CNC Machine Training: Router Milling Machine Operator Training and Schools

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and it was first known as NC or Numerical Control. It was first introduced in 1970s and even though it plays a significant role in the manufacturing process, a lot of people are unaware of it. It is a process in which data is input in order to operate the machinery. The CNC machine training course prepares the worker to learn about the latest in manufacturing technology. While there are a variety of CNC machine training courses you can select the one which would cover the specific information you need to learn.

Some of the courses of these CNC machine training program includes:

  • History and definitions of CNC
  • Machining center basics
  • Mechanics
  • Swiss type lathe basics
  • Milling and lathe operations
  • Coordinates
  • Parts and codes

The demand of CNC programmer is very high and employers like to pay above-average wages to these skilled programmers. If you need to become a CNC machinist, you will be required to follow four steps:

  1. Post-secondary training
  2. Related work experience
  3. Certification
  4. Lastly the completion of job interview process

A computer numerical controlled programmer or CNC machinist works on large machines. There are plenty of jobs of these CNC mechanists. The first is known as entry level machinist.

Entry Level Machinist or CNC machine operator

In order to become a CNC operator, you will be required to go for a training of couple of weeks and then you can begin with your CNC operator career. However the set up operators and programmers may require the training of couple of years before they can actually began with their career.

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CNC machine school

You will be required to learn various subjects at the CNC machine school in order to get the certificate. These subjects include trigonometry, algebra, computer programming, blueprint reading, metalworking, drafting etc. These subjects are especially recommended for the better understanding of the CNC machinist and with these subjects there are better chances of becoming a skilled CNC machine set up operator or CNC machinist.

There are also some training sessions and theory classes which include the shop practices, blueprint reading, CAD software, programming, physics, etc. During the training process, the students learn on the manual machines before they start learning on the CNC machines.

There are plenty of vocational schools and community colleges to become a CNC machinist. These schools provide various theory and training classes that set up the basics about the CNC machines and how the computer software is directly related to these machines. These training courses are very important and without the right programming of one thing the other will not work so there should be right specifications and right coding, so that when the final product comes out from the machine, it has all the right specifications. And one little error can throw off the whole process.

Students also learn in these CNC machine schools that how to service the machines as proper maintenance of the machines are also required. If the machines are not well maintained then there can be error in the accuracy of the machines. Usually the new machines come along with the service contracts however there is a need of daily maintenance.

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CNC routers and CNC router training

You can also get the CNC router training from these CNC machine schools. The CNC routers are very helpful when it comes to design some intricate projects. Due to this reason it is ideal for making furniture and with these CNC routers, you can get high quality as well professional results. The wooden engraved furniture, small writing etc. are easily performed with the help of these CNC routers but it is quite essential that you had the proper training first.

Milling machine training

There are various types of milling machine training, like vertical milling machine training, in which you will be able to site the basic control system of the machine and the basic operations which are used to create replacement and repair parts used in various types of equipment. Besides in this training you will learn how to hold and clamp the tools, how work pieces and cutting tools require precision and coordinate measuring, and suitable speeds for various works. A list of things these students learn from the milling machine training are as follows:

  • They get to know which milling machine is suitable with the right grinder and proper measuring instruments.
  • Also they will do the setup themselves required for the particular job and the right grinding and cutting tools.
  • Manage the right cutting speeds and feeds.
  • Explain the whole procedure to the first piece machining.
  • Explain the internal as well external operations.
  • Describe the threading operations which are usually automatic.

You can get these training some online professional schools as well.

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If you are looking for the professional training of milling operator, you can check this site where you will find the course list:

CNC machine video

The CNC machine videos are quite helpful for better understanding the procedure of these machines. These are also helpful if you are getting the training. Some of these links contain some high quality as well as very helpful videos to know what these CNC machines are:

This above site is especially helpful as these not only contain the CNC machine videos but there are also few slide shows which are also very comprehensive for understanding the various processes.

You can also view these YouTube sites for more information:

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  2. 2.
  3. 3.

CNC machine training should be learnt by all those people who want to compete in the ever-changing and competitive workforce. The current CNC programmers and operators make sure they keep themselves updated with the ever changing technology. This profession is gaining a lot of popularity in almost all manufacturing products especially in designed wooden furniture. This profession is expected to grow further with lots of more opportunities to come. So, it is better to take a CNC machine training course and now you can find a lot of these online as well which makes it even easier to learn.

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