Concrete Dyes Guide To Pigment Stain Colors: Water Based, Ameripolish & Concrete Floor Staining

Concrete dyes enhance the beauty of the natural concrete. When the concrete dye is applied to the prepared concrete, overlays or polished concrete, an intense and translucent color effect emerges which is free of any coating or film that would be worn away. These dyes have attained some vibrant color tones which are not achievable with stains alone.

These concrete dyes do have some limitations which include:

  • Concrete dyes enhance the surface but do not camouflage. It means that they cannot hide the cracks, stains, blemishes or defects of the surface.
  • The variations and inconsistent dyes need to be handled properly because they can look different even if they are applied on the same surface. The skill of the worker is the most important factor.

These dyes are very easy to apply if used with the right technique, it needs to be applied in a consistent and overlapping circular motion. Usually multiple applications are recommended instead of one and the application of second or third layer is recommended only after the previous one has dried completely.

There are varieties of concrete dyes, stains and suppliers. Some of them are:

  • Behr concrete dyes

Behr concrete dye provides the variation of color which is found in some natural stones. These are used to add color to

  1. Walkways
  2. Driveways
  3. Patios
  4. Interior concrete floors
  5. Garage floors

Different concrete compositions, surface imperfections, textures, designs and application techniques will affect the finished appearance. So for a uniform solid color, you can use the known Behr Solid Concrete color, Stain No. 800.

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·         Rust-Oleum 239408A Concrete Stains Kit, Terra Cotta Color Hues
This kit contains vibrant and natural colors which penetrate deep into the surface and gives a smooth and a porous concrete or masonry. Once you apply it, you will not smell any odor and there would be no requirement of peeling or chipping afterwards. It is water based and semi-transparent, and protects both interior and exterior concrete surfaces.

The kit is accompanied with:

  1. Sprayer
  2. Gloves
  3. Wet-look sealer
  4. Concrete etch
  5. A bilingual DVD with instructions.

Customers recommend this product due to the additional DVD of instructions provided with the kit, calling it completely handy. Another simply loved the product and suggested to use this product as it is economical for the amount of work that can be done.

  • Decorative Concrete Dyes and Concrete Dyes Suppliers

The trend of decorative concrete dyes is increasing day by day and it is no longer limited to indoors only. Outdoor concrete dyes for driveways, patios and courtyards are in demand, but the worst thing about the outdoor concrete is that, it is susceptible to fade. But, thanks to some concrete dye suppliers like Pennsylvania Concrete Supply Company, you can buy UV protected concrete dyes. These types of dyes do not fade away with sunlight and they dry in a flash so you will also not have to wait for hours to let the dye dry.

  • Ameripolish Concrete Dye

Ameripolish concrete dye is a solvent based dye which comes in powdered form and it is mixed with acetone by the customer. The Ameripolish concrete dye comes in 22 colors and these colors can be combined to create unlimited numbers of color variations, however, there is also an option of custom colors and that are created especially for the customers. There are plenty of benefits to using Ameripolish concrete dye, including:

  1. Extremely easy to apply
  2. Large selection of colors
  3. Can be applied on concrete as well as on cement surface
  4. Packaged in dry form which is easy for shipping as well as storage
  5. Unlimited shelf life in powdered form
  • Water Reducible Concentrate Stain – Winter White
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This is an eco-friendly product, and is a superior substitute to dangerous acids and solvents based stains. It is intended to give probable natural colors and predictable vibrant solid colors. This is a simple staining method, therefore there’s no residue which would scrub off later on. CR-WRC can also be used for:

  1. Changing hues
  2. Faux finishing
  3. Correcting faults after the acid staining procedure
  4. It can neutralize the effect prior to the application
  • Concrete Pigment

The concrete pigment color dyes are available in loose powders in many colors and can be mixed together to form various custom colors. These are usually found in concentrated form, which means that less amount is required which will also save you from expenses. Sixty percent of the iron oxide pigment’s content is made from recycled materials, meaning this is environmentally friendly as well.

These concrete pigments are ideal to be used anywhere as they resist fading, and they are available in various package sizes of 1 lb., 5 lbs., 10 lbs., etc.

  • Concrete Floor Staining

Concrete floor staining is stunningly beautiful, permanent as well as economical approach for a finished floor, especially in new houses as well as commercial areas. While planning to have the concrete floor staining, it is better to ask the professionals to handle it, like the famous Master Craftsman Vern Lewis Company in South Texas. The advantage of hiring the professionals is that the end result is always completed and perfect unlike when applied by an inexperienced individual.

  • Water-based Concrete Dyes

The water based concrete dye or stains allow the concrete artists to express their designs perfectly. Benefits of water based concrete dyes include:

  1. It reduces the opacity
  2. Increases the penetration
  3. Increases the adhesion
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The water-based concrete dye is more like handling paints and is easier to work with. Even you can use them yourself.

  • Concrete Dyes and Stains

The chemical stains and dyes do not disguise the imperfections or any fault on the surface if you are using it for this purpose. However they are ideal to transform your concrete into vibrant rich colors. Many concrete dyes are similar to polishing.

The concrete dyes and stains are in fashion and so is concrete flooring. Do not allow the floor finish to wear down the sealer and your stained and dyed concrete surfaces will last a lifetime.

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