Complete Guide To The Modular Clean Room

modular clean roomSometimes you need a clean room but aren’t they enormously expensive? Clean rooms don’t have to be complex-sized. There are portable options that are effective for your needs, be they HEPA filtered air to remove contaminants or even super-durability to endure an explosion if working with hazardous chemicals. We’re talking about a modular clean room and in today’s article we’ll talk about the many benefits of a modular clean room and give you a few examples of what is out there if you need to expand your business and rely less (or not at all) on outsourcing component or chemical manufacture that you need for your business. Let’s talk about the modular clean room!

So, what are the benefits of a modular clean room?

There are many benefits to employing the use of a modular clean room. Aside from being inexpensive, they are quick to set up and may be built upon as needed if you need to expand their applications. We’ll give you a few of the benefits and show you some examples of popular clean room options. The chief benefits are as follows:
  • Cost-efficient to run – Modular clean rooms are small and very energy efficient in their design. With an enterprise-level clean room the costs for running standard or after-hours work really piles up. By employing exactly the size that you need you can run your own clean room at a fraction of the cost.
  • As effective as a larger clean room– With multiple variations of design your modular clean room can be as effective at whatever application you like as a larger, dedicated clean room. For instance, there are stainless steel models for working with hazardous chemicals that are employed by some small companies. Need a HEPA filter? You can have that in your modular clean room, giving a .3 micron efficiency to a small, efficient structure. It all depends on the options which you select.
  • Easier to repair – Repair on larger clean rooms can be a pain, considering all the steps that need to be taken to ensure that other areas do not become contaminated. As a modular clean room is a tiny, efficient design the rules are different. Wall damage? Replace the panel, decontaminate the small space, and you are golden.
  • Green construction may be applied – If you are dedicated to keeping your construction green, that’s an option with modular clean rooms. Simply select models that employ recycled materials construction and you can do your part for the environment while meeting your company’s needs.
  • Specialized options – Modular clean rooms can have some options that are going to be uncommon or not available with larger clean rooms. For instance, some are equipped with ceilings which you can walk on so that you may enter the clean room from above.
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Softwall particle containment clean room modular clean room

Click here to view the Terra Universal Particle containment clean room This is the standard model clean room which comes with a design consisting of a powder coated steel frame with anti-static vinyl side panels and with vinyl strip shields for the entryway. Reverse FFU units pull contaminants from the clean room and release them outside. There are a number of options that can be added to this model, such as:
  • FFU units – FFU units may be added in an array on the ceiling for additional filtration to meet your needs.
  • Touchscreen FFU control – A touchscreen controller may be added in order to log, monitor, and control your FFU units so that you may ensure optimal air pressure, as well as display the RH and temperature of the clean room .
  • Emergency power backup – LED lights and a backup power supply ensure that your clean room is not shut down during a power outage.
Valueline Pre-configured Hardwall clean room Click here to view the Valuline Hardwall clean room modular clean roomThis model is excellent for particle-sensitive equipment, material testing, packaging, and processing. The design is a powder steel frame with acrylic panels, and this one comes with .3 micron rated HEPA filters LED ceiling lights, and a control panel is well. Additional options include:
  • An aluminum frame swing door with pneumatic closing.
  • Additional LED panels may be installed if your work requires extra lighting.
  • Backup power supply and LED lighting for in case of a power outage.
  • WhisperFlow FFU units may be installed to ensure ISO compliant laminar flow along with quieter operation.
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USP 800 BioSafe All-Steel clean roommodular clean room

Click here to view the Terra Universal USP 800 This unit is optimal for hazardous drug compounding and the all-steel construction may also be sealed with silicon caulking in order to minimize cracks as well as to make the units easier to clean. Pass-throughs may be implemented in order to avoid having to come in and out of the clean room when
“A clock-calendar control system helps to save in energy”
processing has been done and pressure sensors are included with each room. RSR HEPA FFU’s and LED lights come with each unit and a clock-calendar control system helps to save in energy while maintaining clean room compliance. The windows of each unit are composed of a dual-pane polycarbonate construction as well, allowing for easy outside viewing of the compounding process. There are numerous additional features to this model, some examples include:
  • Bootie Butler show cover dispensary for lessening chance of contamination.
  • Hands-free sink for boosting overall clean room compliance.
  • Germicidal UV light for ‘line of sight’ decontamination in your clean room.

What Should I Consider When Choosing Clean Room Doors for a Modular Clean Room?

When selecting complete clean room doors for a modular clean room, several factors should be considered. These doors play a vital role in maintaining the desired cleanliness level, so factors like door material, construction, and sealing mechanisms are important. Additionally, features like ease of use, durability, and compliance with regulatory requirements are crucial in making an informed decision.

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Some final words

In this article we have discussed modular clean rooms and their many benefits. Keep in mind that due to space constraints we are limited in the number models which we may show and that these and other customizable options are available through Terra Universal as well as many other providers. We suggest that you first consider the application which you wish to employ and peruse the available models, as you might be pleasantly surprised to see that many of the features which you wish for your clean room will come standard with particular models (especially .3 micron rated fan filter units to ensure compliance.)