Concrete Grinding Equipment Tools Review: To Buy Or For Rental Hire

Constructing a house or any building for that matter requires several types equipment and tools to conclude a structure and the finishing touches that take a lot of time in any construction undertaking.  A necessary tool in almost all finishing jobs is the use of concrete grinding equipment. This machine is needed especially on metals, floors, walls and even ceilings as it works to polish the metal or stone used in parts of the structure where grinding is needed.

The use of machines has made it easier for workers to do their job in a lot of ways and consequently has become a necessary tool in almost all building and home construction.  It comes in many different sizes from handheld grinding equipment to as large as a hand driven floor vacuum cleaner.  It is used in polishing concrete floors like marble, bricks, and other concrete slabs that look best when they are ground and polished.

There are several different types equipment that can be used and it all depends on the level of roughness of the surface wanting to be refined in any given situation.  There are those that can best be used on rough edges and walls and there are those that can be used to grind certain thicknesses of concrete slabs to reach the ideal polish.  Concrete grinding and polishing machines can be likened to a sand paper that is used to scrub the concrete surface and produce a smooth and fine finish.

Some of the Finest Concrete Grinding Equipment

Among the handheld concrete polishing equipment being sold in the market, some brands have maintain their leadership not only in terms of durability but also in terms of innovation.  Some of them are included here for easy reference:

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Bosch 1773AK 5-Inch Concrete Surfacing Grinder

Bosch has been manufacturing concrete grinding tools for decades and this pretty much explain the reason why the brand is trusted all around the world.  Being a popular brand has not stopped them from innovating and featured here is their model with a unique value added attribute called kickback and stop. These features automatically stop the machine when it senses anything irregular like a jam or even a drop in its motor speed thereby preventing injury to users and to the machine as well.  It also boasts of impressive reduced vibration for easier handling.


Makita grinding tools, such as the one featured below, have an optional lithium ion rechargeable battery and are one of the highest recommended brands among cordless concrete grinding machines.  It has earned rave reviews online from many satisfied users promising that many people will want to shift to this cordless wonder.


Hitachi is one of the enduring brands in concrete grinding equipment and showcased here is one of their newer and more popular models the G10SS.  It is a 4-inch angle grinder that has a powerful 5 amp motor.  It is compact and just about 10-inches long with an aluminium body that adds to its light and easy handling.  This little machine is versatile and can be used for sanding and grinding rust on metals, paint removal, etc.  This concrete grinding tool is a usual fixture in most men’s workhouses.

Commercial Grinders

MK Diamond 166859 MK-SDG-7 Concrete Floor Grinder

The heavy duty lines of concrete grinding equipment are usually needed for commercial and industrial purposes and they are much bigger and more powerful than their handheld counterparts.  They are normally powered by gas and therefore do not need electricity.  This is especially conducive to newly erected buildings where electrical outlets are not yet available because it is normally included in the finishing stage.  Most of these machines have incorporated collecting sacks that prevents the concrete dust from being blown and scattered around the working area. There are also those that are equipped with water tanks for certain types of polishing that require grinding to be wet.

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MK-DDG-11 is a powerful piece of concrete grinding equipment that is good for both dry and wet grinding.  It uses two highly effective diamond discs to scrape to an ideal finish concrete slabs, bricks, tiles, and other concrete surfaces that needs grinding and polishing.
MK Diamond MK-DDG-11 Double Disc Grinder, 157012

Below is an electric grinder for ceilings from NorthRock.  It has a 1.5HP output and is best used in concrete ceilings of any type of establishment.  It is designed to polish the lines on concrete ceilings that were usually caused by the matting for use as bed for cement pouring.  It is also good for tunnels.  It comes with a manual for proper operation as well as a very important lifetime warranty.

4 HP Honda Gas Ceiling Grinder

Concrete Cutting Equipments

Cutting equipment may be as small as a handheld tool or in bigger versions where the user walks behind it to push the machine.  It is used to create lines on concrete that serve as a break or cut from the whole slab of concrete.  One of the purpose of which is to isolate each slab from the others for easy repairing in case of concrete breakage.

Shown here is a handheld cutting tool from DeWalt.  It is a useful piece equipment for home use and other works that require cutting onto slabs.

MK3030 is a 35 HP road cutter that can be used in other cutting jobs that require heavy duty performance.

MK-3030K Concrete Saw – Self Propelled

Concrete Grinding Equipment Rental

Most residential houses and buildings that will require the use of a concrete grinding equipment will need it only during the finishing stages. Afterwards all they have to do is maintain the luster of their concrete floor or walls with the use of a regular floor polisher and some polishing solution.  It is therefore not practical for homeowners to buy a heavy duty grinding machine and keep it in storage afterwards.  Aside from the fact that the cost is prohibitive for a one-time use only, it is also not something that you have to use regularly.

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Situations may occur necessitating the use of them once again in the future in case of damage caused by accidents, ordinary wear and tear due to long usage and the like. This is where enterprising companies and establishments come into focus.  The services of these machines can be acquired by means of renting it from certain establishments and depending on the arrangements it may even come with an expert operator like the Hire Guys of Australia and other similar firms doing the service for you.

The price for renting concrete grinding equipment will also depend on several factors, like your location, the volume of the job required to be done, as well the machine needed in such undertaking.  It is always best to obtain the necessary quotations from leading and trusted service providers.  Many of them can be found online and you can do the research and obtain quotations in the convenience of your home.

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