufacturing high quality handheld vacuum cleaners. For more information on handheld vacuums, or to start your search in finding the right model for you, you can visit

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Before purchasing your next vacuum Consumer Reports 2011 should always be a part of your decision making process.

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