Concrete Grinder Rental Guide Including Concrete Floor, Stump, Surface & Saw Rental Reviews

There are many types of concrete grinders.  Most concrete grinders are used for grinding tough stones like concrete, granite, and marble. Concrete grinders can also be used to similarly polish these tough stones as well. Usually there are concrete, granite and marble floors in modern day construction and they require grinding and smoothing to make them ideal for everyday use.

These grinders employ wet grinding, these surfaces have high friction and grinding which can heat up the floor and cause sparking damaging the floor. Through the utilization of wet grinding it can help to reduce friction thus eliminating the heating and sparking hazards.

These grinders use a form of abrasive to perform polishing and grinding, like silicon carbide and diamond tools. They also use rotating discs for leveling, grinding and smoothing of the surface. These grinders also perform extra functions other than grinding and polishing, including adding texture to surfaces, cleaning the surface by removing non-washable dirt marks, elimination of trowel marks that might be present and more. These grinders are also equipped with a HEPA filter with vacuum; this filter absorbs or sucks the fine dust produced by these materials.

This fine dust can be very harmful because it contains silica which is very dangerous for lungs and can cause silicosis. So it should be of prime interest to make sure that during the grinding and polishing process that breathing in the particle dusts be avoided. When dealing with such harmful work environments special precautions should be taken to have a safe working environment. The manufacturers of these machines recommend certain safety equipment to be worn while using these machines; some of those safety equipment include dust masks, gloves, hearing and eye protection.

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Grinder Rentals

If you need to polish or grind floors in your home or backyard buying a grinder is not the best idea, as the work/cost ratio is not in your favor. For that reason it is advised to rent a grinding machine rather than buy one. Usually these grinders are bought by huge construction companies and dealers because they can get the maximum output from the desired product. To cater for the needs of people who need these grinders for just a short period of time there are many rentals available.

These rentals provide all types of machines related to flooring, cement grinders, concrete floor grinders, concrete mixers and more. Most of the rentals have websites available on the net because this is the internet era and without proper advertisement on the internet no business can flourish without the internet domain. All the information you need about a certain rental and their hourly rates of the products can be viewed on their websites.

There are no specific rentals for just one type of material, the grinder rentals usually provide all related grinders and other equipment related to grinding, polishing and flooring purposes.

Recommended Grinders

Bosch 1773AK

The Bosch 1173AK is a small hand held angle grinder with a 10 amp surfacing grinder suitable for removing graffiti, cleaning small patches of concrete surfaces and the smoothing of small patches of floors and pavements. It comes with a Diamond cup wheel which is very reliable, durable and offers safe grinding operation. It has a good mechanism for dust removal and comes with a vacuum adapter. The grinder wheel is easy to change making the maintenance of the Bosch 1773AK very easy and less time consuming. It has a modern innovative design which makes it very easy to use.

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Consumers are consistently raving about the Bosch 1773AK.  Residential and commercial construction workers can use this grinder on a daily basis.  This model is perfect for angle grinding and can provide smooth and polished surfaces.  Ranked as a one of the top angle grinders, the Bosch 1773 AK is a great grinder to rent or purchase.

5 CU FT Mixer

The 5 cubic feet wheel mixer is a very handy machine and the portability of this machine is just one of the plus points. This mixer can easily be taken apart, transported, and put back together in just a matter of minutes.

This machine allows you to mix the materials yourself and helps you save on high delivery charges. According to some users the initial assembly instructions are clear and straightforward, easy to do over and over again.  This mixer has a consistent 22-24 RPMs no matter the size of the load. Users were also impressed with the ability of this mixer to suit both residential and commercial needs.


The MK-CX-3 is the perfect concrete saw it is compact, lightweight and easy to work with. It is powered by a 6 & 1/2 hp Honda motor, which is very strong. It is perfect for both wet and dry applications, and the blades used are of high quality and it cuts through material with great ease.It is important to mention the inclusion of an even water distribution system, which supplies water evenly on both sides of the blade. The blade has an RPM value of 3600.

Additional Options

Many grinders on the market also have other attachments and applications other than just grinding and polishing.  There are various attachments that can be added to your grinder to help create different textures and to accomplish various jobs.

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Diamond segmented grinding attachments

Diamond attachments are available in numerous grit levels, each of which used to taking away minor damages and scratches to surfaces.  These segmented tools can also be used to polish some surfaces, however because diamonds are hard you should ensure you have the right grit before using this attachment.

Tungsten carbide attachments

Tungsten carbide is a great tool for removing finishes and paint from hard concrete surfaces without damaging the inner surface.  Tungsten carbide is commonly used in both commercial and residential homes and businesses.

Silicon carbide stone attachments

Perhaps the least favorite attachment by professionals, but economically a sound choice for attachment is the silicon carbide stone attachment to a grinder.  This attachment can remove trowel marks and more, however the stones tend to last less than any other attachment.

Whenever using such grinders and other construction equipment for use at home it is advised to have proper professional supervision or assistance. It’ll ensure the perfect end result you have in mind with the desired quality. A little bit of research before renting the machine will save you a lot of depression, time and money and this way you’ll ensure the satisfaction you have had in mind.

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