Condor Knives Review Guide: Neck Knives, Machetes & Product Features

Condor Tools and Knives have been around from 1787 and have indeed made their mark in the market, being famous for its quality bladed products such as swords and knives. After getting fame from Solingen, the cutlery capital of the world, Condor expanded to several other countries. Condor Tools and Knives provides an amazing line of quality products, which are designed in a perfect manner for all outdoor lovers.  Their diverse line of various kinds of knives always seems to cater to the needs of their customers. Axes, knives, fine machetes, and survival tools are available. Best of all, these are all manufactured keeping in consideration the precision and the professional, durable quality including all the technical specifications that customers have come to expect and appreciate from this brand.

Condor Knives also provides sheaths that are long lasting and made from best quality leather. These multipurpose sheaths can even hold the knives to your belts. The handles of Condor knives are skillfully carved from wood, making the grip comfortable and easy to hold. These knives are already very sharp and come with an assurance that they won’t go blunt quickly.


A large collection of condor knives is available for sale online. Customers can chose from the unlimited range of products through several websites which provide original Condor knives direct from the factory. Discounted prices and on sale products are easily available from through the following link:

Several other websites can also be visited in order to search for cheaper and beneficial deals, such as, which sells quality knife products, including Condor knives.

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Throughout the years, Condor Knives has managed to keep their clients happy and satisfied with their purchases, as evidenced by the excellent reviews from thrilled customers. All of their knives are made with carbon steel blades and will not require your constant attention for the prevention of rust. Condor Knives are coated with Black Epoxy Powder, providing extra durability and strength to the blade and making it resistant to wearing out too soon. Handles of different styles, lengths and designs are available, depending on the preference of users that are made from fine quality hard wood. Condor knives have blades that also come in different thicknesses. These inexpensive knives, with their incredible quality, provide a great package overall. Some of the customers even describe Condor Knives as “indestructible”.


Neck knives are the small knives usually hung around the neck in its sheath by a ball chain for portability and a quicker draw. These knives have a single edged blade that is less than four inches in length. Condor has made the necklace part of the knife with metal beads to ensure durability and strength. The knife itself is made of tough carbon steel and painted black to match with its black epoxy powder coated blade. Even the handle is made is made from steel and the whole knife is very slim. Condor has designed the handle with a texturized handle to provide a better grip and uniqueness. But plain handles are also available along with the different widths in blades. These knives come with the matching black sheath. Affordability and quality go hand in hand with this Condor knife, as they provide these neck knives for price that is within your means. Condor neck knives can be bought from as low as $19 from through the following link:

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A vast range of machetes is supplied by Condor knives; for example Viking machete, combat machete and more are available.  A machete is a large cleaver-type cutting knife, and the blade is usually between 12 to 24 inches long and 0.12 inches thick. It is used for both household purposes, like chopping smaller pieces of kindling to build a fire or for outdoor purposes such as slicing through the undergrowth of forest. Due to their length, these machetes can also be used as swords. Condor provides machetes in stainless steel as well as in carbon steel, depending on the requirement and user’s preference. It is guaranteed that even the seemingly thickest trees cannot withstand these machetes’ force. Condor machetes are famous for their resistance against everything. Machetes are a bit more expensive than other knives because of their longer blades. But awesome deals are available for purchasing condor machetes with free shipping. The link from can be followed for this:

Moreover for the detailed review with demonstration, you visit the following link and watch the video:


You can find the Condor knife of your choice by looking through the features offered by Condor Knife and Tools; you’ll certainly find the knife that best suits your needs based on these features. Knives can also be custom-made according to your demands. Some of the features offered are mentioned below:

  • Handles: Strong handles are available with proper cushioning in the grip, but still featuring a rigid texture in order to prevent the knife slipping from out of the user’s hands. These handles are directly molded with the blade so that it doesn’t detach even after rigorous use. Both strong metal handles and hardwood handles are available.
  • Blades: Blades of different types are available, including surgical and German steel. Every edge is finished by hand and polished to ensure sharpness. Condor blades are made in a temperature of 440 °C so that product has greater strength.
  • Blade Finishes: Blades are coated with different polishes and finishes, depending on the type of product. These several finishes include: blasted satin finish, ultra black finish, mystic camo finish, epoxy black powder coating, etched Damascus finish and Condor® classic finish.
  • Sheaths and Covers: Classic leather sheaths are the most popular type available. But people also prefer the hand-stitched Kydex sheaths and the Canvas sheaths, which have triple stitching.
  • Quality Assurance: These blades have to pass a quality assurance test, and are also tested in the real world. Moreover, the feedback of clients is also taken into consideration to make the improvements, ensuring that Condor’s knives are always in keeping with their traditions of excellence and quality.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Condor offers a lifetime warranty with its every product and offers exchages in case of damage; however, damage due to misuse or improper care is not covered.
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Condor indeed serves its motto well that is “Exceptional quality, incredible value, Old world hand craftsmanship.”

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