Complete Review Of The Wagner Flexio 590!

wagner flexio 590

Today we are going to take some time to review the Wagner Flexio 590 handheld sprayer. So, is it up to the requirements that you are going to make of it in your many and varied projects? We’ll go into its features, first, and then follow with the pros and cons, ease of use for newbies, and maybe a little more! You’ll just have to stick with us and see! Without further ado, let\s commence with the Wagner Flexio 590 review.

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Wagner Flexio 590 features

Well, we do have to start here first, of course. Is it the best paint sprayer available? What kind of bells and whistles does this little baby come with? Well, there are some features worth mentioning and we’ve compiled a list for you. Those features are as follows:

  • Adjustable paint flow – Depending on your time and the project size, the pain flow can be adjusted to match your needs. This can come in handy on a larger project when you’ve got the tape and tarps in place and just want to get it done!
  • Good Coverage – Wagner’s website boasts that this unit can spray up to 8 gallons of paint per hour and that you can cover an 8′ x 10′ surface in just under 5 minutes. Not too shabby!
  • X-boost turbine – This technology allows you to spray interior and exterior paint and stains without the tedious process of thinning them first.
  • ISpray nozzle – This innovation claims that it can provide you with fast coverage while sustaining a light texture finish.
  • Pattern adjustment – You can adjust it for vertical, horizontal, wide, or narrow.
  • Detail nozzle – Included with your unit for smaller projects with a little more detail or a finer finish.
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Now that we have described what is advertised, how does it rate? Let’s go into the pro’s of the product first, those little bits that we like and feel were delivered as-advertised. Following this we’ll go into the cons, those bits that we felt could use more work or that disappointed us in general.

The Pros

flexio 590
TeroVesalainen / Pixabay
  • Powerful – This unit can paint and it paints FAST. If you are looking for a unit with a bit of power to it then this model really performs.
  • Economical with paint – A gallon of paint with the Wagner Flexio goes much further than your standard roller painting or with lesser models out there.
  • Easy to get started – Wagner provides setup videos if you don’t like the written instructions. This means that you can get it home with a bit of paint, un-box it, and break out the practice wood. You’ll be painting like a pro with this baby in no time.
  • Cheat sheet – A nice touch, Wagner has included a cheat-sheet with settings which they recommend based on various projects. If you are just getting started this is a great way to get up to speed with your Flexio 590 sprayer very quickly.
  • Cost – At around 160$, this unit is not going to break the bank. An excellent consideration when you are looking to start with a sprayer with a little power to it.
  • Detail finish nozzle – This little accessory helps the Flexio to stand out from a bunch of other models. This nozzle won’t support the thicker paints or stains, but rather thinner, oil based varieties. You’ll be pleased with the results.
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Sounds great, no? Of course now that we have mentioned all the good stuff, we need to be fair and warn you of the items that we felt needed some improvement. Let’s go into the cons.

The cons

wagner flexio
geralt / Pixabay
  • Learning curve -If you are a beginner to painting with a sprayer, there can still be a bit of a learning curve getting used to all the features. If you don’t mind the video time spent getting to know your new paint toy then this should not be a deal breaker.

“With great power comes great culpability.”

  • Heavy when full – This is not a lightweight unit. On the bright side this means less refilling but it can get a bit tedious lugging it around.
  • Gets hot – On a long job, this unit can get a little hot. Not dangerously so, but noticeably. That said, you may want to use gloves if you are sensitive to heat..
  • Cleanup can be a choreYou’ll be learning to disassemble a number of parts for the cleaning. Mind you, this kind of comes with the territory and with a high capacity you won’t have to clean it as often. That said, a more simplified cleaning option would have been nice.
  • OversprayWith great power comes great culpability. Make sure not to skip out on your tape and tarps. Due to the intensity of the spray on the higher setting it is easy to get a little overspray. It is adjustable, however, and you will learn what is best to expect with your unit.
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Ease of use for newbies

While there is a bit of a learning curve, between the cheat sheet and the videos then painting with this unit is something that you can pick up fairly quickly. Just be sure to get yourself some practice wood and spend a little time on it so that you can get used to the heft and the power before you immediately start painting the house. Once you’ve gotten to know your Wagner 590 paint sprayer the two of you will soon become good friends.

wagner flexio 590 review
QuinceMedia / Pixabay

The Verdict?

The Wagner Flexio 590 paint sprayer is a good model for those who want a little power in their hands without breaking the bank. It is great for a number of DIY jobs, comes with a cheat sheet and online video tutorials, and overall is a robust and quality product. Get one for yourself and you’ll soon be painting everything in sight(just not the cat, please)

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